How to Build a Free Website For Beginners – Siterubix vs Wix

By | February 4, 2017

How to build a free website for beginners

If you’re interested in making money online chances are you would want your own website.

The problem is what if you’re just not ready to invest in a website yet?

The good news is that there are ways to create a website for free! This would be perfect for you to start out without any money.

So, how do you create a free website?

All you need are 2 things, free hosting and a free domain name. Usually you would get a sub domain name if it’s free.


Siterubix Homepage

Building your own free website with Siterubix is extremely easy. Practically instant actually.

Siterubix is part of Wealthy Affiliate and you have to sign up to use it. It is free to sign up so don’t worry.

Do note that the hosting only allows you to use WordPress.

As you can see above all you have to do is choose your website name. Do note that this is a sub domain so your website URL will look like :

It will then check if the name is available, if it is you proceed to the next step.

Now it’s time to choose a theme.

Choose a theme with Siterubix

You’re done ! Just wait for them to build your website.

Once that’s done you will be given your website URL and admin panel URL for you to start customizing.

Since your CMS is WordPress you use WordPress to customize your website.


Another way you can create your free website is using Wix.

Instead of WordPress Wix uses its own CMS, which is probably also called Wix.

Choosing your website name will ultimately make your URL look like:

So upon choosing to create a website you will be given 2 options:

Wix website creation methods

They probably don’t make that much of a difference but I chose the Wix Editor because it uses “drag and drop”.

The ADI is just as they say, artificial intelligence. You answer some questions about what website you want to make and they give you some suitable choices.

Customization options in Wix

So as you can see you can click stuff and move it around, edit the text and so on. On the left and right you have toolbars that help you customize your site.

Wix adding function

The plus on the side of the menu lets you add stuff like menus or images.

Once you’re done with this you just hit publish and you’re done !

Siterubix vs Wix

Siterubix vs Wix Comparison Table




Wix wins hands down in terms of customization. The degree of customization you can achieve is really insane.

Also there are a lot of themes available to you as a free member.

The only problem here is that once you’ve set your theme you can’t change it unlike WordPress.

Of course there is a trade off as well for having this much customization.

Since there is less customization with Siterubix or WordPress your website will be set up faster.

Better Google Rankings

I would go with Siterubix if you’re interested in SEO and want better rankings. There are some people who claim that Google likes WordPress more than Wix.

I’m no expert on the Google Algorithm though.

Also with the Wix ads around your website it might lower the user experience as well. No one likes tons of ads.

Some extra perks

You will want to get some plugins for your website eventually and unfortunately you can’t do that with the free version of Siterubix.

You can install what Wix calls “apps” for your free Wix website and you get a free SSL certificate too which is only available in the premium version of Siterubix.

Although Siterubix gives you unlimited storage comparted to Wix’s 500MB of storage and they backup your website for you automatically.

Which is better at the end of the day?

I guess it depends on what you want. With Wix you can make your website look really good.

With Siterubix I believe it is better for SEO as you can integrate Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

Generally speaking the rule of thumb is if your focus is something visual like a website to showcase your art use Wix but if you’re focused on Google rankings use Siterubix.

But honestly speaking either one is fine for a free website. It is free so there isn’t much to complain about.

Personally I am more inclined to Siterubix because I can learn how to use it in a day and there are no unwanted advertisements on my site, which makes it feel like it’s my own.

Should you pay for your website?

Eventually yes, free hosting isn’t really that reliable. Some people have claimed that once they switched over to an actual website they saw a huge increase in visitors.

Also a free website looks unprofessional being a sub domain.

With your own domain name you can start building your own brand and a name for yourself as well.

If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to comment below,



5 thoughts on “How to Build a Free Website For Beginners – Siterubix vs Wix

  1. Damian

    This is a brilliant comparison between 2 sites that i was thinking of using but couldn’t make my mind up which.

    Having read in your content that Wix uses its own management system, I am more swayed towards the site that is set up to use WordPress.

    Did WordPress feel a little better than the management system from Wix ?

    1. Lucas Post author

      WordPress is definitely easier to use in my opinion. With wix as you can see there are a lot of customization options which can be confusing.

      Also, WordPress is sort of the norm, at least half the websites out there use WordPress. Google likes wordpress more too 😀

  2. Rama rao yenneti

    Better comparison between the two ,the last sentences are really good . I was thinking to start business with sub domain name, now I realised to start with own domain name which shows our professionalism and dedication towards business.

    Thanku sir.


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