Heads and Heads Review – Is Matched Betting Legal?

By | March 17, 2017

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We all know what betting or gambling is, but do you know that there is a way to actually make money by gambling?

I’ve recently come across a nice website called Heads&Heads can help you do exactly that. This method of making money is called matched betting.

There are other programs that help you do this as well, like OddsMonkey. Compared to them Heads&Heads is a fairly newer website.

Warning : Everything in this posts refers to matched betting in the U.K, it may or may not be legal in your country ( it is illegal in the U.S ).

What is Matched Betting?

It simply means, you are matching your bets. Although there are more complicated aspects, this is the general idea. You sign up on 2 betting websites and you place a bet on both websites, but on opposite outcomes.

So, if you bet on a Manchester United vs. Arsenal match, you would place a bet saying that Manchester United wins on one website, while betting that Manchester United does not win on the other.

The important thing is “does not win” ( which can include draw or lose ), meaning both your bets have to cover all the outcomes, if one doesn’t happen the other will.

The complicated part is the amount that you have to bet in order to not lose money, whichever the outcome. This is where websites like Heads&Heads come in.

So how can you make money?

The idea is, when placing matched bets, you don’t lose anything whatever the outcome ( there is a small commission though ).

Now, you make money because of the free bets that bookmakers offer ( betting websites ). Most of them will have some form of initial sign up bonus where if you bet a certain amount, they will give you a certain amount in free bets.

These free bets are what you want ! Obviously you can’t just take them out of your account once they’ve been awarded to you, the criteria is always that you can only place a bet with your free bets.

But that isn’t a problem for us, since we can just match our bets, so that we can use our free bets but not lose money. When this is done the website with your winning bet will see an increase in balance and you can withdraw this amount, since they are your winnings.

There you go, free money.

What is Heads&Heads?

The main role of Heads&Heads is to notify you of free bets and other offers that make you money. This is nothing special since you can just go on to the betting websites and check for yourself.

The main reason why you need a website like Heads&Heads is because of their odds matching software.

The odds matching software will list out for you, all the bets that can be matched, as well as the odds of an event happening ( like Arsenal winning ).

Back to the Manchester United example, how do you know how much you have to place on each side? They certainly aren’t equal since they will have a higher chance of winning or losing depending on their opponent.

Heads and Heads calculator

This calculation is done using their calculator, where you key in your first bet, as well as the chances of both the events happening. Taking this data they calculate how much you have to bet on your second website so that you don’t lose any money.

How much money can you make?

How much money you make won’t depend on the website you’re using, since they are all the same offers anyway. But to give you an estimate, you should be able to easily make £300-500 a month, this is probably the minimum, unless you aren’t doing the offers.

Your earnings can go as high as £1000 a month, depending on the offers available. My friends has seen an offer for a free bet of £100, so just by matching his bets once he’s gotten £100 in his pocket.

Initially free bets are easy to find because all betting websites offer a sign up bonus. After you’ve claimed your initial free bets from all betting websites, you then have to rely on reload offers or other special bonuses. Heads&Heads will take care of this for you by notifying you.

Is Matched Betting legal? Why are they giving out free money?

Matched betting is 100% legal in the U.K, I’m not sure about other countries though. Bookmakers themselves are aware of this but they don’t mind, they don’t really lose out on anything much either.

Your free bet is your free bet and you can do whatever you want with it. They give out free bets because they want to attract customers. In the U.K, there are just that many bookmakers like Coral or Betfred, just to name a few.

Some offers are also there to tempt their customers into betting more. I’ve got to admit my first free bet won was blown away because I decided to try betting myself.

So really, the only risk you have is if you aren’t disciplined enough, you should not bet for the sake of gambling if you want to guarantee your earnings.

More about Heads&Heads

I started knowing absolutely nothing about matched betting. It can be extremely complicated when you start out, everything I’ve explained here is honestly just the beginning.

What I like about Heads&Heads is that they have video tutorials for you. They literally take you step by step, showing what you have to do so you don’t mess up and lose your money.

All matched betting websites will cost you money, and Heads&Heads costs a monthly fee of £20 which isn’t the cheapest. You can choose to however pay a yearly fee of £200.

I’d suggest that you go for the free trial however ( which again all websites have ). You can try your hand at 2 sign up offers, which will make you about £40.

Should you join Heads&Heads?

Well at this point in time I haven’t joined any other similar websites so I can’t make a comparison, although they seem to be similar and I guess it doesn’t really matter which odds matching website you join.

As for my personal experience, I’m very happy with Heads&Heads, the video walk through helped me out since I was a bit nervous when placing my bets.

I would say if this is something you’d like to try, you should definitely join but do take note, if you can’t resist the temptation of gambling I would suggest you walk away from this, if you gamble your earnings will go down the drain.

Otherwise, do give the free membership a try, the worse thing that could happen is that you walk away with £40.

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