Millionaires Challenge System Review – is Millionaires Challenge System a Scam?

By | June 5, 2017

Millionaires Challenge System

What is Millionaires Challenge System?

So the promo video starts off with someone called Syaqir Hussyin ( the creator of Millionaires Challenge System ) showing you his 1.8 million dollar earnings with this system.

Later on, he tells you directly that this system is actually MOBE or MTTB. This basically means that Millionaires Challenge System is a method created by Syaqir to get you to join MTTB and when you do join, he gets a commission.

Needless to say Syaqir is an affiliate of MOBE but what sets him apart from other programs that promotes it is that he tells you straight up what you’re signing up for.

The video continues with Matt Lloyds, the creator of MOBE telling you how great MOBE is. He says that you can make big money by working 45 minutes a day.

He also says that you can make as much money as you want while he does most of the work.

Does all these claims sound too good to be true? Read on to find out !

What is MOBE or MTTB?

MOBE or MTTB is a Multi Level Marketing program. The whole point of it is to sell the same product that you buy to someone else.

The cost of joining is $49 but this is merely an entrance fee and you don’t really get much with this. There are a lot of upsells in this program.

MOBE also has some training videos for you on affiliate marketing and they teach this with a 21 step program. The problem is that you have to buy their upsells to unlock the next steps.

I believe you will encounter this once you hit step 6.

As with other MLMs, MOBE has multiple tiers of products and their lowest tier costs $2500. To make money on a sale of a product, you also have to own that particular product.

This means that you have to buy the $2500 tier before you can make a commission on it, as with the higher tier items.

How do you make money with Millionaires challenge system?

The way to make money is to sell MOBE’s products. So for example, the lowest tier of products costs $2500 and if you make a sale on that item your commission will be half of  the price, which is $1250.

Wait a minute, didn’t the video say he’ll be doing the work for you?

This is only partly true. The “work” that he refers to is that he has a sales team that will help you close sales.

Which is why to be more specific, your job is to drive traffic or leads to these sales people so that they can help you make a sale. You have to bring the customers to them.

That’s it? Sounds easy right?

No it isn’t.

In reality, generating leads is a very crucial part of Internet Marketing and it is not something you can do in a day when you have knowledge whatsoever.

There are a ton of skills that you need to learn before you can even get 1 lead and I’m not talking about asking your friends and family to sign up.

I’m talking actual quality leads here, people who can be potential customers.

If you’ve never done Internet Marketing before It might be a bit of a challenge to generate leads like this out of the blue.

With that said, can you really make money with Millionaires Challenge System?

I’m sure you can, but it isn’t easy.

Firstly, these are high ticket items and they are not easy to market. You’ll need training to be able to do it but the problem is their 21 step training program requires you to pay more money to unlock future training material.

This means that before making any money you would have to spend a lot of money first.

Frankly speaking $2500 isn’t a small amount and if you are just a beginner this might actually be a scary investment for you.

Also, your earnings won’t come as soon as you think especially if you only work 45 minutes a day.

When I started learning about Internet Marketing ( SEO and such ) I had to constantly read up about anything and everything relating to this field.

There is a lot to learn and you have to make an effort to absorb all these knowledge.

This is also why I like another of Syaqir’s claims where he says “6 to 12 months” before you can make one tenth of his earnings. This is a far more realistic goal for you if you are a beginner.

Are all the claims actually true about Millionaires Challenge System?

It might seem like I’m bashing on MOBE or Millionaires Challenge System but I will say this now, all their claims are definitely true.

The big difference here is that they are only true for an experienced Internet Marketer, not someone who’ve just pick it up.

The pros know what to do and probably have their funnels and strategies set up, in which case they can afford to only work 45 minutes a day and still make a lot of money.

You don’t have this and therefore you will not be able to make money with just 45 minutes worth of effort each day.

Once you know the ins and outs of Internet Marketing, even Syaqir’s 1.8 million dollars will be possible. MOBE is a program that pays high commissions (50% as previously stated) so even just one sale will make you a lot of money.

Is Millionaire challenge system a scam?

Unlike other promoters of MOBE I believe this one is the most honest. He tells you what you’re signing for straight up and I respect him for that.

Just understand that this is not a new program or whatever, it is still MOBE, and MOBE was never a scam in the first place.

It just not suited for newbies but seasoned professionals instead.

If you go in blindly hoping for them to hold your hand you will be disappointed. You probably won’t know what’s going on since you don’t know how to generate leads.

If you’re looking for newbie friendly training, I suggest you go for Wealthy Affiliate. They have a free trial and they cover the basics really well to get you started.

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