Alex Mehr MentorBox Review – The Ultimate Trick To Reading a Book in 10 Minutes ?

By | December 19, 2018

It is no secret that knowledge is quite literally power these days. Most millionaires/billionaires out there will have a “ready to learn” mindset to get to where they are today.

If you want to somehow start making more money, you should be thinking about gaining more knowledge. Obviously one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by reading more.


This is how MentorBox comes into play.

If you follow my blog you’ll know I get a lot of Tai Lopez ads on YouTube. Well this time it isn’t about Tai entirely, but his business partner Alex Mehr.

What is MentorBox?

MentorBox was founded by both Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr. To be honest when I first saw the Ad for MentorBox I thought this Alex person looked familiar.

Well  turns out that he’s appeared in a number of Tai’s videos.

Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr

So at the very least, this Alex guy must be somewhat credible if he has someone as well known as Tai Lopez calling him his business partner ( yes he says that in one of his videos ).

Now MentorBox takes the concept of reading books to a new level. Alex tries to give you an easier and seemingly less tedious way of learning.

Instead of you actually reading the book, they’ll pick out some books for you and give you material to study.

The concept is they give you stuff like videos, cheatsheets or what not so you don’t actually have to do the reading ( but you still can if you want ).

One thing to note is that there are 2 different ways you can be a member, either through the online version or physical version.

The online version is straight forward, you access all your material online. For the physical version, you get them mailed to you in an actual box, kinda like some loot box.

How Much Does MentorBox Cost?

Currently the price tag is set at $7 per month or $59 per year. However, one thing I like is that they are offering a 3 day trial for free.

Meaning that when you sign up, your first 3 days will be free, and you’ll be billed after that based on whichever payment plan you choose.

Another piece of good news is that they do come with a 30 day refund policy. If you’re signed up for the physical MentorBox you’d have to return your box.

With All That Said, How Can You Make Money With MentorBox?

It’s kind of obvious but this isn’t some make money program. It is purely for you to gain knowledge.

Then Is MentorBox Worth It Though?

Well in my opinion, if you already have an idea on how you’d like to make money online, then you don’t really need MentorBox.

On the other hand, if you’re completely lost, you can give MentorBox a shot because they’ll pick out the books for you.

To be honest, the price is very reasonable, since it is similar to you getting books for about $5-$7.

However, sadly there are still complains online about MentorBox.

#1 Problems with Cancelling Subscription

One of the frequent problems is that when someone tries to do the ” sign up for free trial then cancel before you get billed trick “, it doesn’t work.

They try to cancel before the 3 day period but it somehow gets delayed and they are billed anyway.

This issue has ticked a lot of people off so my advice is to not try it for the sake of trying it I guess.

#2 Upsells of $89 for Audiobook and Nuggets

So the audiobook and nuggets are actually advertised on their front page and can be very misleading. 

Many would think that you’ll be getting it for free with the membership but this isn’t the case. The price is pretty high for this upsell which I suppose is the problem for many.

upsell of Entrepreneurship Academy of $199

#3 Wrong Subscription Option

I’ve also seen some members complaining about opting for the monthly subscription of $7 but being billed for the yearly subscription of $59.

This is seems like their support team is really bad at handling sign ups.

#4 Upsell of Entrepreneurship Academy for $199

This is probably their most expensive upsell.

The problem isn’t even the pricing actually, it is how they advertise it, again making it look like part of the package.

At this point you would have already give them your credit card info, so having you click the “Enroll in Academy” button to prompt a bill is pretty easy.

So, Is MentorBox a Scam?

MentorBox isn’t a scam. However, they do suffer from poor handling of sign ups and shady upsells.

However, most of this can be avoided if you’ve read this review. 

Basically don’t try the free trial without being ready to sign up ( I know it sounds ridiculous ).

Just know that because of the poor handling and delays from their support team, you might have to be billed more due to slow cancellation.

I don’t think Tai or Alex are actually out there to scam you though. This might just be Alex being inexperienced at handling these things ( although he did own a company called Zoosk before this ).

What About Making Money Online?

I suppose you’re here because you’re interested in making money online. While MentorBox might give you that Eureka moment, you can also try something that’s been done.

I make money through this very blog and you can too. 

The best part ?

You can actually give the training program a trial run without having to worry about being billed. I can vouch for this as this was how I got started.

The free training will help you get your blog set up ( also for free ! ), teach you how to get ranked on Google search and then attract visitors to your blog.

Just imagine having your very own blog appear on the first page of Google, pretty sweet eh ?

I assure you it isn’t as hard as you think. If you’re on the fence, I suggest you can try this out part time. Again the training is free so you’ll have nothing to lose.

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