Daily Cash Siphon Review – This Legal Exploit Makes You $1580 A Day?

By | October 15, 2018

Daily Cash Siphon is a fairly new product on ClickBank and it caught my eye because they literally advertise themselves as some sort of “legal exploit”.

Basically what they are saying that this is some sort of glitch that you can take advantage of right now to make money online.

Obviously your first thought would be to think that this is a scam right? Well me too.

I’m sure this is why you’re doing some research now so I’ll get right into the review.

What is Daily Cash Siphon?

They can call themselves whatever they want, but under the skin what they’re really preaching is affiliate marketing. More specifically, using a blog to promote affiliate products.

Daily Cash Siphon

The good news is this is exactly how I make money online, with this very blog that you’re reading so if you want to know how I do it, click here.

The spokesperson of Daily Cash Siphon is someone called William Fairbrother, which I’ve never heard of.

The weirdest thing is that they claim you can do all this in 7 minutes, and 19 clicks. The trick is that you’ll be legally siphoning money from some barely ethical $480 million dollar market ( this is what they actually say ).

You can see that their advertising is sketchy as ****.

How do you make money with Daily Cash Siphon?

So firstly, Daily Cash Siphon costs $37, which gets you their training on affiliate marketing and blogging.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t just cost $37, there are some up-sells.

First up-sell ($197)

Your very own daily cash website. They claim to have built your blog for you, armed and ready with the affiliate links and all so you can make money from it right away !

Sounds pretty cool right ? WRONG !

I can tell you from my personal experience that you can throw affiliate links around on a site as much as you want, it doesn’t mean you’ll make any money.

If no one actually visits your site, there will be no one to click on your links right ?

Second up-sell ($187)

This is basically the same as the first one, but instead, they’ll build you another site !

Don’t waste your money here, or the first up-sell.

Third up-sell ($97)

This is definitely more useful than the first and second one, because it includes training for different traffic strategies.

I will say that learning how to get traffic is a really crucial part if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing.

With that said though, I just can’t trust the quality of Daily Cash Siphons’ training.

Furthermore, the program that I use provides some quality training at less than half the price.

If you tally all the up-sells, it comes down to about $500+, which isn’t worth your money at all.

The problems with Daily Cash Siphon

I don’t really think I have to tell you this but it’s pretty obvious that they are telling you a load of crap. I really want to call it an outright scam but they do have SOME form of training.

It’s just that they aren’t being completely honest with you and they try to hype things up to a really exaggerated level.

Also, these are some issues I have with Daily Cash Siphon.

#1 The spokesperson is using a pen name

Daily Cash Siphon pen name

It’s funny because they are explicitly telling you that this William Fairbrother person isn’t even real.

Having an unknown creator/spokesperson is very common among Internet scams so this is definitely a red flag.

#2 $480 million dollar market is pure hype

They say that you can legally siphon money from this $480 million dollar market right ?

Well just because you’re in a million dollar industry doesn’t mean you’re going to make a million dollars though.

There is a high chance that they put this claim here just to throw big numbers to get you hyped up.

#3 There is no glitch, there is no exploit

So the more you listen to what he’s saying in their advertising video, the more you’ll realize that he isn’t talking about any exploit.

He’s talking about affiliate marketing on ClickBank.

This isn’t something special and tons of people are doing it, you aren’t exploiting anyone. Heck, you could even sign up to be an affiliate right now if you want to.

#4 Extremely misleading information on affiliate marketing

So my biggest issues with Daily Cash Siphon is that they seem to explain affiliate marketing like some sort of secret that nobody knows about.

They actually say that this is some controversial ( but legal ! ) method of making money, and they might have to take it down soon because they don’t want it to get too much exposure, something about losing their money.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard because tons of people know about affiliate marketing and I can guarantee you that there are already plenty of affiliates on ClickBank alone, let alone other affiliate programs like Amazon.

#5 Bold claims

Aside from the bold income claims that William says you’re going to make, he also says that he can teach you how to make money with your blog in a matter of weeks.

While he does admit that blogging will take around a year to bear fruit ( this is true ), he still somehow tries to sell you some illusion that he knows some kind of secret to put you ahead of the competition.

As a blogger for 2 years, the only way for a complete beginner to start making money with their blogs in 1 week is if he/she uses paid advertising.

The truth about affiliate marketing and blogging

Look, if you want to make money online, you’re gonna have to make sacrifices. There is no exploit, autopilot system that can help you make tons of money online easily.

If you truly want to make money with your blog and learn affiliate marketing, you can start with this training.

How much money can you actually make with affiliate marketing and blogging?

It takes about 6 months I suppose to make a couple of hundred dollars per month. Naturally there are people who make it faster and some slower.

In 2 years you should be able to see a 4 figure income from your blog.

With that said, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression, you’ll need to work for it. If you’re willing to put in the effort though, I do believe that blogging is a great way of making money online because you can do it in your spare time.



3 thoughts on “Daily Cash Siphon Review – This Legal Exploit Makes You $1580 A Day?

  1. Joo

    This is not the first review I’ve come across, on this Daily Cash Siphon. You have put it across very well and fair, indicating that they are not an outright scam, as they still do provide training, albeit at quite a high price. I also appreciate the red flags that you pointed out, which are all very valid, I wouldn’t have been able to spot these myself, with my untrained eye. 

    And I also agree with your view that it takes effort to make money. There is just no such thing as a free lunch. 

  2. Todd

    Great review here. This look more like a daily cash siphon from customers rather than a $480 Mill market, Affiliate Marketing is a legit business model and like you said takes a while to mature and make money, most people do not want to wait that long and fall for stuff like this. It is good that you bring this information forward. Up-sells are a common online business practice but they are very annoying and costly for consumers, it fuels the flames of scam claims for an entire industry. To bad Clickbank did not do a better job screening what is advertised on their platform. Just my opinion.

    Great review, thanks for sharing


  3. Zayn Hiew

    Hey Lucas,

    Lately, l have read a few review about Daily Cash Siphon that l utterly disgusted.

    FYI, I’ve taken a closer look at this new program myself  and I couldn’t agreed more with you we can called this program straight away an outright scam but they do provide certain Affiliate Marketing training.

    The way they’re doing business is totally unethical, full of extremely hyped bold claims of income, misleading information and hidden costs. If you’re not careful.  you can easily end up losing more than $500 for a load of BS.

    Thank you again for alerting us about this hyped program. And l agree with you view that in order to make money you need to get some training and efforts. This is no “Get Rich Quick” scheme.

    Best regards.



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