1k Daily Profit Review – Is 1k Daily Profit a Scam?

By | June 15, 2017

1k Daily Profit



What is 1k Daily Profit?

1k Daily Profit is a binary options trading software. They claim to have come up with some super algorithm that can help you make money 99.8% of the time.

This software will automatically make your trades for you and can potentially make you $1000 a day, hence the name.


At first glance it is free to sign up, as said by their founder John Becker.

Let’s take a look at the promo video

1k Daily Profit promo video

Firstly, it tells you that you have received some sort of special invitation and that you’re 1 out of 25 people who got selected for this program. This is obviously just a lie.

This John Becker guy also tells you that if you come back later you won’t find him again, also another lie. You can go back to that website as many times as you want and you’ll still find the same video.

As part of his sales pitch, he also keeps telling you that there is nothing for sale and this is all free.

He says he used to work in Goldman Sachs and has somehow “cracked the code”, which is why his trading software will have such a high accuracy.

He claims that with his software, you will make $1000 a day legally and ethically.

As part of his so called proof, he now shows you what he calls a live demo ( this is obviously not a live demo ).

He deposits $250 into his account and shows you how it goes from $250 to $398 in 15 minutes.

Then after 7 hours he says that his $250 grew to $1542 and the software made 20 trades for him automatically, with all 20 trades making him money.

Is everything in the video true?

Sadly to say, in my opinion most of it is fake.

Firstly John Becker himself is a shutterstock photo that you can find online. The voice behind the video is some unknown person.

The testimonials are also filmed by actors that anyone can hire and aren’t real.

Let’s be real here, how can there be a software that makes money 99% of the time exist? Even if it did there should be more of a hype to it.

What about the part where he made money?

Since it plays the same video, showing the same results every time you go back, it is obviously prerecorded.

He keeps saying that he wants to show you live evidence of the software in action but in my opinion he didn’t really show us anything useful. The results he’s shown can be faked rather easily.

I doubt he even traded with a real account and used a demo one instead.

The biggest lie is when he tells you that he doesn’t want your credit card. How do you make money if you don’t deposit money first?

You have to deposit an initial fee of $250 to get started with trading.

What’s the problem with that?

Like many other binary options trading scams, the always require you to sign up with their broker.

More often than not, these brokers are unlicensed brokers and the problem with this is that they aren’t regulated.

It is pretty common to see people depositing money to these brokers and not being able to withdraw them.

If you put 2 and 2 together the scam becomes very obvious.

They lure you in with a make believe software and try to give you a false sense of security so that you’ll deposit money into your trading account.

Can you make money from 1k daily profit though?

As I’ve said, their proof is hardly a legitimate proof. Nobody knows how their auto trade will perform in the real world market.


If you want to make money with binary options trading though, you’re better off learning how to trade rather than trying to find some software that doesn’t exist.

You can definitely make money with trading, there are people who have but sadly there are more that have failed.

The problem comes when you just dive right in with no game plan and no knowledge.

Trading isn’t solely about luck and your skill will play an important role as well.


While I don’t think you can make money with 1k Daily Profit, if you’re interested in trying out options trading, you should go ahead and find a legit broker to trade with ( one that is licensed ).

fake testimonials make it doubtful

Is 1k Daily Profit a Scam?

All the lies and fake actors make me doubt 1k Daily Profit. While I’ve not tried it out for myself, I’m going to place a bet here and say that it is a scam.

To be honest even if the broker was licensed and let’s you trade with them with no issues I would still consider this a scam. The way that they get you to sign up is just too shady for my liking.

There are too many false promises, like a fake proof of the software making money, fake statistics of 99% winning trades, etc …


I suggest you stay away from programs like these, and if you really want a program that can make money, I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate.

They have good training on how to make money online and it is free to start.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment !



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