5 Truths About Making Money With Surveys Exposed

By | February 23, 2017

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When we talk about making money online, the first thing that comes to your would probably be making money with surveys. There are so many sites out there that offer you money in return for answering surveys.

I’ve done a fair share of surveys myself and wherever I go or whatever platform I use there are always some similarities that can be observed.

The structure is always the same wherever you go. You first need to qualify by answering some questions, then you answer more questions about products or services.

Very often you get asked to rate stuff or if you agree with something. This is the general idea but there are more to surveys if you see the bigger picture.

1. Demographics

All surveys want to target specific people, this is a no-brainer. Why would a bra company put out surveys to guys?

This is the primary reason why you get disqualified. If you don’t use the product in question or have never even heard of it your input and answers will be of little value.

Remember these companies are putting out surveys for a reason, to improve on product or service ideas based on feedback.

They want quality feedback from the most relevant people which is why you will sometimes get questions like ” have you used product x before”.

2. Surveys have a limited number of slots

Has this ever happened to you, you click on a survey and you get a message like “This survey has ended”.

It makes sense that a survey will only be open to a limited number of participants since companies pay a fixed amount to put their surveys out there. This sort of adds to the first point, because they want a number of quality responses.

Once they get what they need there is no reason to continue the survey.

3. Supply and Demand

Sometimes you join a website that offer surveys and you find that you aren’t getting anything.

Well this is perfectly normal because why would there be surveys targeted at you all the time? Surveys websites aren’t at fault if for some reason no one is giving out surveys.

Supply and demand is a concept that applies to every market including surveys. If there isn’t a need for feedback on new products there won’t be any surveys. Same with other things like listening to music for money or writing articles for money.

Surveys are limited and there has to be a demand for it as well for new ones to come out.

4. It takes time to earn decent money

Now that you know that surveys are limited in numbers, you should know it is impossible to sit in front of your computer and answer surveys 8 hours straight hoping to make decent money, it just doesn’t work that way.

If you sign up to a website like PrizeRebel for example you will get a lot of surveys initially. Over time as you answer them they will slowly disappear and obviously if you keep answering them you won’t get new ones as fast.

What does this mean for you?

It means you have to wait to be offered new surveys which is why it is worth checking in everyday. If you don’t get a survey then just move along.

Also, it is hard to stick to one platform or website and hope it can fund you forever, you have to jump around to be able to get the maximum amount of surveys.

5. It is hard to judge a survey website based on the experience of others

Why do I say this? because everyone’s demographic and location is different ( see point 1 ).

Some surveys are aimed at people in a specific region so if you see someone from the U.S telling you how great this survey site is and you’re from another country don’t expect to get the same results.

On the other hand you will be getting your own set of surveys which is different from others. If you move to another country your surveys will change as well.

Some little tips

  1. When asked if your occupation is something like market researcher, marketing or advertising select none of the above, survey sites want feedback from buyers not sellers.
  2. When asked if you have used a particular product before, yes is usually the correct answer.
  3. When you are asked about how often you do something ( watching tv or shopping ), often is usually the right answer.
  4. Actually do the survey and don’t just spam  your answers, sometimes the survey will contain trick questions.
  5. Be honest because surveys will sometimes ask you repeated questions, if you don’t remember your previous answer you will be disqualified, which will likely be the case if you just randomly pick an answer.

The key takeaway from this post

The reason I’m writing this post is to give you a little more insight on surveys. I also want you to keep point 5 in mind when reading reviews of survey sites.

Honestly the best way to find a good survey site is to test it out yourself, only then will you see how many surveys you are getting.

Also, do join as many sites as you can if you want to maximize your earnings with surveys. Just one website isn’t enough and probably won’t earn you much money. Having multiple websites will give you more options.

Remember, surveys won’t make you rich but it can most definitely make you some extra pocket change. A true money making opportunity would be something like Wealthy Affiliate.

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