Empower Network Review 2017 – Is Empower Network a Scam or Legit?

 Empower Network

Rating : 20/100
Price : $25 per month, Upsells up to $5000
Owners : Dave Sharpe & David Wood

First and foremost, I have nothing to do with Empower Network, I am just writing this “review” to share my opinion with all of you out there. I first came across Empower Network while searching for ways to help me make money previously, but I found a better one so I did not go about joining it. Although, I have read around and do not like what Empower Network has to offer.

What is Empower Network?

Empower Network is a Multi-Level Marketing or Pyramid scheme where those at the top earn the most and those at the bottom get almost nothing out of it. The way you’re supposed to make money is by recruiting more people into Empower Network.

Which begs the question again, what actually is Empower Network? Well from what I’ve seen there really isn’t much of a product here. All the training videos are pretty bad and their blog system isn’t worth it. So basically you’re making money by selling a pretty worthless product to other people.

What products do Empower Network have?

1. Kalatu Blog ( $25 per month)

So this is the first thing you would need to buy when you join Empower Network. I believe it is something similar to WordPress. The problem with this is that you don’t actually own the blog, Empower Network does. Also, the blog is actually a platform for you to promote Empower Network, not something you can do whatever you want with. They can also take it away from you at any given moment.

My concern is, if you’re serious about learning affiliate marketing, shouldn’t you be given a choice as to what your website is about?

2. Inner Circle ($100 per month)

Inner Circle is supposed to be a series of videos to help you get the right mindset. it is a bunch of videos of people who were successful telling you that you can do it as well. In short, videos of the dream life of those who made money with Empower Network. I guess this is meant to be some sort of motivation to their members, but again the question is why does this cost $100.

3. Top Product Formula ($500 One off payment)

This is a series of training videos to teach you about internet marketing. Probably the only useful product in the entire package. However, not worth the money again

4. Team Building Formula ($1000 One off payment)

Now this is funny, I’ve seen a former Empower Network member make this statement :

“For 1000$ you’ll literary get more of the same thing as the previous product, only for double the price!”

5. Mass Influence Formula ($3500 One off payment)

A series of videos that teaches you how to influence people, for an amazing price of $3500.

How can you make Money?

Before we dive into that, do note that you have to actually buy the product to earn a commission when you sell the product. What does this mean?

If you don’t own the Mass Influence Formula and someone you referred bought it, you get nothing. instead the money goes to the person above you. The important thing to note here is if you don’t buy all the products you will make less money.

With that said, I’ve seen people who have managed to make money out of this, the member I posted above is one. Then again, those who make money are those who have some serious experience and skill with internet marketing. If you’re a beginner and hoping to get help or training I suggest you look somewhere else.

Also have a look at their Income Disclosure which shows that 81% of their active affiliates earn $250 to $499 per month.

But….Why have I heard some good news about Empower Network?

So have I. I will repeat this again, you can make money from Empower Network. Heres the thing though, from what I’ve seen those who praise Empower Network are either:

  1. An affiliate who wants to get you to join, so he or she can make a commission or
  2. Someone who joined a long time ago, before the Uni – Line update

From the numerous reviews I’ve seen I think Empower Network used to be pretty good when it first came out. It probably wasn’t even a pyramid scheme then. Then the Uni Line compensation plan came out, making it so that those on top make more money.

Uni Line Compensation

As far as I know, the way this works is that when you get someone to join, you get a commission on your 1st,3rd and 5th referrals. Your 2nd, 4th and 6th gets passed up to the person that referred you, meaning you get nothing here and the guy above gets the commission. After the 6th, every 5 referrals you make would get passed up.

Adding to that, your 2nd 4th or 6th referral’s commission work exactly like yours, meaning their 2nd 4th and 6th also gets passed up above. See how the chain of passing up works here? Before this update, I heard you can make up to 70% in commissions, but now a chunk of your commission gets transfered to those above you, effectively cutting down your earnings.

Some Arguments that I’ve heard

  1. Those calling Empower Network a scam aren’t working hard enough
  2. Those calling Empower Network a scam expect to earn money quickly, even if they are a beginner
  3. You need money to make money in Empower Network

Heres my point of view, whatever business you choose to run, whether online or offline you would need to work hard, and you would need to do your research and study. What these Empower Network members are saying is that those who call it a scam aren’t doing it right and only expect the money without putting in effort. Well to some extent this may be true.

My view :

  1. But if I were to work hard on my business, I want to work hard for myself and not have a portion of my earnings get passed up to the person above me. It is just like a regular 9 to 5 job where you work hard to make your boss rich. Whether or not those who call it a scam have put in the effort does not change the fact that this is a Multi-Level Marketing scheme.
  2. I do not know about the training at Empower Network, but I do know it is not worth it at it’s given price. You can definitely find better training out there for a significantly lower price or even for free. The owner apparently wants to help make people millionaires, but I don’t see how this is consistent with charging a ridiculous amount for this training if that is the case.
  3. I do believe sometimes we need to put in some money to make money. However in Empower Network’s case what are you actually buying? In my opinion you are buying the right to sell the product so you can get a commission. I don’t think anyone would buy their products unless there are an affiliate. I don’t mind spending on necessary things like web hosting or a domain but I see no point in paying Empower Network anything because you don’t get anything out of it. A former member used the term “thin air” to describe the products.


Final Verdict

I believe, that if you want to make money online there are better courses out there. I will not deny that you can actually make money by joining Empower Network as well. I just personally do not like what they offer and do not like a pyramid scheme. I also do not like the fact that it is not beginner friendly when the video on their home page is the owner talking about how much he wants to help others get rich.

If you’re a beginner and want to start making money online, I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate.

At the end of the day it is your choice, whichever path you choose to take, remember that you need hard work and dedication to succeed.

if you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below,





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One thought on “Empower Network Review 2017 – Is Empower Network a Scam or Legit?

  1. Minhaj Ahmed

    Hi Lucas

    I have heard of empower network, one of the most deceptive programmes in the MMO niche. I can’t believe after all thier top earners deserted the programme, it still running. The originally called their blogging platform blog beast and then its current name,kalatu blog.
    I really don’t know how these people sleep at night, they charge a ridiculous amount for mediocre training. I’ve also read their two leaders used to pressure member to go all in and buy all the overpriced products. Although I heard David Sharpe left because of a conflict with David wood.
    I will always warn people against this kind of business opportunity.


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