Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Review – Passive Income From Selling E-books?

By | December 3, 2018

I’m sure you’ve heard of people making a killing by publishing e-books, I mean it sounds simple enough right ? Clearly we could write a book if we really tried right ?

Kindle Money Mastery or K Money Mastery, which is a program that teaches you how to make money from selling your e-books has been around for quite a while now. I’ve actually heard of it way back but it never really caught my attention.Kindle Money Mastery 2.0

Until one day when I was searching Youtube for stock trading tips, I came across an account called Project Life Mastery, by someone called Stefan James Pylarinos.

I decided to look up his website and courses so you can imagine my surprise when I saw that he is the man responsible for K Money Mastery.

Who is Stefan?

Before we get into the review, it is important that I introduce this guy. You see nowadays you get a lot of sketchy programs where the spokesperson doesn’t even exist.

Well not with Kindle Money Mastery. His face is everywhere on his website and YouTube videos so you can be sure that this is a real person behind the program.

Furthermore, you get the added benefit of watching his videos on YouTube for free, to get a feel of what he’s like as a person, and to better understand his financial knowledge. Stefan has videos on quite a number of topics, from Amazon FBA to investing in stocks so he is quite knowledgeable.

The fact that K Money Mastery has a legit creator behind it is already a huge plus in my eyes, throw in the fact that his videos are actually enjoyable and informative and you’ve got a great start.

What is Kindle Money Mastery 2.0?

As the name suggests, kindle is Amazon’s platform for people like you and me to publish their e-books. Kindle Money Mastery teaches you how to make passive income by publishing these e-books to kindle.

The concept should be easy to grasp, you write a book once and make as much sales as you can, generating something along the lines of passive income.

Stefan claims that you can hit 6 figures of passive income with kindle.

The great thing is that Kindle Money Mastery covers pretty much everything you’d need to know to start your own e-book business, from finding your niche, to writing a catchy book title and even how to set up your Amazon Author Central Account.

There are 20+ modules each covering a different topic and up to 30+ video tutorials. Also, each lesson would have it’s own downloadable PDF worksheet.

How much will Kindle Money Mastery cost you?

K Money Mastery 2.0 currently goes for $97, but it is a lifetime access so you only have to pay this amount once. I’ll be straight up honest with you, the pricing isn’t half bad.

Considering the fact that this is a one time payment it actually isn’t expensive. Not to mention you’re backed up by their 30 day money back guarantee which can be trusted, because it’s by Clickbank.

There are also some up-sells like their Full Disclosure Membership for $67, but I wouldn’t worry about purchasing those yet.

If all else fails however, try sticking around their webpage for some time, eventually a pop-up will appear offering you a one week trial of Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 for just $7.

Basically you pay $7 for one week, then the rest of the $90 after for your lifetime access. This is a great deal if you’re still on the fence and just want to test things out.

How can you make money with K Money Mastery?

The process can be summarized into these simple steps :

  1. Find a niche
  2. Look for low competition keywords
  3. Outsource your content and design
  4. Promote your book
  5. Earn royalties

The idea is not to publish just one book, because that clearly won’t make you rich. You want to publish tons of books, and have their profit from your sales add up to create a decent income.

I do want to emphasize that based on this course, Stefan teaches you how to outsource the writing of your e-book. This is why there is a kicker here, which is the fact that you’ll have to fork out some cash in the beginning.

Clearly I wouldn’t put my money on my first book being a success, and if you have to hire a writer to write several books for you, it might cost you quite a sum.

Of course there is always the option to write your own books, I think Stefan himself does this as well. This decision is entirely up to you because it might end up being quite time consuming.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you want to write your e-book, just remember that promoting your e-book is equally as important. Amazon is highly reliant on reviews, so you’ll need to write a good quality book to get good reviews, which will directly impact your sales.

Some complaints about K Money Mastery

  1. Some people think it’s unethical to write low quality e-books
  2. Stefan does advise you to use a pen name so others won’t know that you’re churning out e-books
  3. If you’re outsourcing, you’re basically writing a book that you know nothing about
  4. K Money Mastery mentions Fiverr as a place to outsource your books, which might yield low quality products

In my opinion, while these complains have their point, you don’t have to be like them. Each and every point stated above can be avoided IF you want to.

If you were to write an e-book, you’re in control. You get to decide what kind of quality you want right? While short 50 page books might work in the past, times have changed. Now you might want to shoot for like 150 pages at least.

Also, I do agree that Fiverr isn’t the best place to hire writers. You can get great book covers there by for a writer I recommend sites like Upwork.

The Pros of K Money Mastery

  • Stefan has a lot of financial experience and you can see that from his YouTube videos
  • Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 is priced reasonably for a decent amount of training
  • The method is still a sound way of making some passive income online

The Cons of K Money Mastery

  • If you plan to outsource, you’ll need to take the hiring process seriously
  • Kindle might not be as easy as it used to be
  • You need to put in a lot of effort even if you’re outsourcing

Is Kindle Money Mastery a scam?

All in all, no. It is a great product by a great guy.

You just need to consider some important points before diving right in.

Do you think e-books are for you ?

Can you get by hiring someone else to write your book for you?

At the end of the day, it is a legit way of making money and the course is great value for what you’re spending. Of course just like any other way of making money online, if you’re not willing to put in the effort, don’t bother.

Are E-books not for you ?

Personally, I make money through this very blog that you’re reading right now. Yes, it is kind of like writing a book but when you write blog posts it comes in shorter bursts so it is more manageable in my opinion.

Again, it is up to you to decide what’s best for you but if you want to give blogging a shot instead, you can check out this program that got me started blogging.

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