Online Profit System Review – Millions of Poeple Are Making Money From Home?

By | September 15, 2017

online profit system

Are millions of people really making money from home with Online Profit System?

Well honestly, their homepage doesn’t give out much information about the program but I guess it does look cool though.

You’re probably here to find out if Online Profit System is a scam or if you’ve struck gold and found a working program right? Don’t worry, you have struck gold and I’ll tell you why in a bit.

Let’s get to the review !

What is Online Profit System?

So what is this amazing system that can help millions of people make money?

I’ve ran a whois check on their domain and the name does come up to be someone called Paul Sethi from an organization called World Wide Debt Solutions.

online profit system whois

I don’t know who this Paul Sethi guy is and I can’t seem to find much about him.

If you do a Google Search on World Wide Debt Solutions however, you’ll find out that they have gone out of business.

What does this mean for Online Profit System then?

It can’t be true right?

The website is still there and the domain is registered until 2019.

I decided to give it a try and key in my details so that I could get “in”. Well this was where it brought me.

online profit system offline

I have no idea what this is.

You’re probably curios about what Online Profit System offers right?

This was what they offered before they went out of business :

  • An automated money making website
  • Free 1-on-1 Consultation
  • Training Videos

I have good news for you though !

I’ve actually found a way to get in to what they are offering. On the bottom of the homepage there is a link to their FAQS page and on the bottom you can click the “Grab Your Online Profit System Place Today” link to get in.

This takes you to a page that really doesn’t tell you much about the system either.

You get to see a few testimonials and you get to see their price tag at $19.97. That’s pretty much it.

Is Online Profit System a Scam then?

There are other reviews out there that suggests that Online Profit System was a scam before this, but these were from 2015.

However,there are already a few indicators on their current homepage that gives me a bad feeling.

Red Flag #1

They slap on a lot of well know logos on their homepage, like Fox News or Yahoo News etc …

Well I highly doubt that they were featured on any of those websites. This is a very common scheme scammers use and I’ve seen so many similar cases like this.

They would always claim to be on Forbes or CNN or something just to seem credible but the reality is they were never featured.

Red Flag #2

No information on the products whatsoever.

This is also a common indicator of a scam. Usually if you have a good product that will genuinely help people, you’d want to talk more about it am I right?

It’s one of the ways to get people interested.

Online Profit System however has absolutely no information on their websites or training. Who knows? There might not even be any training or websites.

With that said I would suggest you stay away from programs like Online Profit System.

There are closed now but there are too many similar scams.

Time for the good news !

I did say you struck gold didn’t I? I’m not about to leave you here empty handed.

If you’re looking programs like Online Profit System I would guess that you have an interest in making money online.

Am I right?

If you are, I can let you in on how I make my money online.

Here’s a brief explanation on how you can do it :

  1. Pick a niche or topic. This can be anything really, something like organic foods or flip flops for men. You want something specific so you’ll get less competition.
  2. Start a blog about your chosen niche.
  3. Start writing posts for your blog. Each post will cover a certain topic about your niche.
  4. The secret here is that each individual post will be able to rank on Google for a different search term, which are the words you type into the Google Search Box.
  5. Ranking on Google means that when someone searches for that term, your website’s post will appear as a search result. Of course your aim is to get on page 1.
  6. When that happens your site will start to get visitors. We call this free traffic.
  7. Monetize your site with affiliate links or advertisements.
  8. Profit $$$$

I know this can be a lot of information to take in and I can only explain so much.

If you’re interested in making money this way, do check out Wealthy Affiliate. This program is free to start and it helped me start my online business, which is this blog that you’re reading right now.



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