Fizzle Review – Will Fizzle Give You The Roadmap To Success?

By | April 10, 2017


There are a lot of programs that teach you how to make money out there. Most of them are scams.

They either don’t tell you everything you need to know or teach you some method that is dependent on their program. To make money online, the first thing that you should do is get the basics down, just like everything in life.

I’ve recently come across a program that teaches you just that – the basics of making money online.

What is Fizzle?

It may be hard to categorize Fizzle because they do cover quite a wide range of topics, but to put it generally Fizzle is a program that teaches you about starting your online business ( which could be anything from blogging to selling products online ).

The way it works is that you read their blogs and watch their training videos which will guide you step by step on how to make money online. They cover everything you need to know to formulate your own business plan.

They have a free 2 week trial and will cost you $35 per month after the trial ends, which if you compare to other opportunities out there is actually very affordable.

You get these with your membership :

  • video courses
  • forums
  • podcasts
  • blogs
  • founder success stories

Where to start – Small business road map

There are a lot of material on Fizzle, but I suggest you start with the road map. There are 3 phases and you should be able to go through them rather quickly. The videos aren’t long and the posts are just a quick read, perfect for getting your mindset ready.

Since this is for beginners, they do actually tell you that you can skip it if you know what you’re doing like if you already have your website set up you can skip the first phase.

1. Business idea

Fizzle Road Map phase 1

So before you start, you’ll need a business idea, which is the thing that you’ll be focusing on ( also called your niche ).

The way that Fizzle defines it is to target an audience, and do something that solves their problem.

At first glance it does sound like they’re talking about making a physical product but this isn’t necessarily the case. The entire road map applies to anything, including blogging.

Think about it, if you’re a blogger you’re also targeting your audience and solving their problem but in the form of information instead of a physical product.

2. Audience testing

Fizzle Road Map phase 2

This is my favourite phase. They talk about a minimum viable product (MVP) and a minimum viable audience (MVA).

The plan is to get the absolute core product, the minimum required functionality so you can sell it to test it on the minimum number of people. This idea doesn’t just apply for online businesses, it applies to anyone coming up with a product.

To put it into perspective, when Pokemon GO first came out Niantic said that it was just a MVP. If we compare it to the trailer there are quite a lot of features lacking like Pokemon trading or PvP.

We know that an audience is important here, so they continue by telling you about channels that you can use to grow your audience like advertising, affiliate marketing or content marketing.

3. Growth

Fizzle Road Map phase 3

The next part is about measuring your performance with metrics. With your available data it is time to make a decision on whether you should make a new product or improve your existing one.

Again I do want to stress, it doesn’t matter what you choose to do, measuring your performance will help you out in the long run.

After that it just a matter of rinse and repeat, which eventually forms what they call the growth cycle.

The real pearls of knowledge – the courses

Fizzle courses

If the road map is your starting point, the courses are your marathon. You will learn a lot and refine your knowledge here.

You can sort the courses based on beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

They do cover a wide range of topics from blogging, to making videos and even defining your audience ( which is like part 2 of the roadmap but in greater detail ).

The courses being more detailed, feature longer videos, with each topic being about an hour in total.

The good thing about Fizzle

One thing I really like to see in programs like these are a free trial so you know what you’re paying for and I’m happy to say that Fizzle does offer a 2 weeks free trial. Just remember to cancel before the free trial ends or you’ll be billed.

Also, the road map and courses are broken up into easily digestible chunks since they’re made up of bite sized 5-10 minute long videos.

To me though, the best thing about Fizzle is that it teaches you the basics, knowledge which you can apply to any business you choose.

Lastly, if you want help from the community they do have a forum for you to post your questions. Getting help is also crucial to learning about making money online.

How do you make money with Fizzle exactly?

Honestly speaking it isn’t that straight forward simply because you can choose any type of business you want. They don’t tell you which affiliate program to join or something, that’s your part and it is up to you to apply the training.

The world is literally your oyster and you can choose to make money however you want be it affiliate marketing, blogging or even creating videos for Youtube.

Although, they do have an affiliate program which you are automatically part of. This would be a direct way to earn money with Fizzle but of course they don’t force you to promote them.

Is Fizzle really the success road map?

In my opinion yes it is. It is good for anyone that’s just starting out. I remember when I first started, nothing made much sense to me. Even if a good program was staring me in the face I probably wouldn’t understand it.

Since there is a free trial I would recommend you to sign up. They give very actionable and solid advice. I mean, the worse outcome is that you leave after 2 weeks with some extra knowledge.

I will want to stress again, it is up to you to put in the effort to make it work. You also need to continue studying outside of Fizzle if you want to stay ahead of the game but this time the articles you read will make much more sense.


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  1. Norman Richards

    Hello, this is the first time that I have heard of this system. It is just amazing how many programs are out there. Your review is well detailed and very informative, Thanks for sharing

  2. Nate

    Love it. Heaps of cool pics that tied all the info together, get heaps out of reading this!

  3. Randy

    Nice I had never heard of Fizzle before, you have explained it very well. A lot of information here.

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