Mass Income Machines Review – Is $42000 Per Month Way Too Much ?

By | December 1, 2018

Mass income machines

What is this Mass Income Machines program that promises an absurd amount of money every month? I mean isn’t $42000 per month really awesome?

I’m sure you’re here to find out if this whole thing is actually real and not just a scam. Well don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

You’ll find out the truth about Mass Income Machines in my review.

Firstly what is Mass Income Machines?

According to their spokesperson, Jacob Allen and/or John Forbes Mass Income Machines is the door to your financial success.

Apparently they are able to tap into some 12 billion dollar industry and help you make money from it. They assure you that it isn’t about making some website that’s not gonna get traffic or finding loopholes in search engines.

This is a method that has been tried and tested and will deliver constant results to you.

So off the bat, they hit you with a bunch of crap. Firstly, just because you are part of a 12 billion dollar industry, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be making anywhere near that amount. They are just throwing around large numbers to get you hyped up.

Also, they seem to talk about search engines in a negative way. Sadly though if they can’t use search engines to their advantage then they probably will miss out on a lot of customers, just my two cents.

How do you make money with Mass Income Machines?

Well, here’s the thing, throughout the video I actually have no idea how you actually make money with this program.

That’s just how vague and shady this whole thing is. I always say that if a program is legit, they should be able to at least explain the process of how their program makes money.

Yet, Mass Income Machines will continuously repeat that anyone with no skills or experience can do it. But do what?

The ironic part is that they actually say something the lines of if you want to be successful you’d need to be realistic. So now I’m telling you, be realistic and realize this is a total scam.

The only explanation I could get about Mass Income Machines is that they have some kind of group levarage where all their members are helping each other. Again this is so vague and you still wouldn’t know how you’re actually helping each other.

Halfway through the video though he does show you his Clickbank account, or more accurately, he creates a brand new account to show you his earnings.

He literally, creates an account, disappears, and shows you that he has made money a few days later. A little common sense would tell you that he must have done something, otherwise money will not magically appear in his account.

The weirdest part is that he doesn’t even tell you what he’s done to make money.

How can you really make money with Clickbank?

I will say that it is entirely possible to make money through Clickbank. The process is called affiliate marketing.

Basically the idea is that you promote someone else’s products and earn a commission when you help them generate sales. This is a legit way of making money but it does require some knowledge.

What this Mass Income Machines spokesperson did should be something similar.

Is Mass Income Machines a scam?

Yes it is a scam. Don’t waste your money here. It’ll cost you $37 to join, and they will try to up-sell you.

They do have a 60 day money back guarantee, which I must say is reliable because ClickBank is actually strict about these things, but at the end of the day it’s just not worth your time.

Not to mention that this Jacob Allen and John Forbes guys are just fake pen names, who knows who the real mastermind behind this is?

All this coupled with the fact that their video is just them telling you how good their program is without actually explaining the program, I wouldn’t recommend you join it.

Then, how can you really make money online?

Okay so there is only one thing I agree with from Mass Income Machines, that is you need to be realistic if you want to make money online. Most scams are feeding you too much nonsense that a lot of people somehow mistake making money online as easy.

Truthfully though it isn’t hard, but it does require some dedication.

All I can say is that if you want to make money online, you need to put in the effort. You’ll also need a real, legit program that can give you high quality training.

The program I’ve been using for 2 years has taught me how to set up this website, rank it on Google and get traffic/sales from it.

The best part is that you can do it too, you just need some elbow grease and be prepared to work on your blog.

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