InboxPounds Review – Is it Worth Your Time?

By | March 22, 2017


Reward sites are a pretty easy way to make a quick buck. InboxPounds is one of those reward sites and I do believe it is actually quite popular.

I’ve signed up for InboxPounds, used it a few times and have stopped using it ( before I managed to cash out ) and I’ll tell you why in a moment.

What is InboxPounds?

You can treat InboxPounds as the U.K version of InboxDollars ( for the U.S ). Both of them are your regular get paid to sites like Swagbucks or PrizeRebel.

In terms of variety and ways to earn points, I’d say both InboxPounds and InboxDollars score pretty well, with tons of things to do like surveys, paid emails, searches and offer walls.

However unlike Swagbucks, you don’t earn points and exchange them for money, you’re straight up earning money.

How can you earn money at InboxPounds?

1. Surveys

What’s a reward site without surveys right? InboxPounds however offers a lot more stuff to do when it comes to surveys.

You have your regular survey board, which lists your available surveys, how much it pays, how long it takes and sometimes they tell you the topic.

You also have your daily surveys by Peanut Labs and Opinion Surveys ( I love daily tasks ). Upon joining you will also be rewarded with about £1 for completing some profile surveys.

To get more out of surveys, InboxPounds has this thing called survey tokens, which you can use to boost your survey earnings. You win survey tokens from something called a Spin & Win, something like a wheel of fortune.

The amount that you can win from Spin & Win is usually just a small amount, like £0.01. There are other higher rewards as well but we all know that the winning chances are low.

Majority of the surveys will pay you about £0.50, but there are some higher paying ones as well, if you qualify.

2. Searching

If you use InboxPounds to search for something, like a Google Search you get paid £0.01 for every 4 searches. If you search 4 days in a week you’ll get a loyalty bonus as well.

These is some sort of limit to how much you can earn per day using searches but I’ve honestly never reached it ( mainly because I don’t use InboxPounds much ).

3. Offer Walls

Again, these are the bread and butter of every get paid to site.

They have different offers available, from signing up for casinos or betting sites to testing out a program or an app. Offers usually have the highest potential earnings, especially casino offers.

InboxPounds Offer Wall

4. Paid Emails

InboxPounds will send you emails almost everyday with some kind of offer in it.

You might be asked to sign up to a website for example and the email will tell you how much you’ll earn if you decide to accept the offer.

The good thing is whether or not you choose to accept it you can still get paid £0.01 just from clicking the “Confirm this paid email” button.

InboxPounds Paid Email

5. Playing Games

This is the only thing that confuses me with InboxPounds. There is a tab where you can click on that’s supposed to let you earn money with games.

When I click on it it redirects me to another website called GSN cash games.

Their so called playing games for money was far from what I’ve imagined, you actually make money by betting against other players. I’ve clicked on Bejeweled Blitz ( I used to like this game ) and there seems to be some kind of tournament mode to earn money.

Needless to say you would need to deposit your own money to compete.


6. Referrals

You can make money by referring other people to InboxPounds. You make 10% of whatever your referrals earn for life.

If you’re a Gold Member however, you get some pretty juicy perks.

What’s good about being a Gold Member?

Before we get into that, you do not have to pay anything to become a Gold Member. You will become a Gold Member automatically when you make your first £20. You have to cash it out and it has to be processed first in order to become a Gold Member

In my opinion this Gold Member thing is one thing that InboxPounds has done right.

So with referrals, if someone joins InboxPounds without being referred by anyone he enters a sort of “non-referred” pool. Those guys in this pool will be shared among all the Gold Members, meaning if they are assigned to you, you get to make 10% of their earnings as if you’ve referred them.

This alone is already pretty cool. There are more perks as well like Gold Members only offers, or double search loyalty bonus.

How does InboxPounds pay you?

This is the part that I don’t like. The options you have are Amazon gift card, cheque or some prepaid Master Card ( no idea how this works ). Sadly there is no Paypal which is what I usually go for.

Also, the minimum amount you have to earn is £20 which is extremely high when you compare it to similar sites. I forgot to add on, as a Gold Member you get paid quicker, some sort of weekly payment.

The Pros

  • Huge variety of offers
  • Daily surveys
  • Initial sign up bonus of £1 and initial profile surveys
  • Gold Membership after your first cash out, with referrals being assigned to you

The Cons

  • In the past, InboxPounds only pays via cheque, now they’ve added more options but it is still extremely limited
  • Very high minimum payout of £20 required

Is it worth it to join InboxPounds?

For me, it isn’t. I’ve said that I’ve pretty much given up when I saw the high minimum pay out. The problem with a £20 requirement is that if you decide to stop half way, with money still in your account you’d have to work your ass off more to cash out, or you’ll end up wasting that money.

With that said even if you do plan on sticking to it, the surveys and paid emails don’t pay much. It might take a considerable amount of time to even reach £20.

