Digital Profit Course Review – Is It Fake Or Real?

By | November 3, 2017

Digital Profit Course

What is Digital Profit Course?

Digital Profit Course which is also known as Digital Cash Course is an affiliate marketing training program that focuses on teaching you how to make money blogging.

It’s main target is India since the payment is in Rupee.

Sadly, there is no information on the founders of this program.

Digital Profit Course costs Rs 4980, which converts to about 77 USD at the time of writing. This price is for a 3 months membership.

How do you make money with Digital Profit Course?

#1 Choose a niche

A niche is a specific segment of the market that you’re targeting. Narrowing down your niche can help lessen your competition.

This is crucial because as a new blog you won’t have the popularity or the authority to compete with the big players yet.

#2 start a blog

You create your blog based on the selected niche. What you need to do here is to choose a suitable domain name ( your “.com”).

After that you need to write posts for your blog. These posts are sub-topics within your chosen niche.

#3 get visitors

The idea here is that each individual post will be targeting a certain keyword. A keyword is the term that one searches on Google.

So every time someone searches for your targeted keyword, your post will show up as a search result.

Over time, the ranking at which your post shows up will climb higher and if it reaches the first page you’ll be getting a lot of visitors.

#4 start earning

The main way to monetize a blog with Digital Profit Course is using affiliate marketing.

The idea is that you include affiliate links in your post. When your visitors click on them and buys something you’ll make a commission.

Can You Make Money With Digital Profit Course?

Yes this method of making money with a blog has been tried and tested. It is a legit way of making money.

Heck, this is how I make my money as well.

It takes time to bear fruit but it will be worth it.

Is Digital Profit Course a Scam?

Okay, so far everything I’ve said seems to be in favour of Digital Profit Course but I have one big problem with it.

My issue here is that it is a copy of another program – Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m personally a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I can see all the similarities. Bear in mind that Wealthy Affiliate has started since 2005 while Digital Profit Course only started in 2014.

So, while the program itself provides a solid way of making money online, I’d still consider it a scam because it is a copy of another program.

Here are some other issues with Digital Profit Course

#1 Fake updates and probably fake numbers

So on the Digital Profit Course homepage, you’ll see a “live” update on the activities of their members.

The problem is that this isn’t live. If you refresh the page you’ll see the exact same thing every time.

I don’t know what’s the point in doing this.

Also, you can view the number of members they have on their homepage. It currently says they have over a million members.

I have a hard time believing this since Wealthy Affiliate, that has started since 2005 and targets all countries has only managed to get about 800 thousand members.

#2 too many complains online

I’m personally not thinking of joining Digital Profit Course for obvious reasons but I have been digging around.

Some complains of Digital Profit Course includes :

  • Not given a refund
  • Can’t contact their support

#3 The owner isn’t mentioned anywhere.

We all know that one way to know more about the credibility of a program is by checking out who their owners are.

Most pros online would have been able to make a name for themselves prior to creating their own training. This means that you’ll have an idea of the quality of the training just by following that person.

Digital Profit Course on the other hand has no information about their founder. I mean, if he is an Internet marketing Pro or something he should at least come out and say it.

What are the similarities between Wealthy Affiliate and Digital Profit Course?

  • The steps used are exactly the same.
  • I can see that they’ve used the same images as well.
  • The overall layout of the site is very similar to Wealthy Affiliate.

Why you shouldn’t go for Digital Profit Course


Of course  you might be thinking, just because Wealthy Affiliate is the original doesn’t mean that it’s better right?

Here’s the thing.

If you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can directly contact their founders. I know this because I’ve emailed him myself and got a reply.

If you browse around the Wealthy Affiliate forums, you can see Kyle answering questions and such which is really helpful. This is something you don’t get in Digital Profit Course.

Also, the support at Wealthy Affiliate is extremely fast. I’ve sent tickets before and my issues are usually resolved within minutes.

With Wealthy Affiliate, there is also a free trial which is not present in Digital Profit Course.

The main reason why I think Wealthy Affiliate is better is because they have a huge community.

There are members here earning 6 figure incomes every month and they do answer questions as well. What better way to learn than to ask someone who’s done it himself right?

Also, the training at Wealthy Affiliate has been constantly evolving since 2005. More members are coming in and they themselves help create some training videos as well.

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  1. Harish Shenoy

    This course Digital Profit Course? looks as genuine as $22 dollar bill.

    1. Lucas Post author

      I would give you a cookie if I could for posting one of the most witty comments on my blog, thanks for making my day 😛


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