My Online Dream Biz Review – Is It Real and Can You Really Start Making $6000 Today?

By | October 26, 2017

My Online Dream Biz

What is My Online Dream Biz?

My Online Dream Biz is apparently a “copy paste program” where you can follow their system to make money.

The owner of My Online Dream Biz is Jason Moore. Apparently this program does not have a sob story because Jason says he had a pretty good job as a pharmacist before this.

He said that although he had a well paying job, it was too tiring so he went on to make money online. He claims to be making thousands per day and he created this program to share his knowledge with you.


How do you make money with My Online Dream Biz?

Jason talks about the 5 income stream methods that you can copy and paste to use as your own.

He says his methods are based on the book “4 hour work week” by Tim Ferris. This is a good book and if it is indeed based on this book this program would be pretty interesting.

Apparently 45 minutes a day is all it takes to run his income methods. Also, you’ll be able to make $3000-$6000 per month with his methods.

So what exactly are these 5 income streams he’s talking about?

I don’t know. His promo page is long but nowhere in the page does he talk about how exactly these income streams work.

I don’t know about you, but I’m never convinced unless I can understand the money making process.

  • How does it work?
  • What do I need to set it up?
  • How much initial investment do I need?

He goes on and on but he doesn’t answer any of these questions.

Also, the big title on top says that he’ll pay you $400 when the timer reaches zero. I waited for the entire 30 minutes or so and nothing happened.

So what’s the truth here?

Firstly, the $400 that you’re apparently getting for waiting is just him taking $400 off the price of his program. The original price is $499 so you only have to pay $99.

Let’s be real here, his program isn’t worth $499, just read the other reviews out there, everyone says it’s of low quality.

Here’s why I don’t like My Online Dream Biz.

#1 No system is as simple as copy and paste

Trust me on this.

I was just like you when I started. I wanted to make money but I didn’t know how.

I tried this program and that program but nothing seemed to work.

You wanna know why?

Because making money online is a skill, you need the knowledge to do it. You need to read from multiple resources online, not just one.

See, the field of making money online is extremely vast, I’ve been at it for a year and I’m still learning new stuff everyday.

With these kinds of copy paste systems, usually what they do is just give you their landing page or something, but they leave it up to you to get leads ( customers ), which you won’t know how if you’re a newbie.

In other words, they do give you what they are using, but they don’t tell you how to use it. That’s the problem here.

#2 3-6k per month in the beginning is a huge promise

I’ll be straight up honest with you, you won’t be making $3000 a month right off the bat. Not with this program or any other program out there.

The only exception is if you’re willing to spend money first to make money in which case it is possible if you know what you’re doing.

Again, it takes time to learn the ropes since there’s such a wide area to cover.

You’re building a business when you’re trying to make money online and you can’t build a business without time and effort.

#3 Most of what you see on My Online Dream Biz is fake

From my research, Jason is a paid actor from fiverr ( a freelance site ). This means that we don’t know who’s really behind this program.

Also,I’ve done a reverse image search on Google of one of his pictures that he claims is his gym. Well, he probably got that picture online because there are tons of other sites using it.

If it really is his own gym how do other people have the exact same picture?


Based on all the evidence, everything he said is probably fake. There is no copy paste income streams for you to clone.


Is My Online Dream Biz a scam?

See, here are the flags :

  • There is too little information on the product
  • Fake names and fake pictures
  • The absurd claims of how easy it is and how much you can earn.

Unfortunately, I do think that My Online Dream Biz is a scam. There’s just too little information and I believe the reason for that is because there is no solid product behind it.

A real make money program would at least explain how their system works.

I mean, it makes sense to tell others how they’ll make their money because if it makes sense it helps in marketing your product as well.

Do you want to learn how to build a real business online?

Again, I’ll be straight up honest with you, making money online isn’t a walk in the park.

It will take time and effort but at the end it will be worth it.

What if I told you that there’s a way that you could turn your passion into a legit business?

I’ll share with you how it works :

  1. You identify your interests and choose a niche, sort of like a topic that you’ll focus on.
  2. Once you’ve got that down, you start a blog about it.
  3. You write posts on your blog about your niche.
  4. These posts get ranked on Google and will appear naturally as a search result.
  5. Your blog will start to get visitors and you can monetize it with affiliate marketing or advertisements.

This is just a really brief explanation but I do hope you get the idea. This method does not cost a lot of money, all you need to do is spend time writing blog posts.

If you’re up for it and you’re looking to make some money online, check out my #1 recommended program to learn more.


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