Daily Income Method Review – Can You Really Make $500 A Day?

By | March 29, 2017

Daily Income Method

Daily Income Method is a fairly new system that claims to help you make money everyday. At first glance it seems like any regular scam but is that really the case?

Before I go into Daily Income Method ( DIM ), I’d like to talk about the man behind it – Mack Zidan. I also want to clarify that I’m not a part of Daily Income Method nor am I an affiliate.

Who is Mack Zidan?

Mack Zidan also calls himself Mack Millions, because he’s making millions.

When I watched the promo video for DIM it immediately struck me, I’ve seen this dude before on digital altitude’s video. I think he was their highest earner or something.

Digging into this more he seems to be part of Empower Network too, or used to be part of it. There are news out there about him and Empower Network having issues.

The point is these are are both MLMs and Mack without a doubt is a pro with earning money at MLMs.

What is Daily Income Method?

The idea behind Daily Income Method is that you promote the Motor Club of America ( MCA ) which is a roadside assistance service that has been around for many years.

However just by doing a quick Google Search you can see that MCA is yet, another MLM !

With DIM, Mack claims to have created an automated system to help you generate leads and sales for MCA. So essentially you make money by promoting MCA using Mack’s system.

How much do you have to pay?

Joining both MCA and DIM requires money. But I am happy to say, unlike Mack’s other MLMs the price of 2 of them combined is still significantly lower which is a good thing.

The MCA membership will cost you $39.90 for the first month and $19.95 for every subsequent month. The Daily Income Method has a monthly payment of $27.

How do you make money with Daily Income Method?

To promote MCA, you’ll use your high converting lead capture pages that come with your DIM membership to get people to give you their email. This is called building your email list and is essential for email marketing.

You also get your own autoresponder which helps you send out emails to your list, this is where you promote MCA.

You also get the promo videos, which are also high converting to get people to sign up.

Putting everything together

Now, understand this, Mack is one of the top Internet Marketers around, and if you think about it each time you sign up Mack probably makes a commission out of you as well.

So this makes DIM a system to promote MCA. Mack himself is using it and this is how he makes his money. If you use it you will making money in a similar way.

To be fair, this system is very affordable and you do get a lot of stuff to help you promote MCA.

How much money can you expect to make with Daily Income Method?

Well the video claims that you can make $500 or more per day.

You get a 50% commission every time someone signs up for MCA or DIM, which they have to if they’re following the same system. Remember this is a monthly payment and you do get a cut of it every month, making it a very attractive money making opportunity.

However, as I’ve said Mack is a pro at this, it is no surprise that he is making this much. Sure you’re given the capture pages and autoresponders but as a newbie do you know how to effectively use them?

In my opinion, your earning potential with DIM will depend on your skill as an Internet Marketer.

Can Mack Zidan be trusted?

So if you do your research online, Mack Zidan has promoted more than what I’ve stated here, he promotes a lot of programs, and I mean A LOT.

Being the MLM expert that he is, can he be trusted? I have no idea to be honest, but from what I see he seems to promote anything that makes him money.

I don’t particularly like his promo videos either. It is mostly of him showing off his money or cars or something. I get the impression that he doesn’t really care about what he’s promoting as long as it makes him money.

With all things said though, he is still a pro and has probably worked really hard to get to where he is now. I just don’t particularly like his way of promoting that focuses on showing you the good life.

The Pros

  • It is cheap if you compare it to other making money opportunities
  • Great earning potential with monthly recurring payments
  • The idea behind it is relatively simple

The Cons

  • MCA is only available to those in the U.S and Canada
  • May not be suitable for someone with little to no online marketing experience

Is Daily Income Method a Scam?

Let’s put everything aside for now, forget about Mack Zidan, whatever you’ve heard about him and the fact that he’s using this to make money. If we look at Daily Income Method it is a legit way for you to make money.

It is not a scam, the only thing you have to know is that it isn’t as easy as it sounds in the promo video, marketing online is a skill and something you have to learn

I wouldn’t recommend it to a newbie but given it’s low price you can give it a try since you don’t really have much to lose. It will be a solid way to make money if you know how. Then again, you can also promote MCA on your own to get your commission since MCA in itself is a MLM. The choice is yours.







9 thoughts on “Daily Income Method Review – Can You Really Make $500 A Day?

  1. Richard Brennan

    Great review site with easy to follow and relevant information laid out in a way that’s pleasing to the eye and easy to read to the end.

  2. Norman Richards

    Great review and well explain. This sounds very solid and the face behind this business seems to be and expert in this field, the start up cost is pretty so it is good to give it a try, but as you pointed out, the $500 dollar a day is not that simple, this may be a part of his marketing plan to get persons to sign up. But as you said it is legit. Thanks for sharing and explaining in full detail.

  3. Xdeem Li

    Hi Lucas,
    Thanks for your honest review! I personally hate all these systems, whether it’s a scam or not. Well most are kind of scams because it really a system that you must buy and pay first and then get others to buy and pay. So, the cycles continues, and everyone has to keep buying. Topically Multi level Marketing. The thing is why people don’t question the actual product’s price. It is obvious that its way overpriced, because how can they pay you like 50 percent commission? Cheers.

    P.S. would you please comment on my article, thanks:

  4. Rardo

    Hey good information on DIM I never heard of them prior to this post. Thanks for breaking it down and making sure to explain to people that you need to have marketing experience to potentially gain success.

    Just curious would consider joining their program yourself?

  5. Sheryl

    very informative, i love the style you have put into this, with your unique opinion, i also like how your not being ‘pushy’. this page could maybe benefit from a couple of pictures tho or maybe a little bit more color to make it stand out. it is easy to read, easy to follow and very straight forward.

  6. Judy

    Thanks for the review of DIM. I had heard about MCA, the Motor Club of America, but did not know it was an MLM.

    I appreciate the way you explain how the company works, you seem to have given a very honest opinion. Even though DIM is not a scam, it seems that it would be more profitable to become a member of MCA on your own. Is that right?

    1. Lucas Post author

      Hi Judy you made a good point here ! I guess it depends on how good you are at marketing. In that sense honestly you don’t want to be relying on someone else’s system to make money since you probably won’t understand what’s going on. You would have struck gold if you can formulate your own plan to make money, even with MCA. So I guess it is better to be a member of MCA in that sense. Money wise if you sign up to MCA directly on your own you won’t have to pay the DIM’s fees.

  7. Shwana

    Thank you for your thorough review. Personally, I am wary of advertisement’s that claim you can make any large amount of money in one day with ease. Multi-level marketing is not for everybody. Have you tried this system? If so how did you do? It appears you have done your homework with this system. As far as the Motor Club of America do you know what kind of reputation they have besides being around for many years? That would seem to play a significant role in this system’s success.


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