How to Never Run Out of Fresh Content – 10 Tips on Finding New Blog Post Ideas

By | January 23, 2017

finding new blog post ideas

Have you ever spent hours just staring at your computer, trying to come up with your next blog post idea but just somehow can’t seem to get it?

Generally, most established blogs or websites out there will have hundreds of blog posts. So, if we want to reach the top as well we should aim for this number.

The problem is, how do they do it?

How are they able to keep coming up with new blog post ideas and not run dry?

I’m here to spill the beans today and share with you some tips on getting new ideas.

1. Product reviews

It doesn’t matter what niche or industry you’re in, product reviews will always be popular.

For a blogger, product reviews are one of the best ways to promote a product.

Before I explain why this is the case, if you’re into affiliate marketing I suggest you look into the customer purchase life cycle.

To put it simply there are 3 phases a customer goes through before making a purchase, which is:

  • The research phase – they’re looking for information
  • The decision phase – they’re deciding between which product to choose
  • The purchasing phase – they have already decided on which product to buy

When you write a product review you will be targeting those in the decision phase.

Your review should help them see the pros and cons of a given product, which will influence their decision.

You should also focus on helping your readers solve their problem. This is why it is so important to promote a good quality product, something that you would personally use as well.

Now imagine, how many products are out there in your chosen niche or industry? Definitely a lot.

If you run out of blog post ideas this is one good way to get your gears rolling again. You just have to go out there and find them!

In short : Review a product and give a detailed breakdown of it.

2. Comparison between 2 products

This is different from just writing a product review. Not only do you need to know about both of the products, you also need to help your readers make a choice depending on their situation.

By helping them do a comparison, you’re effectively targeting those in their decision phase as well.

You would need to understand your customers and give them some insight to help them make the right choice.

There are 2 ways you can go about this as well.

i) Compare a bad product to a good one

The purpose of doing this is to steer your readers away from the bad one.

Maybe you’ve tried it before and it didn’t help you out. Instead you tried the good product and it instantly solved your problem.

Wouldn’t you want to share this?

ii) Compare 2 good products

If both products are good, you should go in depth and do more research.

There is no doubt you would be recommending both, but the question you should be answering for your readers are:

“Which one suites me better?”

You should go into detail about the pros and cons of both products with respect with each other. Explain which parts of each product outshine the other.

What’s the best part about this method?

If you’re an affiliate for both products you make a sale either way!

In short : Write a post comparing two products, helping your readers decide the best one for them.

3. Write a product guide

When writing a product guide you are not as focused on promoting. I would assume that most of your readers who will be reading your guide would own the product already.

Although in some cases, someone might stumble upon your guide and decide to buy the product as well because you’ve shown them how to use it and what it can do.

Nevertheless, if you have some experience using this product, your guide will benefit a lot of people.

You should actually own this product to write an effective guide, because a good guide would come from your own experience.

Focus on showing beginners how to use the product. Think back to when you first started using it, what problems did you encounter?

Also, you can reveal some tips and tricks about it that most people don’t know.

In short : Write a post to teach others how to use a product.

4. Research your competition

Another way to get some inspiration would be to check out your competition.

Just do a Google Search about your niche and have a look at the high ranking sites.

What posts do they have that you don’t?

If it’s relevant to your website as well, can you write a better one?

Remember not to copy it though, I would suggest you just skim through it to get a rough idea.

Sometimes you might not need to write a similar post, their posts might be able to inspire you to write something else.

In short : Find inspiration for your next post from your competitions.

5. Write down every single idea you get

This may sound weird, but trust me, this is important.

More often than not I tend to forget my ideas. Sometimes I’m just doing something else and when an idea pops into my head I tell myself :

“Wow this idea isn’t half bad, I’ll blog about it later.”

There was never a later.

By the time I get to my computer I would be scratching my head wondering what I’ve come up with.

I believe you might have a similar experience, where a random idea just pops up.

Remember to write it down fast.

Who knows? It could be your next viral blog post.

In short : Write down all your random ideas immediately .

6. Hang out at relevant forums

For whatever niche or industry you choose, there will definitely be some related forums.

I believe Reddit has topics on almost everything so you could start there.

You can find some inspiration there by just browsing around. Since these guys are relevant you will get a relevant blog post idea for your website.

If the forum is active you will get new ideas everyday which is awesome. Sometimes they may be asking questions as well and you can answer it in your next blog post.

Sometimes you might even discover a new product!

In short : Look for relevant forums to find out what people are interested about and blog about it.

7. Write a list of tools and tips

This would also come from your own experience.

Personally what kind of tools do you use?

Do you have any tips to share with those in your industry?

If you’ve chosen a niche like online marketing, you could suggest some free plug ins or websites that can benefit other online marketers.

A lot of beginners might not know these things so your post can definitely help them.

In short : Make a list of useful tools or tips.

8. Interview someone

If you’ve done a Google Search and found someone established in your niche, why not ask for an interview as well?

You may learn a thing or two in the process too, not to mention your readers would definitely be interested.

Sometimes it might be hard to get an interview, especially if the person you’re asking is busy.

In that case you should try to make it as easy and quick as possible for them, do respect their time.

You could just ask one or two simple questions to a few different bloggers.

This way you can compile your answers for your next blog post.

In short : Interview the big guys in your niche and publish a blog post about it.

9. Check out some Q & A sites

There are many Q & A sites out there,like Quora or wikihow. You’ve probably heard of yahoo answers as well.

You may not know it but these places have tons of people looking for answers.

Do you know the answer?

If you do you could make blog post about it. Chances are if there’s one guy who wants to know, there will be others who want to know as well.

You just have to spend some time to look through those websites and find some relevant questions.

Personally I would recommend Quora.

In short : Find out what people want to know and write a post to answer that question.

10. Make predictions

You could also try writing a post on something that happens in the future.

Maybe you’re into football and some popular player is resigning ( I don’t know about football ).

How will this impact the future of his club?

Or maybe you’re in the gaming niche and a new game is coming out.

How much do you know about that game? Are you hyped about it?

You could do some analysis or compare it to existing games or talk about the company behind it.

You can use your creativity and experience here. You just need to do some digging around and keep yourself updated with the current trend.

In short : Keep up with the trend and news then write a blog post on up and coming events.

There you have it !

With these 10 tips I believe you will never run out of new blog post ideas. You just have to do a spend some time to do your research.

Although if you do find yourself stuck, just take a break for a while and refresh your mind.

Remember that blogging should be fun, not a chore !

If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to comment below,


4 thoughts on “How to Never Run Out of Fresh Content – 10 Tips on Finding New Blog Post Ideas

  1. MarieAnne, Linda Cooke

    Hey Lucas,
    Some great ideas here. I just might use some…lol i like your theme, it flows well. Reads like a newspaper. I like that. Pick and choose the articles you want that interest you. Nice.
    Thanks for the info.

    1. Lucas Post author

      Thanks for the compliments Linda 😀 glad you like it,
      I’m still in the process of choosing a theme though, I guess it is easily readable which is a good thing haha. Will test it out more to see how it goes.

      Good luck to you !

  2. Ed


    I find this page to be the most thought provoking, creative inspiring, exciting (can’t wait to get to it) that I have ever read.

    Thanks ……….. gotta go now and write.


    1. Lucas Post author

      Hey man glad you found this useful, good luck and have fun in writing your next post !


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