Is Your Blog Post Boring? – 10 Tips You Need to Know Before Writing Your Next Post

By | January 21, 2017

How to write an interesting blog post

Have you ever wondered why your blog post which is full of great content and information isn’t popular?

You’re confident that this is a great post and you’ve even tried promoting it on social media or tried all the SEO techniques you know.

Chances are that your blog post is just boring.

It’s not you that’s the problem, people nowadays do have a shorter attention span. Even if your post is amazing, without the catchy title and stuff you won’t attract many readers.

Luckily for you there are ways to help you make your blog post more interesting and attractive.

I’m going to share with you a few tips to help keep your readers hooked on your page.

I. Place an image before you type anything

Well before you can get anyone to read your post, you have to get them to actually click on it first. One of the ways you can do that is by placing an attractive image.

Have you heard of Pinterest? They are a perfect example of using pictures and info-graphics to attract readers.

The point of having an image before all your text is that when you share it on social media, that image will appear making your share more attractive.

Otherwise your share would just be a few lines of boring plain text.

2. A Title That Attracts

The second way to get people to click on your post would be an attractive title. Kind of obvious isn’t it?

The next time you do a Google Search try noticing which websites you click on. I bet you would be clicking on those with an attractive title.

I believe this is the most effective way to attract readers, because most people just read the title anyway.

So, what can you do to spice up your title?

First thing you could try is to turn it into a question.

For example, which one of these titles sound more attractive :

“The importance of a blog post title.”


“Why is your blog post title important?”

Asking a question would spark your reader’s curiosity. This makes them want to know more, ultimately making them click on your post.

What else can you do? ( notice the question )

You could also add power words to your title.

But what are power words?

Power words are words that can help your sentence be more persuasive because it stirs up your readers emotions.

Here’s another example :
  1. “Ways to make money online”
  2. “Quick ways to make money online”
  3. “Ways that you can make money online”

This example may not seem very obvious, but the point I’m trying to make is by adding quick, I’m telling my readers that this can solve their problem fast, creating a feeling of getting fast results.

By adding you as a power word, I’m trying to connect with my readers, telling them that this post is about helping them solve their problem.

This can help you connect with those who do want to make money fast.

The thing is, almost any word can be used as a power word, you just have to be creative.

Just as an added bonus, here are some popular power words :
  • Now
  • Easy
  • Free
  • Guarantee
  • Need
  • Quick
  • Simple
  • You
  • Love
  • Step by step

You can find more online and these are just a few examples. Remember that power words are there to help make your readers feel something so you can connect with them better.

You can also try adding numbers

This should be another obvious tip. There are tons of articles out there with a title that sounds like “10 tips to do X”.

You should add numbers to your titles too because it is just that effective. I mean, everyone else is using it.

The logic behind this is that when you add a number, your readers will know what’s coming. They will know that your post will tell them about 10 ways to do a certain something, for example.

This gives them some confidence that your post will deliver the information and is worth reading. When you list out a number you MUST stay true to your word or you will lose their trust.

Also, the number would also signal the structure of your post. If they want to skim through your post they will know what to find. That’s right your numbers.

This means you also can attract readers who want to get information fast.

Also, use your digits in their numeral form, use 10 not ten.

Last but not least !

Sprinkle a little bit of negativity in there.

Yup you heard me, negativity.

The reasoning behind this is that a title such as “Stop Writing Boring Blog Posts!” will create a sense of urgency and insecurity. Your readers would want to know what they’re doing wrong.

On the other hand positivity would also work, but not as effective as negativity.

What if you don’t like negative titles?

If you’re feeling really creative you could go for a mix of both, an example would be :

“10 Blogging Mistakes That You Should Stop To Create a Successful Website.”

YAYYYYY ! We’re half way there !

Happy for being half way there

If you’ve noticed half of my post was about writing a catchy blog title. We haven’t even gotten to writing the actual post yet!

Bear with me guys, what I’m about to tell you is just as important.

3. A Good and Informative First Paragraph

1. For your first sentence, the key point is to say something your readers can relate to

Now you want your opening to attract your readers and the way to do this is by saying something that they can relate to. A statement like:

“Many of us want to quit our day job and spend more time with our family or doing something that we love.”

This opening statement connects with those who are bored with their regular 9 to 5 job. This makes it a good opening to your post about making money online, for example.

Your first sentence should also serve to define the problem that you’re trying to solve with your post.

