About Lucas

Hi guys, you can call me Lucas. I created this page hoping it would be of use to people like me, people who want to make money outside of their day job. Although I am still a university student but you get my point. I am by no means a successful entrepreneur, yet, but hoping to get rich someday. I wonder how many of you can relate :D?

What motivates me is other people’s success stories. Why? because when you see those it tells you that it can be done, your dream of making money is achievable. Also, when you see those stories, chances are you would wonder, how did they do it? I know I have. I’m trying my very best to gain more knowledge and share it here. I know I’m definitely not the most experienced guy out there, but I hope as I keep updating my website, somewhere down the line someone is going to find my website useful.

Also, if you’re like me, wanting to earn money and doing your research online, chances are you would come across loads of programs and websites. You would check each of them out to see whether they are legit. Problem is, most of these websites aren’t suitable for begginers like you and me. They either require a significant sum of money to register or aren’t beginner friendly. I plan to share everything, even how I got started so even if you are a beginner to investing or making money you can still benefit somehow. I found a program that would be perfect for beginners and am really thankful for it. I hope I can point anyone with the same dream as me in the right direction. Yes, this is an affiliate link where I get a commision, but hey you don’t have to pay, just try it out for free or if you don’t like the