Ipsos I-say Review – What’s a True Survey Site Like?

By | March 24, 2017

Ipsos I-say

There are a lot of sites that offer surveys as a way to earn points or money. An example would be Swagbucks.

Ipsos I-say isn’t a get paid to site however, there are no offer walls or anything like that, it is mainly for surveys. They are what I’d like to call a true survey site.

They have been around for quite sometime and I believe they are a pretty big market research firm ( which is why they are offering you surveys ).

What is Ipsos I-say?

Before we get into that, if you’ve noticed, anytime you click on surveys from sites like Swagbucks you will be redirected to another website. I believe this is called survey routing, you’re routed to another survey site. Just check the URL.

In the U.K you mostly get redirected to sites like Toluna or Global Test Market.

What makes Ipsos I-say different is that you don’t get redirected elsewhere. The surveys you take on Ipsos I-say are by Ipsos themselves.

Ipsos I-say Features

1. Surveys

Your available surveys will be on your dashboard. In my opinion, their dashboard is very clean and clear cut.

You get information like when the survey ends, how long it takes to complete them and the amount of points you get.

Ipsos I-say dashboard

Upon clicking on your surveys, the first thing you will be asked to answer is your date of birth and gender. Do also notice the Ipsos logo on the top left corner.

All your surveys from Ipsos will have this setup.

Ipsos I-say own surveys

2. Polls

Polls are another feature that Ipsos has. You can create your own polls or you can just answer another member’s polls.

I don’t really pay attention to them since they don’t really make you money ( I think ). Although they can be fun sometimes.

The poll questions are usually just simple questions, having just a couple of answers. I believe polls can be useful to you as well, if you’re doing some sort of market research of your own.

Ipsos I-say polls

How does Ipsos-Isay pay you?

I do want to clarify, I did not bother spending much time on Ipsos, mainly because the rewards don’t attract me. Since there isn’t anything I want here I don’t see any reason for me to earn my points.

The rewards aren’t bad though, but I almost always go for Paypal which they don’t offer. This could be because of my location ( the U.K )since I’ve seen others claim that they do offer paypal.

The rewards that I see are:

  • Amazon vouchers
  • CharityChoice donation
  • Virtual Prepaid Master Card
  • Itunes credit
  • Zalando vouchers
  • Leisure vouchers
  • Compliments vouchers

The rewards might interest you and to be honest if I wanted to I could use them as well. Compliments can be used in John Lewis, TGI Fridays and other popular shops.

How much can you make with Ipsos I-say?

For the conversion rate, the quickest cash out option is a £5 Amazon voucher for 690 points.

To put this into perspective, surveys on average will reward you with 50-100 points. Longer surveys can go up to 200+ points as well. So you’re looking at 9 or 10 surveys before you can cash out, which isn’t that bad but it isn’t anything spectacular either.

The problem is that you don’t get that many surveys. This is normal actually since they are only a single market research firm. Swagbucks routes you to many other places which is why they will almost certainly have more surveys available.

With Ipsos I’ve gotten about 1 survey per day. You get an email notification whenever you have a survey waiting for you.

The Pros

One of my favourite things about Ipsos is that even if you fail to qualify for a survey ( which obviously happens a lot ) you will still be rewarded for your effort.

This is actually how I managed to accumulate my 100 points. Failing to qualify will get you about 5-10 points depending on the survey. I mean, that’s practically 5-10 points for no effort at all, I’d take that any day.

Honestly if they had a paypal option I would keep doing their surveys, even if I fail I’d still be happy. Over time eventually I’ll be able to make my 690 points easy.

I also do like the fact that I don’t get rerouted to a lot of different random sites, as well as the email notifications.

The Cons

If you haven’t caught on, I don’t like their rewards. They just aren’t appealing enough for me to spend time doing surveys. Their options, even though usable, are underwhelming if you compare them to other sites like Swagbucks.

Another thing that my be a problem is just the lack of surveys. With surveys being the only way to consistently gain points this could be a problem.

However, I do want to make a point here. These are all based on my own experience and I do believe it is because of my location, if you were to be in the U.S you might see better rewards and more surveys.

In the end, is Ipsos I-say worth your time?

I would only recommend you to check the rewards first. If there is something that you’d like then yes.

Ipsos is definitely reputable and you do not have to worry about being scammed or anything like that. I’ve not seen any complaints of people not getting paid.

Of course you might have to be patient and wait for surveys to be offered to you.

Overall I really do like this survey site and if they offer a paypal payment for me I would definitely be more active in answering surveys.






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