2. Next, tell them about how you can help them

Remember, in order for your post to be successful, you should focus on your readers. Now that you’ve addressed the problem, talk about the solutions.

If your post is about making money online, you could go with something like :

“I’m here to introduce you to the wonders of blogging and how it can help you earn some extra passive income.”

3. Tell your readers what they will get out of reading your post

This can also act as a preview to what your post is about. By giving them a little sneak peak you’re also preparing them for what’s coming. Your preview could also make them want to know more.

On the other hand, if your post isn’t about what they want to know, your first paragraph will also tell them just that. This way you don’t waste their time.

An example of your preview could be:

“I’m going to be sharing 5 ways you can make money with your blogging website. You can start making money with my examples right away and it is so easy to do!”

This isn’t the best example, and these tips should be treated as guidelines not some strict rule.

Writing should be fun and if you have some creative idea for an opening paragraph you should go for it.

After this you can write your content however you like but there are ways to make it more appealing as well.

4. Short sentences, short paragraphs

You should aim for short sentences and paragraphs. This makes it easier to read.

If you read your sentence out loud and struggle to breathe at the end of it chances are it’s too long.

Also, by making your paragraphs shorter your post won’t seem like a wall of text. No one likes those.

5. White spacing

Quite similar to point number 4, white spacing helps make your post more readable as well.

White spacing makes your post more readable

Consider both examples, which one seems more pleasant to your eyes? Okay, I admit this isn’t the best example but you should my point.

When you pack your long sentences all together with minimal spacing, people might just skip it. I know I would.

It makes it seem like there’s a lot to read and nobody likes that.

So, the rule of thumb here is to keep everything short and spaced out.

6. Make your stuff easy to understand

Don’t write like you’re writing your university thesis. Your blog post should be easily understood.

Try to avoid complicated words as well. Remember to think about your audience.

Your audience will usually be diverse, there are people who know about what you’re saying and there will be people who have no knowledge whatsoever.

Your post should always aim to explain your point so that even a beginner can understand it. Don’t assume that your readers know what you do.

7. Add Images, Graphs, Videos… etc

These are some visual elements and can give your readers a break.

Even if you do write short sentences or space them out, people will still get bored if all you use is text.

Also, sometimes a graph or a picture can help you explain your point more clearly.

Pictures can also just serve to make your entire post more appealing, sort of like beautifying your post.

Videos on the other hand are a good way to explain your point. It is easier to remember a video compared to text because there is also sound involved. Videos also require less scrolling, just saying.

8. Organize your entire post

What do I mean by organizing?

It’s simple really, all you need to do is separate  your post into different sections and subsections. In the case of this post, each tip number is a section.

Under title there are multiple tips and I separate them into subsections.

The easiest way to do this is to use your HTML tags. What they do is basically make your words bigger.

HTML tags

You should use the h1 tag for titles, h2 for sections h3 for subsections and so on.

9. Decent font size

Yes if your font size is too small it becomes a pain to read.

Generally, you should go with at least 14pt. You can and should go bigger, you be the judge here just read your post after you publish it.

10. Bullet points and numbered lists

Using bullet points or numbered lists makes listing what you want to say easier.

When people scan through your blog post their eyes would also automatically look out for bullet points or lists.

I think we can all agree that writing something in point form makes it nicer and faster to read.

You should also keep your points brief and short. Making them really long defeats the purpose of writing them this way.

Something that might interest you

When someone skims through a blog post here are the things that their eyes look out for:

  • Bullet points
  • Numbered lists
  • Images/videos
  • Words that stand out ( bigger or different colour )
  • Links

You can use this information to your advantage by making sure your key points are here.

We’re done ! Hooray !

I hope you’ve found this post useful.

At the end of the day the important thing is really just to have fun and be yourself. If you enjoy writing in a particular way just go for it.

All the tips here or other tips you read online are just that, tips.

Now go out there and write that killer blog post !

If you have any suggestions or questions please leave a comment below,


4 thoughts on “Is Your Blog Post Boring? – 10 Tips You Need to Know Before Writing Your Next Post

  1. JT

    great stuff! Just going through your post I found multiple points on my own posts which would definitely benefit from some added “excitement” 🙂
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work,

    1. Lucas Post author

      Thanks haha, I’m glad it managed to help you out !

      When I started all my posts were kinda crap until I did my research on how others write, and hence this post was born!

  2. Norman Richards

    Great awesome job with your post, very detailed and fill with great information. I like how you break everything down and make it so easy to follow. Great job


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