Keep Trying Until You Succeed

By | January 5, 2017

I’m writing this post for a few reasons, because I need the motivation and I hope I can help motivate those who are in the same position as me. I really do want you guys to keep trying until you succeed and if you do feel like giving up, know that others who have succeeded would have gone through the exact same feeling as you and I. What sets the winners and the losers apart is that the winners keep chasing their dream. I do want you guys to know that if for whatever reason you are feeling discouraged I know exactly how you feel.

Why did I feel discouraged?

Well I said I needed motivation too and if you’re doing an affiliate marketing business with your website you might benefit or relate from this post. Also, this situation made me decide to share what I did to get my site indexed.

So this is what happened

  • When I just started out, I’ve been reading success posts left and right about people getting indexed in 4 days or something like that. Here I was 5 days into my website and it still wasn’t indexed. I was going crazy trying to find out everything I could about getting indexed fast. I tried everything, Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools, really whatever information I could find. Guess what? The website I used to track my index status had a delay and I was already indexed.

Tip: You should type “site: < yourwebsite >.com” in Google Search to check if you are indexed.

  • Now that I was indexed I was going crazy again for a different reason, well I was happy obviously. So more about Google Webmaster Tools, of course I wanted to try and check which keywords I ranked for, whether It was a good ranking or bad ranking I still wanted to know. So I found some information online about how to do it with Google Webmaster Tools. What happened? It showed that I have no data. Well I knew there was a delay so I waited. Still no data. I stopped caring at this point

Tip: Google Webmaster Tools has a pretty big delay, about 2/3 days so don’t sweat it if you have no data.

  • Well I lied about stopped caring because this time, I wanted to try Google Analytics. There is a section called acquisition where you can check how people got to your website. So I tried that and wow there were numbers for organic search! I clicked on it and it showed not provided. I was speechless and tried searching on how to reveal the data. Nothing worked so I just decided to wait for Google Webmaster Tools.

Tip: Google Analytics updates faster than Google Webmaster Tools, probably just a 1 day delay

  • So now I decided to focus on my website. I wanted to see how many visitors I’m getting so I installed a tool called Flag Counter which you can see at the bottom of the page. I was really happy when I first started using this because I had a visitor so fast. Apparently that was just me. Probably alot of the visits were me because it tracks you once per day. Back to the success stories people are posting that they have gotten 1800 people to come to their website. I looked at my miserable number – 50. I decided to just focus on something else like writing more content for my website.

Tip : Don’t get hung up on trying to check your rankings and visitors just yet if you just started. Focus on writing more pages or posts and visitors will naturally come.

Also when you read success stories don’t compare yourself with them, you can take it as motivation but don’t let it get you down. There is no need to rush and you can just go at your own pace.

The most important thing is to keep trying until you succeed because you will get there eventually.

Hope this post brightened up your day,


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