How to Improve SEO with Images – 5 Things you should be doing

By | January 16, 2017

If you’re determined to get rank 1 on Google, you should look into improving your website’s SEO with Images. Images are an important aspect of every post that you publish because it also helps make the entire post more eye catching and nicer to read.

Things you should be doing:

1. Compressing your Image

Another factor that can impact your Google rankings is your page loading speed. Large images would make your page load slower. Small images may not make much of a difference but it is good practice to compress your images.

You can use TinyPNG to compress them. Don’t worry, when compressing you would not sacrifice that much quality.

2. Add a Image Alternate text and make sure it is relevant

Alternate text example

The image above shows where you can add the alternate text and those boxes can be found when you click on a image to add to your page. In my post on adding keywords to your website I mentioned that you can place keywords in the alternate text, effectively improving your SEO. Do make sure that your keyword is relevant to the image.

Alternate texts will show up if your image doesn’t load. It is also used by Google Bots to gather information about the image because they can’t read Images.

3. Specify the height and width of your ImagesShowing HTML Image height and width

You can do this in WordPress by switching from the Visual editor to Text editor on the top right corner. The reason this is important is  because if you don’t specify these values, your page will load content up till your image and wait for it to load.

It will only load the content after this image once the image has finished loading.

If you do specify the height and width, the image and whatever content you have will both load simultaneously because the needed space for the image has already been specified.

4. Disable hotlinking

When you have an image somewhere on your website, someone might come along and decide to use it if they like it. They can then link to your image from their website, this is called hotlinking.

The problem here is that when an external site links directly to your image, everytime someone views that image on the external site your own website would need to dedicate some resources to load your image for them. Not what you want.

Luckily there is a way to disable this and you can prevent other websites from hotlinking to your image by modifying your .htaccess file. There is a tutorial on that. Your plugin might allow you to edit your .htaccess file. In my case I use the All in One SEO plugin which has a file editor feature.AIO SEO htaccess

5. Create an Image sitemap

Image sitemaps help Google get more information about all the images that you used on your site. As stated above Google Bots can’t read images so giving them this map will help them out.

There are plugins out there for WordPress that can help you do it like Google Sitemap for Images, or you can use this website which is free and can be done on your browser but might be abit more tedious.

Image Sitemap

Becareful with your images

Because any image that you randomly pick up on the internet might be copyrighted. You might run into trouble if you use them and in some cases might be forced to shut down your website. What you should do is get some royalty free images and there are tons of websites that offer this.

I hope you guys managed to find this page useful and if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to comment below,


2 thoughts on “How to Improve SEO with Images – 5 Things you should be doing

  1. Davi

    Hey Lucas! Thank you so much for such detailed and valuable information! I must admit I’m a total beginner at SEO, and your tips are definitely useful! Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,


    1. Lucas Post author

      Thanks man glad you liked it. I’m still a beginner at SEO as well haha which is also one of the reasons why I write posts like these, I can just go back and read them again if I forget something 😀


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