25 Dollar 1Up Review – Another Digital Multi-Level Marketing Scam?

By | September 29, 2018

Hi and welcome to my 25 Dollar 1Up Review. This program caught my eye because its name is very similar to another Multi-Level Marketing program that I’ve reviewed in the past, easy 1up.25 dollar 1up

25 Dollar 1Up seems to call itself a “franchise style business” that can help you make an automated income online.

I’m sure you’re still skeptical so I’m here to help you decide if 25  Dollar 1Up is a scam or if it can help you make your commissions.

What is 25 Dollar 1Up?

25 Dollar 1Up was founded by someone called TJ Holloway, in hopes to help out those who are just starting out with affiliate marketing.

They have 4 different levels of membership and they offer some digital products like video courses that teach you about affiliate marketing which comes with your membership.

The different membership levels include :

Gold Level ($25)

  • 100+ Pre written ads, scripts, & follow up messages
  •  Facebook group cheatsheet
  •  Mindset training videos
  •  Step by step system tutorials

Platinum Level ($100)

  • Facebook marketing video course
  •  YouTube marketing video course
  •  Instagram marketing video course
  •  The ability to add up to 12 banner ads to promote to your down line.
  •  The ability to add your own 3rd party auto responder
  •  The ability to add 1 video to brand yourself to your downline

Diamond Level ($250)

  • All Gold level features
  •  All Platinum level features
  •  List Building 101 video course
  •  The Digital Marketing Lifestyle video course
  •  The $10K Blueprint video course
  •  Teespring video course
  •  The ability to add your own sales video
  •  The ability to create a bridge page

Enterprise Level ($500)

  • All Gold Level Features
  •  All Platinum level features
  •  All Diamond Level Features
  •  How To Close High Ticket Sales video course
  •  How To Systemize Your Online Businesses video course
  •  Video Marketing In The Modern Day video course
  •  How To Create Your Own Product video course
  •  Growth Mindset video course
  •  The Power Of Execution video course
  •  The ability to add up to 12 videos in the back office

You’ll also need to pay a $10 admin fee when you join, so this brings the absolute minimum investment requirement here to $35 ( lowest tier $25 + the $10 admin fee ). Honestly speaking this isn’t so bad, since I’ve seen some MLMs out there offer a lowest tier at like $250, which is pretty much the price of the 2nd highest tier of 25 Dollar 1Up.

Now from what I’ve seen, some of the 25 Dollar 1Up members call this an affiliate marketing business. In my opinion though, this is more like a MLM scheme and I’ll tell you why.

How do you make money with 25 Dollar 1Up?

They use something which they call a reverse 1Up compensation plan.

So, the main way of making money here is to buy their product ( whichever membership you desire ) and then sell it back to other people.

You make a 100% commission on whatever you sell but their compensation plan says that your second sale will go “up” directly to your next qualified sponsor. This is why its called “1Up” because only one of your sales gets passed up.

This seems legit, why is it a MLM then ?

Because in reality you might pass up more commissions as well. The idea with programs like this is that you can only earn a commission for whatever you have personally bought.

Meaning, if you’re at the gold level and you make a sale on the platinum level, you can only make a maximum of $25 ( which is what you’ve paid ) and the rest would be passed up to your next qualified sponsor.

Honestly, 25 Dollar 1Up can call it whatever payment scheme they want, but this compensation plan has been used time and time again.

Can you actually make money with 25 Dollar 1Up?

Now that you understand how their payment system works, its time to answer the real question.

My personal opinion is that anyone who can reliable get leads and sales will be able to make a lot of money from systems like these.

Just think about it, after you recruit someone and get paid a commission, you still have a chance of getting some secondary commissions from them if they manage to get to their second sale or if they recruit someone above their own membership level.

Another great incentive is that you’re making 100% commissions here. So if you manage to make a sale on the Enterprise level that’s $500 in your pocket, pretty decent I would say.

Also, the fact that you’re getting 100% commissions on your first sale alone would mean that all you need is to make 1 sale to get your initial investment back.

However, if a complete newbie were to join, I believe he/she would have a hard time driving sales. The fact is that 25 Dollar 1Up isn’t as easy as they make it out to be nor is it “autopilot” in any way.

Bottom line is, if you’re experienced in Internet Marketing, you can make some good money here, otherwise I think you’ll struggle to even get your first sale to make your money back.

Pros of 25 Dollar 1Up

  • Very very cheap to start
  • Great potential to make a lot of money
  • You get banners and sales funnels which can help you drive leads
  • Has some pretty diverse training videos

Cons of 25 Dollar 1Up

  • There is no refund policy
  • Since all their members are getting the same banners and sales funnels, it might be hard to stand out when trying to get sales
  • They have some misleading advertising like calling themselves a franchise business or automated income system

To elaborate, yes I do think that you can make a lot of money with 25 Dollar 1Up and they do provide some useful tools and training.

But I don’t like how they promote themselves to newbies. For starters, they sure aren’t a franchise. Franchising means that a company sell you the right to use their name in your business.

This case is a little different because normally if you buy a franchise, you get to sell their products. With 25 Dollar 1Up you sort of get the right, to sell more rights to other people. Makes sense?

You are buying their membership, to sell their membership to other people and they in turn are trying to sell their membership as well.

Also, this process is certainly not automated since you’ll have to actively find sales. If you just sit around and do nothing I’m pretty sure you won’t make any money.

Is 25 Dollar 1Up a scam?

I don’ think they are a scam. I just think that they aren’t suited for newcomers. The point is that they focus on selling rather than training.

When you buy any of their membership levels, you’re buying the rights to earn a commission on that membership level.

If you’re still new to this online marketing thing, I’d suggest you start with some training first. Don’t jump head first into a MLM scheme that you have no idea about.

With that said, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the programs that I know that offer superb training for newbies. They also have a free membership so you can try it out without having to worry.

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