Perk TV Review – Can You Make Money Watching Videos?

By | February 18, 2017

Perk TV Review

There are a lot of programs out there that reward you points for doing something. Programs like these make it easy for us to make some easy money.

The thing is most of the programs out there like PrizeRebel or Swagbucks require you to actively do something, whether it be a survey, signing up for a program or whatever.

What if I told you that you can make money watching videos with almost no effort?

This is where Perk TV comes in.

What is Perk TV?

I’ll start out by saying Perk TV is a part of which is just like any other “get paid to” site. You do stuff you collect points and cash out.

However Perk has a lot of apps for your phone and Perk TV is one of them.

These apps are other ways of earning Perk points apart from the actual website.

Why is this a Perk TV review instead of a Perk review?

The one thing which I consider a huge advantage that Perk has over other sites is the Perk TV app.

If you’ve been around all these point making sites are pretty much the same with the same offers and what not.

With the Perk TV app though, you can actually generate points without doing anything ( well almost ) which isn’t something you can do with other similar sites.

Some other Perk apps that you can use though are:

Perk Mobile Apps

Perk TV live is pretty much just like Perk TV but it’s live.

I’ve used Perk scratch & win and Unlock & Win before.

Unlock & Win is really simple, you just unlock your phone and you get points.

Scratch & Win is sort of like the lottery, you scratch a few things and if it reveals 3 same items you get the prize.

How does Perk TV work?

Basically you just watch videos on the app and you get points. Pretty simple.

Some video examples are like movie trailers, some comedy videos or some how to videos.

Although you can watch and earn on your browser, I’ve never actually gotten a single point from using my browser. With the app I get a point every single time which is why I recommend it.

This may be a regional problem but I’m not sure because I’ve seen some people claim that they are earning points with their laptops.

The reason I say you can earn points with little to no effort is because when you play 1 video, lets say a movie trailer and you watch it until the end, you’ll get 1 point.

After that it automatically plays the next video for you, and so on.

So really you’re just hitting play and there you go, you’re watching videos in succession and gaining points.

You do need to be careful because after a few hours they will check to see if you’re watching or not, just click yes and continue on.

How much can you make with Perk TV or Perk?

So to put this into perspective we always have to look at the reward system.

I always go for paypal so lets talk about this first. The minimum cash out is 20000 points for £10. This is pretty high compared to other sites.

Now I believe this is a regional problem, I’m currently in the UK so all I get is paypal and amazon but I do see other gift cards like Walmart or Target which says “starting at 5000 points” so it may be possible that the minimum is lower for you guys.

Breaking this down further, on the phone each videos is about 1 minute and you get a point for each video.

If all you do is let your phone run forever it takes about 333 hours which is like 14 days to reach 20000 perk points.

This means that in a perfect situation with your phone running all the time you can get £20 per month which obviously isn’t that realistic. I mean, we all have to use our phones at some point right?

The genius trick to make money

I’ve found out that to make money using Perk TV people start something called a Perk farm which is absolutely crazy.

What they do is that they get a bunch of cheap phones ( like $10 – $20 kind of cheap ) and just have them run videos all day. If you think in that sense the phone pays for itself after the second month and anything after that nets you a profit.

Now, Perk doesn’t really tell you about the maximum allowed number of devices per account but everyone has been saying that it is 5.

You should be careful with the phone that you buy though, you should ( at the time of writing )  go for android 5.1 because older versions will eventually become useless.

I’m in the UK so the cheapest I can find currently is Vodafone Smart First 7. 

If you’re in the US you can get cheaper phones at Walmart ( as low as $10 is possible ).

So if you have 5 phones doing this you can earn £100 a month! This is much more realistic than before because you don’t really care about these phones anyway, you just use them and throw them away once they die.

Is this worth your time?

Now this question is more complicated than it seems.

I’ve seen people complain that they can’t get points. Some people say Perk used to be better. Some say they are improving again.

The problem here is that what other people get will not be the same as what you get because of your different regions.

However to answer the question, in my opinion it isn’t worth it right now at the time of writing this post. Perk is always changing so if you want to start a Perk farm you need to keep up with the changes.

