Are You Financially Stressed ? – Let’s Analyze Your Current Financial Situation

By | October 10, 2018

Ever since we were kids, we’ve been told the usual, go to a good university, get a secure job, stable salary and so on.

Many of us live pay check to pay check, always having to live below our means because lets face it, when was the last time you got a promotion?

If you think about it, having to work for money makes all of us stressed out, unless you love your job. Sadly I don’t hear that very often.

But what can we do ? We have kids, bills and loans to pay, a retirement to plan for. There’s just so much responsibility that involves money nowadays.

Is this really how you want to live out your life ? Working for the majority of your life only to make enough to survive.

We can’t enjoy going to that fancy dessert shop without thinking twice about it, we can’t buy that awesome new car without having to pay back tons of loans and interest.

Financial stress

Here’s the really scary part though, most of us don’t even realized that we’re burnt out trying to make money ! It has become the “norm” for us that we forget to take a step back and analyze our own financial lives.

This actually holds you back, because if you can’t see the problem, you sure as hell aren’t gonna fix it.

So, here are 5 signs that probably mean you’re just financially stressed out.

#1 You dread your job, but are still in it

This is the perfect example of you working because you need the money.

Hey don’t get me wrong, I ain’t judging. Even I’m working at a job that I don’t particularly enjoy. So did my dad, my neighbor, your neighbor, and so on.

I want you to ask yourself, if you had all the money in the world, what would you be doing now?

Would you still be working at your current job?

Look, I’m not looking down on you, to be honest I respect you. Ever since I started my first job it just hit me – making money isn’t easy.

The fact that it isn’t easy just makes things worse. We work long hours and get paid very little. But we can’t stop working because we still need to put food on the table am I right?

#2 You are full of debt

In today’s society, it is actually perfectly normal to be in debt. Take a look around, everyone you know probably has some kind of debt.

See that young man over there ? Probably has student loans to pay off.

See that middle-aged man ? Mortgage and car loans.

Let’s face it, most of us are in the red. You might be able to pay them month after month, but it’s time to face the truth.

You are in debt.

This isn’t good because something might happen in the future right? Maybe someone in your family falls sick or something.

Do you have a back up plan in place in case this happens?

#3 You can’t afford to do what you want

Sometime back I just had my laptop stolen from me ( bummer ). My dad actually got me this laptop before I started my university life.

Now that I’ve graduated and have started working, naturally he ain’t getting me a new one. I have to buy one myself.

So as I’m browsing through all the models, I can’t help buy restrict myself to settle for slightly lower specs because well, I can’t afford it !

I know the feeling, it sucks. I actually have an idea of what gaming laptop I want by the truth is I might not be able to get it.

What about you ?

Maybe you’d like to visit Japan? or you want that new iPhone?

#4 You are always counting, waiting, hoping

Do you constantly think about your next bonus payment, or your next promotion? I know I do.

The fact is that for us, some bonus income would go a long way right?

Hey maybe with that extra money we can’t treat ourselves to some new gadgets !

We all want that boost in income, but here’s the reality – it will never be enough.

Bonuses are just a one time thing, and promotions come at a cost which is added responsibility. We definitely aren’t getting that money for free !

#5 You have to say no to what your children or family wants

Your daughter wants a new expensive dress?

Your son wants a PS4 ? ( I’m sure he does )

Maybe your mom wants a vacation ?

I know it sucks. It sucks to have to say no because you can’t afford it for your loved ones. I’ve been there.

I’ve had to reject my girlfriend one too many times just because I can’t afford it. The worst feeling is that I want to afford it, and it makes me feel powerless.

I’m sure you love your family, and at the back of your mind you’d always want to give them the best. But somewhere along our journey, we’ve come to accept that we don’t have the money to do that.

You have my respect

Whether or not you’re financially stressed out, I know you’ve been doing your best. We all are.

We always try to make ends meet, try to provide for our families what we can.

But if these 5 points I’ve stated above seem to describe your situation perfectly, it might be time to make a change.

I actually realized my situation sometime in my 3rd year of university. I realized that I didn’t want to work for that pay check for the rest of my life.

I wanted a financially free life without the stress of money.

Ask yourself this, do you want to be financially free ?

When you go to work tomorrow, do you want it to be by your choice, not because you have to pay the bills?

Would you like to have enough money to sustain your current lifestyle even if you get fired?

Do you want to make enough money to be able to buy your loved ones whatever they want ?

Do you want that?

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