FB Live Profiters Review – Start Earning Money with Facebook This Week?

By | September 26, 2017

FB live Profiters

It’s very common to find someone that really wants to make money online, but don’t have the technical knowledge to do so.

Sales funnels, Opt-in pages, leads and all, how do you deal with those?

Well FB Live Profiters promises that this method of making money does not require any of those things. It is easy and anyone can do it.

The best part? You can start making money in 1 hour !

Or can you?

Let’s find out !

What is FB Live Profiters?

As the name suggests, FB Live Profiters is about using Facebook Live to make money. The way it works is that you use Facebook Live videos as a medium to promote stuff.

FB Live Profiters is created by Elon Bomani and Michael Harris. I have no idea who they are so the first thing I did was look them up on Google.

Elon herself has been featured on quite a few articles. But from what I see these sites aren’t that credible.

One of them is a free wordpress site too.

Most of these sites seem to address Elon as a “millionaire mom”, featuring her inspiring rags to riches story. But if you go to Elon’s Facebook you will find that it looks just like any old regular Facebook account.

There aren’t that many followers but the weird thing is that her cover photo does feature a bunch of logos like CNN and stuff.

Elon Bomani logos

I couldn’t find any information on Michael Harris sadly.

Can you make money with FB Live Profiters?

The website does show some kind of income proof but as always these things can be forged easily so it is questionable.

Although, to be honest this method could work in theory. Elon Bomani does say that you can make money if you use FB Live with affiliate marketing.

If you’re not sure what affiliate marketing is, it’s basically you helping other people promote their products for a commission.

So technically you can use anything that has a lot of views as a medium to promote your affiliate links, including a Facebook Live.

Elon herself does say that you can promote your own products or books as well and that’s actually a pretty good idea.

With that said, I’ve never used Facebook to promote anything before so I’m unaware of any rules that might be a problem.

How do you make money with FB Live Profiters?

This is how they say you can do it :

  1. do a fb live video
  2. give people what they want
  3. collect your cash

This makes no sense to me as to how it can make you money.

Just think about it, how can it work?

They must have skipped a ton of details here.

They claim that you can make money with the click of a button using your phone and it seems oversimplified to me. You know what they say, if it’s too easy it’s just too good to be true.

What frustrates me the most is their “Here’s what you get section” is literally useless.

FB live Profiters what you get

It’s just basically repeating the same thing over and over :

“A step-by-step way …. “

“A proven method …. “

“Structured system ….”

When I decide to try out a new program the thing that interests me the most is the how it works. The system has to makes logical sense first before you consider trying it out right?

Is FB Live Profiters a scam?

I’m not too sure about it, I’m inclined towards a yes since there are just too many red flags.

The red flags too me are :

  • the facebook page riddled with logos
  • the messages that pressure you to buy like “only 1 spot left” or “the price will be going up soon”
  • no information whatsoever on the product

It just seems a bit risky to me.

How bout an actual program that teaches you how to make money?

I’ve said that the number 1 thing that I look for is a logical way to make money with a program. Of course I’ve found a couple and I’m going to share my #1 recommendation with you.

Here’s how this program makes money :

WA make money online

  1. You decide on a topic or a niche, which is like a specific section or a market. You don’t want something like food, instead you might want something like healthy organic foods.
  2. Start your blog about this niche and write articles about it.
  3. As time goes by your blog will start to get ranked on Google, meaning you’ll be getting free traffic from Google.
  4. Once you start getting visitors you can monetize your blog with affiliate marketing or advertisements.

This is of course just a brief explanation. You have to check it out yourself to find out the details about making money this way.

I do want to give you a heads up though, making money this way isn’t for everyone.

It’s only for you if :

  • You have a strong desire to make money online
  • You can commit to writing at least 2 posts for your website each week
  • Won’t give up easily

Why do I say this?

Because it takes time. You’re building your website from the ground up and you can think of it like an online business.

You don’t expect businesses to make money from day 1 do you? Well you can if you have the money to spend on advertising but this method relies on free traffic so anyone can do it, if you put in the effort.


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