Free SEO Tools For Your Website

Top 5 Free SEO Tools For Your Website

As we all know, SEO isn’t just about keywords. How our website performs would impact our Google rankings as well. Therefore, these are my top 5 free SEO tools for your website.

  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

I’m pretty sure you guys saw this coming. These tools by Google are so useful to anyone trying to rank better in search engines. There are a ton of information that you can get from them. It may seem complicated at first but I strongly believe that these 2 tools would be the bread and butter to analysing your website.


Yet another Google tool. This one isn’t about collecting traffic or search data though. By typing in your website’s URL you can get information about the speed of your website, both mobile data and desktop data, both of which you should optimize. As you can see they even give you suggestions on how to improve your speed, in my case it was to make the image smaller. Page loading speed is also one of the factors that can influence your Google rankings so this would be something you would want to work on.Free Seo Tools for Your Website - PageSpeed Insights

This website comes with multiple tools from HTML heading checkers to duplicate content checker. These are useful to have but my personal favourite would be the SEO content editor. How it works is that you type in your post or page that you want to write, your title tag and Meta description and it will give you a SEO score based on several criteria. It will also show you where you gain or lose points so you can work on them. Now, I don’t believe you have to aim for a 100 score everytime, this tool is here to help you improve your rankings, it is not a die hard rule that you have to obey. However, having this tool does help in optimizing your keyword usage, as well as other factors to improve your rankings.

SEO review Tools input

SEO review tools score

You can use Internet Marketing Ninjas to crawl your site ( they call it Ninja Check ! ). What this does is that it goes to every link, whether internal or external and checks them for you. You can find broken links or even redirects ( canonicalization ). Internet Marketing Ninja

Typing in your website URL will generate a ton of checks. I don’t even know about half of what it says but I do believe they are all worth looking into. Generally you will be given a score from 0 – 100 and there is a detailed list for every single test that they ran on your website. There are simple things like keyword usage and broken links to more advanced issues like IP canonicalization tests and CSS minification tests ( no idea what this is ). Overall I think this tool gives the most comprehensive checks and data for your website analysis. Below are some test examples.

 SeoSitecheckup example


2 thoughts on “Free SEO Tools For Your Website

    1. Lucas Post author

      I’ve never used this program before but if you are interested in tools to check your rank there are some free tools out there.

      Although I wouldn’t focus on something like this now since my website is fairly new. Even if I do try and check my rankings no program would return any results since most of them only check the first 100 results or so.

      I’ll look into some free programs when I have the time 😀


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