How To Make Money By Listening To Music – Is It Worth Your Time?

By | January 29, 2017

listening to music

Many of us are music lovers, it is quite common nowadays for us to be listening to our favourite songs while we’re on our computers.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to make money while we’re listening to music as well?

I’m here to tell you that this is definitely possible.

I will show you what websites are out there that will pay you to listen to music. I will also tell you my favourite website and why.

Lastly, I will be sharing how you can do more with your passion for music and make a living out of it.

Lets get started.

Websites that will pay you for listening to music

 1. MusicXray

The way that MusicXray works is that you sign up for free, then choose the music genre that you like.

Depending on what you choose they will start sending you relevant new songs to listen to. You get paid $0.10 for each song and you need $20 to cash out.

You have to listen to the song for at least 30 seconds and decide if you’re a fan of it or not. This is basically the entire process, simple right?

Some complaints about MusicXray

I’ve seen people online complaining that you won’t make any money with this simply because you don’t get that many songs to review.

Some people also say that it is a slow method to make money.

I agree with what they say but I don’t think this is how you should be looking at it.

While it is true that you won’t be able make a living out of it, because realistically it will take you a few months to hit the $20 mark.

But you have to be fair to this program. It only costs you 30 seconds of your time to review a song and you get paid. It really isn’t that tedious.

Also, yes you have to rely on them sending you songs to listen to but this will depend on the genre you choose. I believe a more popular genre like R&B will get more songs.

Some people claim to only get 1 song per week. This is what I get.

Songs I get from MusicXray

As you can see I get one per day so it really does depend on what genre you choose.

However, there is a catch. The way it works is that the producer will pay MusicXray a fixed amount to advertise their song to us.

Naturally this fixed amount will translate to a fix amount of listeners. If for example they only pay enough for 100 listeners and you’re the 101th listener the song will disappear by the time you get to the website.

So it might be a good idea to make your phone vibrate or something everytime you get an email from MusicXay.

I honestly recommend you to try this website out if you love listening to music. I have genuinely found songs that I truly enjoy with this website as well.

Some songs just make me go “Holy shit I wanna become a fan!” before I even reach 30 seconds.

2. Slicethepie

Slicethepie is really similar to MusicXray.

You have to choose your genre as well and you get songs introduced to you.

The main difference is in how you review the songs.

While in MusicXray you just need to decide whether you like it or not, in Slicethepie you have to actually write a review to get paid. There is a minimum amount of words you have to write too.

However you don’t get paid a fixed amount like MusicXray. How much you get paid depends on how thorough or good your review is. You can get paid anywhere between $0.01 to $0.2.

Now I’ve joined slicethepie but I prefer MusicXray so I won’t be able to provide too much details here.

My opinion on making money by listening to music

It is pretty obvious MusicXray is my favourite, because it is much more convenient to get paid.

Any of the 2 or even other websites out there are fine, you just have to find one that suits you.

Generally speaking though, I will repeat that you won’t be making a lot of money from this. But I do recommend you to try it if you genuinely love to listen to music.

If you’re goal is to only make money this might not be for you.

I really did enjoy my time with MusicXray mainly because I love music.

What if you’re not satisfied with just listening to music or you want to make more money with your love for music?

Maybe you plan on writing your own music?

Maybe you only want to review your favourite artist?

Have you ever thought about teaching music?

In this case, I would suggest you create your own website. If you do this you can literally do whatever you want and the earning potentials are much higher.

I’ve written another post on making extra money online which you will give you more details and a step by step guide.

To give you a better idea on how this works, imagine you’re a k-pop fan ( yes I am ).

You have certain a group that you love and you can start a fan website about that group

You can go in depth and write about the individual members, all their past albums, their achievements and awards, up and coming concerts or projects. The possibilities are endless.

On the other hand if you love playing the piano ( yes I do ) you might be able to share a few tips like how to sight read, where to get free piano sheets, classical music, which piano model to buy. Do you see where I’m going with this?

How can you actually make money?

They answer is affiliate marketing and advertisements.

Using the above example, if you’re the k-pop fan you could introduce your favourite album to your readers and earn a commission when they buy it. You could also promote some related merchandise.

With the piano example you could introduce some pianos in which you also get a commission. If you’re good at playing the piano you can also start making piano tutorials ( those are pretty popular on youtube ).

I could go in depth and tell you more but that could be another topic on it’s own. If you want to know more about making money with your website I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate.

In the end, it depends on you to decide which path to take. Do note that you can do everything I said in this post for free, just click on the links and you’ll find out more.

If you have any questions or suggestions drop me a comment below,


11 thoughts on “How To Make Money By Listening To Music – Is It Worth Your Time?

  1. steve

    Interesting article I really was not aware that you could make money by listening to music. While it seems to me that it is not something that you can make a living off of it might be something that you can do to make some extra cash. Enjoyed the article liked the way you tie wealthy affiliate into it

    1. Lucas Post author

      Thanks Steve there are really many interesting ways to make money online nowadays. I do believe MusicXray is perfect for those who love listening to music, they even get paid for it haha.

      I was too lazy to go over the making money with your website thing again so I just linked Wealthy Affiliate there 😀

  2. Kirk

    Nice post and very interesting i had no clue that you could get paid anything at all by just listening to some music.I just might look into it a little deeper.

    1. Lucas Post author

      Thanks a lot! You should, you might just discover some great songs in the process 😀

  3. Alex

    Personally my favorite one is Slicethepie I have made few bucks with it really wonderful service.
    Thank you for taking the time to share this information with us. I really like your website very helpful.

    1. Lucas Post author

      Thanks for the compliment man

      Both websites are good I guess I just preferred the easier one 😛

  4. Merry

    Thank you for the interesting article. I like the others had no idea you could make some money listening to music. Similar to a survey site I suppose just much more enjoyable.

    1. Lucas Post author

      Exactly my point ! The great thing about this is you actually get to enjoy yourself while doing it.

  5. Ravi

    I really enjoyed the article and like others, I never thought that we could make some bucks by listening to music. Being a music lover, the idea of making money by listening to music is great. I have even signed up on Musicxray hoping to make some bucks by listening to songs I love.

    1. Lucas Post author

      Yo Ravi glad you enjoyed it xD

      I hope you have fun with it and find some songs that you like haha

  6. Jackie

    I learnt something here today. I had no idea this was available. It is only tiny amounts of money but it all adds up doesn’t it? If you love music then I would imagine you’d have some fun doing this
    Thanks for the information


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