100k Factory Revolution Review – Is It Worth $2497?

By | March 11, 2017

100k factory revolution

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me to sign up for the 100k factory revolution. It became so annoying that I decided to give it a look.

It does mention that it will teach you how to make money selling physical products. This got me interested since I do plan to go down this path one day.

Sadly with the price tag I won’t be buying it but I have done some research and will share some insights with you.

What is 100k Factory Revolution?

Firstly, the creators of 100k Factory Revolution are Steve Clayton and Aiden Booth. Apparently Steve Clayton is a former fortune 500 CEO and Aiden Booth is a successful Internet Marketer.

There have been previous launches before in 2015 and 2016 which have closed and they are now re-opening it again in 2017 ( not sure when it will close again though ).

They claim to be able to help you make $100000 a year from your website that sells physical products.

How do you make money with 100k Factory Revolution?

As I’ve mentioned earlier the formula that they teach involves selling physical products. Their method of making money is creating an e-commerce site and driving traffic to it using ads.

Step 1 – Picking your product

The criteria for a successful product is :

  • Already selling well online. You can find out how well a product is selling by simply checking out Amazon, or by noticing the amount of likes for a product ad on Facebook.
  • Since they mainly talk about Facebook ads, your chosen product should be suitable to advertise on Facebook.
  • A good profit margin, they recommend at least 100% profit.
  • A product that has a passionate audience
  • The actual price of the product. They recommend you to choose something cheap to start you off. A price of below $20 is recommended.

Step 2 – Setting up your store and testing it

Naturally you will need a platform to sell your stuff.

However you won’t know if you’re product will be a hot seller yet, so they recommend you to create test sites which they call test beds.

Once you’ve proven that a product sells well you can go ahead and create your actual site. They recommend creating something more specialized, like a website selling only dog related stuff.

Specialized sites will have a better conversion rate and you can focus on targeting a specific audience easier.

If you sign up for their program however, they will share with you some products that are proven to sell well so you can skip the test bed process.

Step 3 – Identify your buyers

This is important for the next step because you want targeted traffic that are genuinely interested in what you’re selling.

Since you’re using facebook ads you can identify potential buyers based on their interests, liked pages or liked celebrities, liked brands/shows/magazines.

Step 4 – Start your ad campaign

They do give some good advice with advertising on facebook. If you’re just testing out a product or an ad, always do so on a small advertising budget of around $3 a day.

What they do is very straight forward. If your ad isn’t working in the testing phase you move on to the next product. If it does work you continue with it and scale it.

Step 5 – Optimizing your conversion rates

Conversion rate is the percentage of people who click on your ad that buys your products. Improving your conversion rates will ultimately lead to more sales.

Ways to improve conversion rates :

  • Try different pricing models
  • Optimize your facebook ad demographics to target a better audience
  • Changing your ads
  • Change your website design
  • Set up an email list

Step 6 – Set up a better sales funnel

You can also scale your profits further by setting up your sales funnel. Your sales funnel is kind of like the pages leading up to your main selling page.

You can :

  • Introduce other products once a customer has made a purchase
  • test new products
  • simply ask for their email address for your email list before trying to sell them something
  • improve your conversion rates on a hot selling product by tweaking your sales funnel

Step 7 – Rinse and repeat !

You just keep doing it over and over again !

So wait, how did I find out about all this?

I obviously didn’t buy the program being the cheapskate that I am. They do however, have a very useful free e-book and their webpage does have a 1 and a half hour long webinar.

I would suggest you read the e-book and watch the webinar and pay attention, because you might very well find out if this is for you. If you do like what you see you can consider buying the program.

The free e-book provides a lot of information as well. Along with the 7 steps that I shared with you ( which is obviously from the book ) they also offer some examples.

The e-book has examples of good products and bad products, about how they do their facebook advertisements and some example case studies.

Please READ the book, I’ve read it and I’ve learned quite a lot. They explain things in sufficient detail to give you an idea of the big picture here.

Is the 100k factory revolution worth buying?

From what I see, it is a solid product. Their methods are tried and tested and it does work, 100%. Even if you try other training programs the underlying principal of making money with a physical product is still the same.

Whether or not this method is right for you however, depends on how much money you are willing to spend.

I’m not talking about just the $2497 for the program, there are other stuff that will cost you as well like facebook ads which is going to be the primary killer if you do it wrong.

And you will do it wrong the first couple of times, even Aiden and Steve don’t get it right all the time, they do it by trial and error but this is normal if you go for this way of making money. Essentially what you’re getting is paid traffic instead of free traffic, which is also why it can potentially make you money fast if you do it right.

They claim that you can make $100,000 a year, which is definitely doable only IF you find the winning combination of ads and products.

If you prefer to start with a smaller budget, I recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate which has a free membership.

Have you tried the 100k factory revolution? Drop a comment below and share your experience !


8 thoughts on “100k Factory Revolution Review – Is It Worth $2497?

  1. Norman Richards

    Hello, and thanks for sharing, this program seems to have a lot going on, the training and everything seems to be together. But what I look at is how thow they closed and rew times and is opening again the third time, I know that success do come through trail and error, but I guess some people will probbaly not wnat to join because of the fact not to mention the monies that is involved. Do you think there is a chance they may close again, Whats your take on this?

    1. Lucas Post author

      I’m pretty sure they will close again. From what I’ve heard they seem to close once they have reached a certain number of people because they can only train so many. I do not know about how much support you get with the program so I can’t confirm this.

      If it is closed no worries though, read the free e-book for now and look for other programs. I’m sure you can find a cheaper one out there.

  2. Hisbel

    Thank you for the insight, it is quite eye opening.
    from what you say, it does look quite a lot of money to invest for still having to try and fail yourself! Furthermore, the yearly closures seems to me very dodgy indeed! How can you guarantee that they have not just closed and gone away with everybody’s money, and then open up another for later on going away with people’s money again? Most people will leave a one year chance for a business to start making profit, but if they close before the year, they are actually leaving before people can decide they are an scam. What do you think?

    1. Lucas Post author

      You have a point there Hisbel ! I’m not aware of the previous openings but it looks like they are quite different so at least we know they aren’t just putting the old stuff out over and over again.

      Although you seem to make a very good point with the one year timeline for success. I would assume that once you pay you get access to the material and program for life and closing just means that they do not accept new people coming in. If this is not the case then the price for the program isn’t worth it.

  3. Wendy Mason

    I have to agree with Norman that based on their track record, it is a great risk to get in with the company. I have heard in the past of people signing up for programs such as this, only to have it close a few weeks later. Personally, I do not have that kind of money to invest on a what if company. I hope that for the sake of all of the people that did buy, the company stays afloat. Do you think that the company is something that you, yourself, would partake in?

    1. Lucas Post author

      You have a good point there Wendy. I wouldn’t join this program, simply because of the price. If it were cheaper I would as I do have an interest in selling stuff and facebook ads.

      As it stands just reading the free material that they provide is enough for me. I personally do not think paying that amount is worth it but it isn’t right to call them a scam as well since we don’t know what is actually in the course.


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