MySurvey Review – Is MySurvey a trusted survey site?

By | April 3, 2017


What is MySurvey?

From the name it is pretty obvious that it is a survey site. However, what separates it is that they run their own surveys ( most of the time ).

Based on my own experience ( I’m from the U.K so your country may be different ), they do sometimes run surveys from toluna or global test market.

When you complete a survey, you get awarded with points which you can then exchange for money or gift cards. Some shorter surveys also reward you with sweepstake entries.

How do you make money at MySurvey?

1. Regular surveys

Your available surveys will be present on your homepage, displaying 3 at a time. There are other details as well such as the amount of points to be expected and the survey time.

The good thing is that you’ll be receiving emails whenever a new survey is available to you so you don’t have to keep on checking your homepage.

Also, if you start a survey and decide to quit without completing it ( not disqualified ) there is a tab telling you which surveys you’ve started. These won’t be here forever since surveys do close but it is a good way to resume a survey before the time limit.

2. Sweepstakes

There are multiple ways to gain sweepstakes entries, which is something like a quarterly prize draw.

The main way to get entries is by completing surveys. Some surveys only reward you with entries, these surveys are usually shorter. Otherwise, you still get 10 entries each time you finish a survey regardless of the result.

Meaning, whether or not you’re qualified or disqualified you still get those 10 entries which is pretty good since you at least get something for your efforts.

Upon joining MySurvey you will be asked to fill in some profile surveys, which award you 50 entries each.

3. Cam surveys

I believe this is something that sets MySurvey apart from other survey sites. Being a cam survey it does yield the highest amount of points.

The way it works is that they want to capture your facial reaction while you’re watching a video or something, and use it for research purposes, which explains the high amount of points.

Of course the catch is that you need to own a webcam. Another thing to note is that after capturing your reaction you’re still required to answer the survey questions as normal.

I personally don’t like showing my face even if they tell me it’s safe or private or whatever. This could your thing however if you don’t mind showing your reaction. You can also choose to not send them your video after recording if you don’t feel comfortable about it.

How frequent are the surveys?

I believe this is one of the most important points to consider since MySurvey is solely a survey site.

I’ve done a bit of research and some people do claim that their account has been declined because of inactivity. Some people are also saying that you need to be active in order to keep receiving surveys.

Like I said I’m currently in the U.K so it may be different for everyone, but it has been about a month since I’ve last checked the website again and I’m still getting about 2-3 survey emails from them everyday.

What are the rewards at MySurvey?

1. Gift Cards

They have a bunch of gift cards which you can exchange for points like Argos or Toys ‘R’ us. The exchange rate is £10 for 1250 points. You also have the option to convert your points to nectar points at 500 nectar points for 550 MySurvey points.

The interesting thing is that you can also exchange your points for electronic vouchers like Amazon or iTunes which are cheaper. Amazon vouchers even have a lower requirement of £5 for 550 points while iTunes are £10 for 1060 points.

The option with the lowest requirement is a £3 starbucks voucher for 345 points.

2. Charities

If you’re feeling charitable you can always choose to donate your points to charity. The biggest option is Unicef here although there are other U.K based charities ( for me ).

You only need to get a small amount of points to start donating since the lowest option is £0.90 for 99 points.

3. Paypal

For sites like these I usually only go for one option and that’s paypal. Luckily the paypal option isn’t that bad here.

The cheapest option is £5 for 575 points which can be met pretty easily.

How much money can you make with MySurvey?

The first you’d have to do is check the rewards for each survey since some reward you with entries. Obviously it isn’t likely that you’ll be winning the prize draw so you want to go for points.

You do get a lot of surveys however, which makes it pretty easy to cash out with about 575 points.

You can potentially make £5 every 2/3 days if you’re consistent and haven’t gotten bored yet. This does however, like other survey sites depend on your qualifying rate.

What I like about MySurveys

  • They do have a lot of surveys
  • MySurveys own surveys are simple and pretty easy to do
  • They have a decent minimum payout option, nothing spectacular but easily achievable

What I don’t like about MySurveys

  • Buggy survey details, one of my survey said 80 points but I got rewarded with 50
  • Some of the surveys I’ve clicked on straight up took me back to the homepage, with no error message displayed or anything
  • I can’t seem to find anywhere that gives you details about your prize draw entries, they seem to just sign you up automatically
  • Your surveys are displayed 3 at a time which is stupid, if all 3 surveys aren’t what you want you have to complete them before you get shown other ones.

Is MySurvey a scam?

It does have it’s issues. I will say however that they are not a scam. You can make money out of them.

A point to make is that whenever I answer surveys ran by MySurveys itself it is usually a good experience. Other surveys seems to be giving a lot of problems. So, when it works it works great but when it doesn’t it can be frustrating.

I do admit that there are better options out there for surveys like RewardingWays, but from my experience I would rank MySurveys as average.

Do note that surveys won’t make you anywhere near a full time income, they are just there to help you make a some pocket change.



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