The Pros

  • Very passive since you just click play and run the videos
  • Other options on top of just watching videos
  • Can use up to 5 phones to farm points

The Cons

  • If you don’t actually watch the videos you are actually violating the terms and conditions.
  • If you earn points too fast you can get banned ( hence the 5 phones cap )
  • Not worth it unless you use the phone farm method

Closing Words

I will say, the idea of using cheap phones to watch videos passively is pretty cool. From poking around Perk seems to be the pioneer of passively farming points and since everyone joined in the amount of points rewarded kept dropping.

It is still possible to make money though, just not much. Many other similar apps or websites have emerged, some being better than Perk.

If you are serious about making passive income, do check out Wealthy Affiliate, it is free to sign up and is a much better money making opportunity, even to the point of being able to quit your day job ( with tons of hard work ).

If you have any questions do leave a comment below,



11 thoughts on “Perk TV Review – Can You Make Money Watching Videos?

  1. Jackie

    Hello Lucas
    I’ve not heard of Perk TV before so thanks for this information.
    I think I’d prefer to be a bit more active in my quest for earning money on the internet though:)

    1. Lucas Post author

      Hey Jackie no problem. I understand you want to go out and take action, which is good but the point of passive income is that you earn money without doing anything. It isn’t supposed to disrupt your daily tasks 😀

      Perk TV is like a pseudo source of passive income I guess.

  2. Norman Richards

    Hello and thanks for sharing. It is just so amazing how you can make money these days. I am sure that a lot of persons would jump at this offer, it is rare in this day and time to make monies while having not just fun but lots of fun. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    1. Lucas Post author

      Thanks man for the compliment. It is true there are so many ways to make money these days. Perk TV lets you watch videos and earn money passively. If you want to have fun I guess you could watch the videos as well, they have movie trailers which are nice.

  3. Kathy

    Hi Lucas,
    This is the first time I have heard of Perk TV. As you mentioned in your article, all these types of programs work pretty much the same way. However, with Perk TV, it seems as though a person can earn points much quicker than with some of the other programs out there. What are your thoughts?

    I’m not a fan of the programs which ask you to take surveys because I have tried a few and never seem to earn anything for my time and effort, and I always seem to get kicked out of a survey before I get the chance to complete it. This seems like a big waste of my time and energy. It seems as though Perk TV might yield a better ROI; what do you think?


    1. Lucas Post author

      With PerkTV you will be able to earn points faster if :
      1. you use multiple phones
      2. your location has a lot of advertisements, everyone thinks it works better in the U.S

      As far as surveys go, I’ve made some money with them, getting kicked out is normal but it really depends on your location and demographics. I’m currently in the U.K and I’ve made about 20 pounds on Perk TV which is why those in the U.S may see higher earnings. If you’re talking about time as an investment, the idea of Perk TV is that you leave your phone running to play videos and you earn the points PASSIVELY, so I don’t see much of a time investment here.

      Hope I answered your questions here xD

  4. Wayne

    Great site Lucas.

    A very broad range of reviews as well which is really handy to know.

    Very easy to read and navigate also.


  5. Hailey

    Thank you for the review! I have seen other apps like this and have downloaded them, I don’t necessarily have the time or patience to keep clicking next for every video so this idea seems really great. I’m not sure that I would want to go buy a bunch of phones (cheap or not) but it’s funny how people actually find a way for this stuff. I might just download it and let it go while my phone is sitting on the charger for a while. Even though it isn’t much, Any extra money is great to have.

    1. Lucas Post author

      I know what you mean haha. When I first saw this I thought it was genius but it was so funny. Some guys even have a system with cooling and all for a rack of about 30 phones.

      Hey if it’s stupid and it works it isn’t stupid right :P? If you do only have one phone watching videos alone might be too slow. You will most probably have to do the offer walls to add on to your points, unless you’re extremely patient.

  6. John Rico

    Hello there! I found your article very informative. This is pretty interesting because I’m looking for a part time job that I can do at home or online. I haven’t heard of perk tv and I don’t have any idea about it. After I read your article I found out that this kind of job makes you watch videos and earn credits to gain money. I feel that it is similar to survey site but instead of doing surveys you are watching videos. I’m interested to it but I have a question. How does perk tv compare to survey sites like swagbucks? I really appreciate your response.


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