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How to really make money online?

You probably came across numerous programs while doing your research, and most of them are probably disappointments or scams. Like you I too have been searching around and found many programs which have some free video promotion promising that you can get rich online really fast or something similar. They hook you in then ask you to pay to have access to whatever it is that they offer. Now, I’m not saying all websites like this are scams but I generally don’t want to pay for something like this because what you should be interested in, is the knowledge, and knowledge should be free. So then, how do you really make money online?

Where to start?

I want you to have a think, if you for example, play a video game and want some guides or walkthroughs, would it be easy to get? Now if you want information on something like your physics school work, would it be as easy to get? My personal opinion is that for games you have only a handful of websites or sometimes even just 1 website dedicated for that particular game, no need to google and get information from many sources. For your physics work, well you probably do a google search on whatever is relevant and there would be a ton of information. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have a website just like this for making money online?


For those of you who are serious about making money online (serious as in prepared to put in the effort), I give you Wealthy Affiliate !

Wealthy affiliate

This website will introduce you to affiliate marketing, which is basically you promoting someone else’s product and when a visitor buys from your website you get a commision. Although there is still much more to learn than this and there are other ways to make money as well. What you will learn is how to generate traffic, which is basically people visiting your site through SEO (search engine optimization). As I said there are other methods to do this as well which you can have a read at

To start off, this program is free, you don’t need to pay (paying unlocks more benefits though). This way, you get to decide if it’s worth it before paying, I suggest you try it out and you have nothing to lose anyway. Now about the putting in effort part, Wealthy affiliate has alot of videos and tutorials and online that you can access as a starter, all to help you gain knowledge. You have to go through as much as you can, and get in as much as you can, whether by watching videos or reading other people’s posts. Think of wealthy affiliate as a place to get free affiliate marketing training. All you need to do is sign up for free and you will quickly see what I mean. There are also tutorials posted up by the owners and other members as well which are all very useful and informative. Which brings us to the next good point, the community.

Wealthy affiliate has many users and you can even see their success stories. You can learn alot from it as well, some will tell you how they make money, for example which affiliate program they use or even other ways like Google Adsense. Keep reading around you will learn alot which is why I genuinely recommend this website. Heck even my website is made by going through wealthy affiliate videos. Also, the owners Kyle and Carson will offer you their support. HOW COOL IS THAT? I’m not kidding here, upon signing up you probably will get comments from them and when you have a question they will reply. This really shows how much you can trust this website and you don’t even have to take my word for it, just sign up and try it for yourself!

Being a free member you can make 2 websites by using wealthy affiliate, which is honestly good enough to get you started. Of course by paying you can get other stuff like your own domain but you can decide on this later. The main point is to get learning and get started. Also, don’t expect this to make you rich fast, the success stories of those who make hundreds a day are from those who have been around for awhile, so you’re going to have to keep going at it and you will eventually earn as much as them.

Feel free to check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review for my information on Wealthy Affiliate.




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