Crowd Profits Review – Will This Investment Opportunity Really Make You $4000 Per Week?

By | October 8, 2018

I’m sure we’ve all heard of Crowdfunding, you would most probably also know what advertising is.

Well, are you ready for the next big thing ?

Crowd Profits combines both advertising and crowdfunding into one amazing money making opportunity !

Not only can you invest in big brand names advertising boards, we can all do it together, as a crowd !

( Please forgive my overly sarcastic attempt at making a funny introduction )

On wards to the real review ~

What is Crowd Profits?

Crowd Profits

So this spokesperson says that with Crowd Profits, you can invest $200 and make up to $4000 per week back in returns. Well doesn’t that sound pretty good ?

The way that it works is apparently big brand names like Apple are trying to advertise their products, but for some reason they don’t want to pay a lot of money for it ( What ? ).

So the genius solution is to crowd fund their advertising. We get to pay for it with that $200 investment, and when their advertisement gets a lot of clicks, we somehow get a cut of the money.

They’ve summarized what you need to do into 3 simple steps :

Crowd Profits steps

  1. Filling out your registration
  2. Funding your account with $200 or more
  3. Invest in ads from their marketplace

Their marketplace apparently has tons of digital advertisements from these big brands. See one of the kickers is that they claim that these big name ads will definitely attract a lot of clicks.

So in essence, it is very easy for you to make money off these ads.

The Crowd Profits spokes person says that we need to ride trends to make money nowadays. Traditional ways of making money online like affiliate marketing and blogging are in the past.

Can you really make money with Crowd Profits ?

So let’s talk about Crowd Profits for a second. I’ve been scratching my head all day, trying to figure out how this whole system works.

You see in traditional Crowdfunding, both parties are in a sort of win-win situation. The companies get the fund they need, and those who help crowd fund the project get to be the first to try out these products and they might get some bonus benefits.

Crowd Profits Brands

But why would a big brand like Samsung or Apple need crowd funding? Surely they have wayyyyy more than enough funds to run a simple online advertisement right?

More so, why would they have to give us a cut of the money?

According to the Crowd Profits website, you make money by putting more money into their ads right?

Meaning when we fund an ad, it reaches a wider audience. That’s fine and dandy.

But the problem comes when we get paid for each click that our ad generates.

You see with normal advertising on a site like, maybe Facebook, the way it works is that if Samsung wants to advertise they pay for the amount of clicks they generate. Basically, Facebook charges you for the amount of clicks you get. ( There is another option to get charged for each view though )

So now with Crowd Profits, if you pay $200 for an ad, you are likely paying for $200 worth of clicks. I can understand if Samsung or Apple pays you back for what you did, but why would they need to pay you anything more than that? If you generate $200 worth of clicks for them, that’s what you should be getting back.

Also, I see absolutely no incentive for Samsung or Apple to take your money to fund their advertisement. I really don’t. As I’ve said they have more than enough money to run their own ads.

Is Crowd Profits a Scam?

Yes, and I’ll tell you why.

#1 Crowd Profits is completely fake

If you manage to complete their registration form, you’ll be take to a separate page for a separate program, called BannerBit.

What this means is that Crowd Profits is just a front for some other program.

You might be asking, why would they need to do that?

Well the reason is simple, Banner Bit has already gotten a lot of negative reviews online and they can’t promote it anymore because of its bad reputation. They need a new front to lure unsuspecting customers in.

#2 There is no information about the owner

Here’s one thing you should know, any legit program would usually have a owner with a proven track record.

Heck, even scams these days try to give you a name of someone. Well not Crowd Profits.

You get no information whatsoever about who is behind this program.

#3 Fake income claims

The biggest problem I have with Crowd Profits is that I see absolutely no way for you to make money.

Even with traditional crowd funding you don’t make any money.

So what they say about making $4000 per week is just an outright lie.

I mean, sure you can make money by advertising for a company, but this is only if you’re an affiliate for that company.

How you can really make money advertising

The real method of making money through advertising, is if you have some kind of product or offer that will make you money.

So let’s say you advertise on Facebook, spending $200 for 200 clicks. Maybe out of these 100 clicks, 10 people buy your product that nets you a $25 profit each. In total you would have made a profit of $50 ($250-$200). Affiliate marketing works the same way, only you don’t own the product that you’re advertising, you’re just given a commission for helping to generate sales.

Affiliate Marketing is not dead !

Crowd Profits is a scam and I do not recommend you to waste your time on this.

However, I must say that affiliate marketing is a legit way of making money online. This is actually how I’ve been able to make money online part time while I was a student.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, you can start with Wealthy Affiliate‘s free training. Their training was the one that got me started making money with this blog through affiliate marketing, so I can guarantee that it is legit.

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