Fiverr Review – Can you make money freelancing on Fiverr?

By | December 9, 2017

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What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelance site where normal folks like you or me can buy or sell various services like logo designing, web programming, etc …

Prices for services at Fiverr start from $5.

While there are 2 groups of users in Fiverr ( buyers and sellers ) this post will be mainly about how you can make money on Fiverr. So naturally the way to do that would be to sell your freelance services here.

You can sign up for free here.

How does Fiverr work?

After signing up as a seller, you’ll create your page to sort of market yourself and what you have to offer, called a gig.

If you’re a graphic designer of some sort you can create a gig like :

“I’ll create an eye catching e-book cover for you”

Again, the basic gigs will cost $5 and if you want to charge more for your services you can do so with gig extras like delivering what they want in different file formats.

There’s also 3 tiers of services you can offer, basic ( the $5 service ), standard and premium.

So in this case a normal black and white book cover might be the basic service while a colored book cover might be the standard service and you can price it at like $20 or something.

Why is Fiverr a good platform for freelancing?

One thing  I really like about Fiverr is that you can sell all sorts of gigs.

I’ve seen girls sell a gig like :

“I’ll talk to you for 30 minutes for $5” or something like that.

I’ve also seen a gig where someone plays Overwatch with you for a set amount of time.

There are even gigs to rewrite your Tinder profile for you or give you relationship advice.

So really, if you want to start freelancing on Fiverr you’ll be able to let your creativity run wild, as long as there’s a demand for whatever you’re offering.

Of course there are the normal gigs as well, like designing, music production, writing, etc …

For a simple gig of $5, when you’ve successfully sold your gig $4 will be deposited to your account while $1 goes to Fiverr.

After you’ve a sold gig, the buyer will then give you a rating.

Of course, a high rating means you’ll be more reputable and will probably get more customers.


  • Can do almost anything as your very own gig
  • This means that you can make some good money doing what you like
  • A great place to promote your services because Fiverr has a pretty large user base


  • Popular gigs might face a lot of competition
  • the 20% that goes to Fiverr seems pretty high

Things to note for buyers!

I’ve heard a lot of stories of there being low quality sellers on Fiverr because they aren’t strict enough. A good example of this in my opinion are gigs that sound like :

“I’ll get you 10000 unique visitors to your site for $5”.

Anyone who has a bit of knowledge about paid advertising will know that $5 for 10000 visitors is too good to be true and these visitors are most likely bots.

It’s unfortunate but I think it can’t be helped. The thing is, a buyer can give these low quality sellers a bad rating.

However, the seller, seeing this bad rating can also choose to offer that buyer a refund and in most cases the buyer would take that refund. When this happens, that buyer will be considered to have not bought anything so he can’t rate the seller with a bad rating anymore.

With that said, there are definitely a lot of good sellers on Fiverr as well. The idea is that you should be smart when making your purchase. If you’re paying $5, don’t expect a service that’s worth $100.

Fiverr is not a place where you’re supposed to get cheap labour.

How can you make money freelancing on Fiverr?

I won’t say that you’ll 100% find success on Fiverr. Also, you’ll have to decide for yourself what kind of gig you’d like to offer.

But, I dare say that if you’re sincere and a hard worker, you’ll definitely be able to make money.

See, I’ve talked to a few sellers on Fiverr before and the ones that make me want to go back are those that really care about what I want. Fiverr has a chatting function where buyers can communicate with gig sellers.

It’s very likely that if you say you can do some sort of design, the buyer will message you with some extra requests or customizations. It’ll be good if you can respond to them and talk it through and come to an agreement. Also, if you do a good job in making them happy, they’ll give you a good rating as well!

Another thing you could do to stand out is to make some sort of video introduction of what you’re offering. Better yet if it’s relevant you could show a video of some of your past works so buyers will know what they’ll be getting.

To point I’m trying to make is that, you can definitely make good money on Fiverr and freelancing can be good if you have some sort of talent you can sell. As long as you show that you care and that you have the skills and patience it’ll only be a matter of time before you get noticed and those clients will just be pouring in.

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