I personally don’t see any merit in sticking with InboxPounds. However, I do want to say that they have been around for a while ( including InboxDollars ) and they are well trusted.

They are definitely not a hoax or a scam, it is just that they happen to require a lot of effort before you can see your earnings being turned into cash. I would always go for quicker options like RewardingWays.

Have you tried InboxPounds or InboxDollars? Do leave your comments and share your thoughts, I’d love to hear them !



15 thoughts on “InboxPounds Review – Is it Worth Your Time?

  1. Monica Bouteiller

    Hi Luca,
    I have never heard of Inbox Pounds so thank you for the interesting review. It looks like it would take a lot of effort to make a bit of money. I think the time one puts into something has to somehow make it all worthwhile at the end.

    It’s nice to know they have a good variety of offers and daily surveys would definitely be a plus.

    I am like you a fan of PayPal.

    Thank you for the review… it takes my homework away!


    1. Lucas Post author

      I fully agree Monica ! With such a high minimum payout chances are you would get bored before you can see your money. I’m glad you enjoyed my post though xD

  2. John Rico

    Hey there! I’m a college student and looking for some online part time jobs that I can do during my free time. I heard that survey sites is one of the good way to earn money online. I haven’t heard of inboxpounds but after I read your article you gave me so much information about it. I’m interested on trying it but how does it comp to other survey sites like cashcrate or swagbucks? I really appreciate your response.

    1. Lucas Post author

      I would say survey sites or rewards sites like InboxPounds are an easy way to make money, but you won’t be making much. If you’ve heard of other sites I do recommend you stick to them instead of using InboxPounds, since you need to earn a pretty high amount before you can cash it out.

      Swagbucks is better in my opinion, I haven’t used Cashcrate yet though. Alternatively my favourite 2 are PrizeRebel and RewardingWays.

  3. Norman Richards

    Hello and thanks for sharing this program seems to have a lot going on with it and this is the first that I have heard of this program. It is s amazing of how many programs that are out there that claims that they can help you to make the kind of money that you always wanted to make. Seems like with this program there is a lot that you would have to do to make some money but nothing really big. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Lucas Post author

      Hey Norman, yes they do seem to have a lot going on, to the point that it sometimes confuses me haha.

      Well with InboxPounds or InboxDollars they don’t really claim anything, they do state it clearly how much you have to make before cashing out and how to earn money. It will take commitment however and it might not be for everyone.

  4. Minhaj Ahmed

    Heard of these sites before, the problem is you get paid so little, you have to do a lot of tasks just to earn a pound/dollar, it really isn’t worth the time. I tried similar sites where they pay to click on an advertisement and watch it for a certain period of time and the pay was like 5 cents, I got fed up after watching 5, earned me a nice 25 cents which I couldn’t cash out because they have a payment threshold you have to meet before cashing out.
    I followed the link to rewarding ways and that does look like a better option
    Might try it out.

    1. Lucas Post author

      I know how you feel man, to be realistic you really don’t earn much with these sites. They are more of a make money in your spare time kind of thing. You make a good point about the payment threshold and it is also the reason why I recommend rewardingways.

      $1 is a super easy target to meet and you can get your payment before you get bored of it. Hope you enjoy rewardingways xD

  5. Joel Codding

    Hi Lucas,

    A well constructed review in mu opinion. From what I see you answered most questions visitors to your site would have. Keep up the good work!


  6. Weston

    Hi, Lucas.

    I have never heard of InboxPounds or InboxDollars. I appreciate your review. I thought you gave a lot of helpful information to help me determine if InboxPounds is worth checking out. From your review, I’d agree with you and say that it isn’t because of the high minimum payout.

    Thank you for your review!

    1. Lucas Post author

      I’m glad you found it helpful man. It is still a legit site for money, just not for most people I guess, unless you have the time to commit to earning your 20 pounds.

  7. Chanan


    I haven’t tried both InboxPounds and InboxDollars. However, based on your review, I don’t think that I could develop a liking for it. As you have said, the minimum payout required might lead me to a critical moment. Although the features of this site can be quite impressive, the fact that I might have some difficulty with it in the future makes it a no-no.

    Thanks for this review!

  8. Kenny Lee

    This survey site is not available in my country. But if it’s like any other similar sites, I’ll say it’s not worth my time. You’ll spend hours just to make very small amount of money. I find it better to engage in freelancing or even learning and building an online business on my own.

  9. Israel

    Hi Lucas!

    Thanks so much for your insight on InboxPounds.

    I’ve really searched a lot for this kind of survey and email kind of income generator. And I’ve come across some which are similar.

    Now I’m starting to see the pattern: they’re not scams, you can make real money there, but it takes a lot of effort and in the end I do not think it’s worth the money you can actually make, since the payouts are very low.

    I’m definitely not going that way to make money online.

    Very helpful article! Thanks!


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