Hire Writers Review – Can You Really Make Money Writing Articles Online?

By | March 6, 2017

Hire Writers

What is Hire Writers

I’d like to think of Hire Writers as a platform where people come to request and write articles. If you’re trying to make money you would have to sign up as a writer. Although you can request articles to be written for you as well.

To qualify to be a writer you would have to take a test. You can only browse for writing jobs after you have been approved as a writer

Naturally since this is sort of a “on-demand” kind of thing, there has to be someone asking for articles in order for you to make money.

Don’t worry, from what I’ve seen they have about 80+ article requests.

How to qualify as a writer

The first stage of the qualification process involves a grammar test. You will be asked to answer a series of objective questions on basic English grammar.

HireWriter Gramar Test

Some questions to expect would be like fill in the blanks with the correct word ( their, they’re, there ).

After completing the grammar test, you then have to write a 200 word article. I’m not sure if the question is the same for everyone but mine was along the lines of “”What superpower would you want and why?”.

If English is your first language the qualifying process shouldn’t be too hard. Actually even if it isn’t you should still be able to pass, you just need to do a little revision.

Levels of writing

Beginner – If you’ve just signed up you will start at this level

General – You would need to have at least 3 completed jobs, with an average rating of 4 stars and you’d have to meet your deadlines at  least 70% of the time

Skilled – You would have to complete at least 7 jobs, with an average rating of 4.1 stars and would need to meet your deadlines at least 77% of the time.

Expert – 14 completed jobs, with an average rating of 4.6 stars and be on time at least 88% of the time

How much do you get paid?

Each writer level have their own paying scheme as well. The higher up you go the more you get paid per article, generally speaking.

It is ultimately up to the guys posting out jobs to determine the pay. You will be able to see these details on the job offers page.

There are other factors as well like word count or deadlines. There will be other details as well depending on the job which you have to read carefully.

Hire Writers job details

As a beginner, you would generally make:

  • $1.40 for 150+ words
  • $2.60 for 300+ words
  • $4.70 for 700+ words

Going up to general you would make :

  • $2.20 for 150+ words
  • $360 for 300+ words
  • $7.00 for 700+ words

From what I see majority of the offers are for these 2 levels ( could be a coincidence ).

Payments are made automatically every Friday if you have at least $10 in your account via paypal.

The good points

  1. Although the pay isn’t as good as other writing sites, there isn’t much to complain here because they aren’t as strict too. Qualifying isn’t hard and after that you’re good to go which is why I think this website can serve as your stepping stone to writing for money.
  2. They also have a wide range of articles ( depends on those requesting articles ) from beauty to finance and what not. You will be able to find a job pretty easily. Even if you don’t find one today you can always check again tomorrow.
  3. There are also short articles if you aren’t used to writing long ones. Some jobs are as low as 150 words but this of course also depends on the guys putting out the jobs.
  4. You can contact your clients if you have any questions, they have a messaging function in the website.

The bad points

  1. The pay isn’t good for a beginner. Some other similar websites have a minimum pay of $0.01 per word and here you get paid lower than that.
  2. You are also at the mercy ( in a way ) of the guys requesting articles. They ultimately rate you and decide whether or not to approve or reject your article as well as your pay.
  3. Some jobs may not be worth the time as well if they require you to read a certain book and write about it. You will end up spending a lot more time in total if research is involved which is almost always the case.
  4. Unfortunately they are not international. At the time of writing they only accept writers from the U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

Can you make money writing articles online?

Yes you can and it isn’t hard.

You don’t make much here but you do have to start somewhere if you plan to pursue a writing career for money.

Chances are if you go for more popular websites ( usually higher pay ) you won’t get accepted because they have a lot of applicants and they really do want the best. With that said use websites like Hire Writers to gain some experience and you will eventually become a pro writer.

Also as far as Hire Writers go, realistically speaking you won’t earn much. You would need to be extremely fast to make this a full time job and you definitely won’t like every single one of the offers. Not to mention you would have to compete against others going for the job as well.

Why I don’t use Hire Writers to make money

If it isn’t obvious already, I’m writing for my own blog. I wouldn’t say I don’t have the time to take on more writing jobs but the pay isn’t appealing to me. Honestly even if the pay was higher I’d still prefer working on my own blog.

Here I can write what I want, when I want. I’m the boss here. I can choose my topics and there is no deadline pressure. I don’t get paid but writing for yourself will be more enjoyable.

I would also say that writing for yourself will yield greater returns in the future. You blog is ultimately your property. Who knows you might write a post that goes viral.

If that is the case and you sold it on any website you’d only get paid a one off payment. Whatever the buyer is getting from your amazing blog post will belong to him.

I guess this is a pretty extreme case but you see my point. I recommend you to start your own blog for money if your goal is to make a living online.

If you’re passionate about writing and honing your skills do give Hire Writers a go, you can get feedback on your work and improve yourself. The way I see it is to treat Hire Writers as a practice ground for writing articles and a place to get a feel of what it’s like to write articles for money.

Do leave a comment below if you have any experience with writing for money!


2 thoughts on “Hire Writers Review – Can You Really Make Money Writing Articles Online?

  1. Andrei

    Your review starts very promising and even when you wrote about the earning potentials I believed that they were quite good. A 1000+ words article usually would take me 40 minutes to write in the scenario when I know how to write about it. Otherwise, I believe that it would take me at least a couple of hours to do research and to come up with a killer content. I also believe that is very risky to spend 4-5 hours in writing an article with the possibility from the employer to decide not to accept your article. People can be really picky. I would give it a try but it’s too bad that the website is only available in some regions. Do you know any similar websites that are available to Europe too? Thank you for your review and I am looking forward for your answer!

    1. Lucas Post author

      Hey Andrei ! To be honest if you can write a 1000 word article in 40 minutes the earning potentials for you would be quite high. Of course research is a different story. Typically, most clients have about a 90% acceptance rate so you might not have to worry about being rejected.

      I’m working on a review for a different similar site though ! I still need to find out about the available regions but do stay tuned 😀


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