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5 easy ways to make money online


This is for those who want to know how to make money online easy. The point of this page is to generate income (even though a small income) essentially without doing much hence the easy part. Apparently the term for this is called beer money and more information can be found here

Here are 5 apps or websites to make easy money online :

  1. Perk

Perk is basically another get paid to do something website. It is free and why I’m recommending it is because you can watch videos to generate perk points. However I recommend you to use your phone by downloading the PerkTV app for this because I feel it is inconsistent when using my PC and when using it on the phone I get a point everytime, you can even just watch the same videos over and over every time. This means that you can earn passive income online just by leaving your phone on to watch videos. Although, there are many other things to do to earn points in this website as well. One that I have tried is signing up for betting sites, you just need to do the point conversion to see if it is higher than the minimum deposit and you get a profit + some bets. Realistically you can get about 0.5 GBP per day if you do some active offers, otherwise video watching is pretty slow.

2. Earnhoney       ( my referal link)

Well, now that you have PerkTV running on your phone, what about your laptop? Earn honey is yet another similar site to Perk but you can watch videos on your PC. The even better news is that you can open multiple tabs to watch videos and yes all of them generate money. The problem with this website is that sometimes the website freezes and you have to refresh it otherwise this is also another way to earn passive income online. Also watch out for some 1 click offers as these are fast and easy to do. Realistically you will get about 0.3 USD per day just from opening multiple tabs to watch videos,

3. Swagbucks      ( my referal link)

Swagbucks is pretty popular and the good thing about it is that it offers alot to do. Although I’m not sure about any passive ways I mainly use this for more active earnings. My personal favourite is to find offers that asks you to play a game, usually these offers would reward you about 200 swagbucks which is equivalent to like 1.25 GBP if you go for the paypal option, although other giftcards are cheaper. Typically the task would be to download the game if needed and play to a certain level (read it carefully as sometimes its your headquarters level) which should be quick and easy( and fun! ).

4. Musicxray or Slicethepie

These are for the music lovers and yes you can earn money by listening to music. Both websites will pay you to listen to new music based on your preference. This is another fun way to earn money if you love music, but the problem would be that sometimes you might not get a match for your preference. Realistically, this way is pretty slow because you won’t get as many offers as you think although in my opinion it is worth doing because it is easy.

5. Applike

Instead of watching videos like Perk, applike rewards you points for just leaving whatever app they recommend to you on. Apps would have a rating up to 4 stars to represent how much points they reward you. 3 and 4 stars are good but rare, 2 stars are just normal but are the most common. Depending on what apps you are offered and if you leave your phone on overnight you can get about 0.5 GBP perday.


These websites help you get paid to do something whether passively or actively but bear in mind this is not a how to get rich online page. This is an easy way to make money online page . If you want to make big money online, which requires actual effort, check out my recommendation.


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