eCom Hacks Academy Review – What The Hell is DropSurfing?

By | September 15, 2018

eCom Hacks Academy

I’ve always been interested in e-commerce and drop-shipping in general. Coincidentally there’s this new program called eCom Hacks Academy ( not to be confused with eCom Success Academy ).

I’m sure you’re here because you want to know more.

Well, you’ve come to the right place because I’m about to give you a run down on this whole thing.

What is eCom Hacks Academy?

Well as the name suggests, it is a training program by this guy called Jared Goetz that teaches you how to make money with e-commerce, namely drop-shipping.

Drop-shipping itself is an e-commerce model where you :

  • order directly from the supplier, one item at a time
  • don’t have to stock inventory because you place your order only when you make a sale
  • Sell items on your online store

If you visit eCom Hacks Academy’s website, you’ll only be greeted with a button that asks for your e-mail to send you this case study.

See what happens here is that this is an opt-in page.

This is a form of email marketing where he get’s your e-mail in return for some sort of freebie, which in this case is his case study video.

I’ve submitted my e-mail and sure enough, I’ve been getting a couple of e-mails from Jared already, which tells me I’ve become part of his e-mail list.

What about the case study?

Well it starts off with him telling you how he can work and travel at the same time. He’s showing you some pictures of him working in London, France etc ….

He also shows off a sweet lamborghini.

As you continue to watch on, he starts talking about more useful stuff. But he does say something that caught my interest.


This is the first time that I’ve heard this term so know I want to know more.

Naturally, Jared has expected people to be wondering about the difference between dropshipping and drop-surfing and proceeds to explain the difference between the two.

According to Jared :

Drop-shipping :

  • Browse Amazon/Facebook for profitable products
  • Have to order hundreds of units and turn your garage into a warehouse
  • Launch a store on Amazon/Shopify and pray that you can make sales
  • Make 5-10% profit margins and have to worry about competition

Drop-Surfing :

  • Sell only viral products that were proven to sell fast. Apparently you ride the trend or something
  • Travel the world and work from anywhere you want without having to worry about stocking inventory
  • Launch on shopify and create your own demand and control your traffic sources
  • Make 30-40% profit without having to worry about competition

Now I’m confused.

This little comparison made zero sense to me.

Firstly, his definition of drop-shipping seems to be Amazon FBA instead of actual drop-shipping. You don’t have to “turn your garage into a warehouse” with drop-shipping because you don’t stock inventory. Also if this is the case, why can’t you travel the world and drop-ship at the same time?

It’s also funny that drop-shipping on Shopify would have you “praying for sales” whereas if you drop-surf you can “control your traffic sources”. If both stores are on Shopify why can’t you control the traffic source for both stores regardless of what method you’re using?

Finally, are you telling me that if you drop-surf these viral products you won’t face any competition? Are these products really viral then?

How do you really make money with eCom Hacks Academy?

Jared Goatez

I have so many questions, but still I continued watching this case study of his.

He then talks about how you can find success and he tries to explain the process step by step.

Step 1 – Setup high converting store

This is how he does it :

  • logo contest
  • create product design
  • identify brand name
  • secret high converting theme
  • install badge security

Basically what he’s telling you is that with his help, you can make a really professional looking store that would make your customers think that you’ve spent like thousands of dollars.

Step 2 – eCom hacks product finder

He shows you his very own eCom hacks product finder, where you’ll find listings of products that were proven to be successful.

This site comes with product descriptions and pictures that you can copy and use on your own store.

Step 3 – Scale Facebook ads

He says to succeed with Facebook ads :

  • you need advertising that stands out
  • also, video ads work better

The good thing though is that eCom product finder has videos for you to use for your own Facebook ads.

Now, things are starting to make sense. These 3 steps of his are solid, and have been proven to work.

In my opinion though, this is a typical drop-shipping blueprint, I still have no idea what this drop-surfing thing is.

However, one thing that wasn’t clear was that you’d need to pay $2000 for this eCom Hacks Academy training which consists of these 6 modules :

  • Module 1 : Product Research
  • Module 2 : Picking out a Reliable Supplier
  • Module 3 : Building your Shopify Store
  • Module 4 : Creating Facebook Ads
  • Module 5 : Tracking Sales and Scaling
  • Module 6 : The Value of Customer Service

The Pros of eCom Hacks Academy

  • A proven method to make money with e-commerce
  • eCom Product Finder is a pretty handy tool
  • eCom Hacks Academy also provides you with most of the stuff that you need like product descriptions, etc…

The Cons of eCom Hacks Academy

  • Expensive to start since they recommend the use of Facebook Ads
  • Drop-surfing is probably something that he made up to make his program seem more “hype”

Is eCom Hacks Academy a scam?

So here’s my honest opinion. If you look past the “drop-surfing” crap, it’s a solid program teaching you a solid and profitable method to make money.

Just remember that it’s basically a drop-shipping course. I must give Jared credit though, the eCom product finder seems pretty useful, not to mention the videos that you can use for your own advertising.

However, the price tag on this thing is pretty high. Apart from the $2000 for the training, you’d still need to fork out some more cash to run your own Facebook ads. In case you didn’t know, if you want to run a successful ad campaign, you’d basically need to do a lot of testing and fine tuning on your ads.

This could result in some money being burnt in the beginning, at least until you adjust your ads to make you a good profit. My concern for you is that you won’t have the budget to start this kind of business, even if this model is profitable.

So, if you think you have the money for it and you like what you see ( I recommend you watch his case study for yourself ), you can try eCom Hacks Academy out.

On the other hand if you’re short on cash, I think this business model isn’t right for you.

If you’re on a tight budget, I’d recommend something like Wealthy Affiliate since it costs waayyyyyy less compared to eCom Hacks Academy.

I personally use this program and I will say that the training and tools give to you are top notch, at a reasonably low price. Heck, you could even test it out for free !



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