Global Affiliate Zone Review – Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam?

By | September 11, 2018

Global affiliate zone

So recently I’ve come across this program called Global Affiliate Zone or GAZ for short. It seems rather promising and gave off a good impression when I gave it a glance.

I mean, the site looks well done and they do seem to have some good training and content there.

However, once all is said and done it does have a price tag of $99 per month for the GAZ Pro Membership.

I know this is no small amount, which is why you’re here to find out if Global Affiliate Zone is worth your money right?

What is Global Affiliate Zone?

Based off the name, it is pretty obvious that GAZ is a program that is aimed at providing you with affiliate marketing training.

Affiliate marketing is basically you being an online salesman for various companies or programs.

GAZ was founded in 2015 by Julian Sherman & Mathieu Jang.

When the program was founded is also important since most scams don’t even last a year.

The fact that GAZ has been around for a few years is a positive sign. Also, you can find pictures of the founders on the GAZ official site, which is another plus.

How do you make money with Global Affiliate Zone?

I’m sure you’re in it to make money right? Aren’t we all?

So how exactly does GAZ help you make money?

Well the main way is to promote GAZ itself. In other words, you become an affiliate ( remember this means salesman/saleswoman ) for GAZ.

For the record, I’m not an affiliate of GAZ so I am giving you an honest and neutral review here.

You get to make 30% commission, or $29.70 on each sale. Sale being you have to refer someone, by means of having them click on your affiliate link and have that someone also pay the $99 to become a GAZ Pro member.

You can get paid by ACH transfer if you are within the US. If you’re from any other country you’ll be paid by cheque until their global payment system is online.

What do you get with the GAZ Pro Membership?

Again, $99 ain’t nothing to scoff at so here’s what you’ll be getting for your money.

Pretty standard stuff from the training videos to live webinars. Most training programs out there give out their training in this form so there’s nothing really out of the norm here.

Although, there are some previews of those webinars on their site available for free, so you could check those out for a sort of preview of what you’ll be getting.

Global affiliate zone training videos

What about the sales team or auto-responders?

I’ll start with them talking about the auto responder and email leads.

So most of the time when you see a program say they’ll provide you with their lead generation system or something, basically they are giving you an opt-in page or squeeze page.

This opt-in page is just a single page, where you usually offer some kind of freebie, or as we call it lead magnet.

You know what I’m talking about right? Those pages that go:

“Get my free e-book on how to <insert random skill here>, just gimme your email !”

Yup this is a squeeze page. Now, they provide you with the page, and your job is to get people to visit this page.

Once they do give you their email and they become your lead, which is what they mean by “email leads on your behalf”.

When they say auto-responder, this is the mail that gets sent to people who become your lead, basically they are saying that they will write those follow up emails for you, and hence helping you close sales.

This is what the entire thing means when they say their sales team will help.

What is the truth about Global Affiliate Zone that they aren’t telling you?

Refer to the previous section again, you’ll notice your membership also includes something called a “high converting offer”.

What could this possibly be?

Well after some digging, it turns out that GAZ actually promotes a Multi Level Marketing company called Enagic.

Enagic is a company that makes water filters that costs a few thousand dollars.

So, that coaching you’ll be getting seems to be their sales people trying to get you to buy these water filters, and promote them. You know, basically how MLM works.

As you know in a MLM, people try to build their downlines, so whenever someone in their team makes a sale they get a commission too. Basically this is how MLM works and also why some people think it’s illegal.

Now if you put 2 and 2 together, having you join GAZ and getting you to join Enagic would mean that you’ll probably end up part of someone else’s downline. Just think about it.

I do want to make one thing clear though, there are legal MLMs out there and at this point I don’t know much about Enagic yet so I have no idea if it is legal.

I’m just putting in out there so you can know the truth behind everything, and actually understand what you’re buying into.

Pros of Global Affiliate Zone

  • You’re still getting your training program and they do teach you how to be an affiliate marketer
  • Access to their community which is always good since you can learn from others as well
  • Live webinars are helpful since they happen weekly, allowing them to keep you up to date with new trends

Cons of Global Affiliate Zone

  • 14 day money back refund, but it does say that they are not obligated to return you your money. You’re eligible for a refund only if : you get a faulty product, you feel the product was wrongly advertised ( case by case evaluation ) or if you face issues getting the product itself.
  • Affiliates only allowed to promote GAZ, cannot promote other “competing” products
  • Up sells you into buying Enagic products which costs a bomb

Is Global Affiliate Zone a scam?

I know there are some sketchy points about GAZ which I’ve pointed out. However, let’s be fair about this alright? I’ve seen some reviews out there talk trash about GAZ and I think they aren’t being objective about this.

You are paying $99 for the training, whatever up sales they have are a whole different story. Based on the $99 training alone I suppose it is fine, it is definitely not a scam.

The up sales and Enagic however, I would need to do more research on Enagic itself.

Also, the one thing that I really dislike about GAZ is that they don’t allow you to promote other related products. In case you didn’t know, this is a huge blow to most affiliates out there, because being able to promote more products naturally mean more commissions ( duh ).

Therefore if they limit you to only 1 product, it might hurt your earnings in the future.

Do I recommend Global Affiliate Zone?

Personally, I find it a tad bit too expensive for my liking. I mean, there are much cheaper alternatives out there. The training program that I’m in for example, offers much more at half the price.

However, like I said it is most definitely not a scam, and if you really like what you see with GAZ go for it. Monthly subscriptions like these do allow you to cancel your subscription so the worst case if you don’t like it after one month you would only lose $99.



One thought on “Global Affiliate Zone Review – Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam?

  1. Kent

    I was interested in GAZ until I saw the $99 a month price tag, no way am I paying that. Also the fact they don’t allow you to promote other competing products is selfish on their part, and finally the whole upselling MLM water filter thing just makes their whole program look shady. Is it even possible to make money long term with MLM programs, even if legal?

    This reminds me of that episode “Water Filter” from the TV show “King of Queens” where the main character Doug got scammed into buying into an MLM scam as a licensed water filter distributor, but the only real money came from selling licenses to sell those water filters which costed $1000 each and nobody would buy them.

    I checked out the training program you recommended and it’s basically everything GAZ is, except it’s only $49 a month, no restrictions on what you can promote, and no shady upsells.. which one should I join? Hmm, I think it’s a no brainer.


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