Pluggle Review – Is Pluggle a Legit Money Making Opportunity ?

By | August 25, 2017


Recently I’ve been browsing around Quora when I saw a question asking about Pluggle.

I’ve never heard of Pluggle but apparently it’s pretty new so I decided to check it out since people seem to be interested about it.

I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on Pluggle and why I think that it may be a bad idea for you to join in.

What is Pluggle?

It’s official website ends with .ph so I would assume that their primary target is the Philippines.

This is further supported by the fact that it’s payments are supported in pesos.

Pluggle is basically a Multi-Level Marketing scheme. However, there is one thing that sets it apart from other MLMs out there, which is the fact that Pluggle has no products what so ever when you join.

How do you join Pluggle?

I would say that 99% of the time an MLM program will require you to pay some money upfront first, like buying their product for example before you can make your commissions.

For Pluggle, you will need to get yourself an activation code worth ₱1000.

Don’t worry though if you’re planning to join, you will be able to make this money back rather easily.

I suppose the only problem is that they want payments in the form of bitcoins.

If we compare Pluggle to other MLMs however, the price to join is actually extremely low, I’ve seen programs where you need thousands of dollars to join.

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How do you make money with Pluggle?

Now I’ll be telling you about the various ways you can make your ₱1000 back.

They do have multiple ways to earn money with their program, which is cool.

1. Sign up bonus

You automatically get ₱100 when you register.

2. Log in bonus

You will also get paid simply by logging in to their website, how cool is that?

You can make ₱100 for each day that you log in.

Sadly, this isn’t an infinite kind of thing, they do have a cap in place where you can only get the log in bonus for up to 12 days.

This does make sense for Pluggle though, I can’t imagine them paying every single member ₱100 forever just to log in, they would burn a serious hole in their pocket.

Now if you do the math, by combining your sign up and log in bonuses you will already make ₱1300. This puts you at a ₱300 profit after factoring in the ₱1000 activation code.

Told you it was easy to make it back.

But their bonuses don’t end here !

3. Group log in bonus

This bonus can be earned only by having the people you recruit log in.

It’s here that you can start seeing the MLM aspects of Pluggle because you can also get your group log in bonus from your down-line, for up to 2 levels.

Members that were recruited by you are considered your first level down-line and whenever one of them logs in you will make ₱60.

Members that were recruited by your first level down-line will then become your second level down-line and you get ₱40 when they log in.

One thing to note here is that both your personal log in and group log in bonuses will have a combined cap of ₱1300.

This means that if you’re currently sitting at a personal log in bonus of ₱500 and a group log in bonus of ₱800 you will not be making any more money from log ins.

4. Recruitment bonus

This is a MLM after all so it is no surprise that there are recruitment bonuses.

You get ₱100 for every member that you recruit.

5. Pyramid pair bonus

This bit was rather confusing to me initially so I will try my best to explain it to you.

Basically what Pluggle has is a binary compensation structure.

What does this mean though?

Think of it this way, you are now currently sitting at the top of a pyramid.

Go one level down and the level below you will be split into 2 referrals ( people that you’ve recruited ).

If you go down again these 2 referrals will be split into another 2 referrals for each of them, giving a total of 4 in this level.

And this continues on, potentially up to infinite levels.

A simple way to look at it is that you recruit 2 new members to form a pair ( hence the name of this bonus ). Each of those 2 members will then go on to form their own pairs, and those pairs will form more pairs.

You do get paid ₱100 for each pair you make and this bonus is capped at ₱3000 per day.

Additionally, you also get ₱400 for the first pair of each pyramid level.

Okay if this sounds confusing to you ( like it did to me ) I’ll try and explain it better.

So by having you recruit members and having them form pairs you are starting your own pyramid. When your referrals recruit members they are essentially making your pyramid deeper.

Every time you reach a certain level for the first time, you will be rewarded with ₱400.

So let’s say you’ve managed to recruit 2 new guys and you’ve formed your first pyramid. If this pyramid reaches 5 levels deep, you will get ₱400 for those 5 levels since this is your first time reaching levels 1 to 5.

Now let’s say you recruit another 2 guys, you can now make your second pyramid. If your second pyramid reaches 8 levels deep, you won’t get paid for the first 5 levels. You will however get paid for levels 6 to 8 since this is your first time making a pyramid that deep.

This bonus only goes up to level 10 so if you make any more new pyramids you will only continue getting the bonus when it reaches level 9 and 10. However, the ₱100 for creating a pyramid pair still applies.

Time for the big question – Can you really make money with Pluggle?

It seems simple enough doesn’t it, you just have to recruit more people and you’re set.

Better yet, you will make a profit simple by logging in for 12 days.

You can definitely make money with Pluggle since it also seems to be fairly new ( at the time of writing ). Do keep in mind that once more and more people start to come in it will get significantly harder to recruit new members.

Honestly I would consider this a pretty good program if it wasn’t for the fact that it has no products.

What’s the problem with Pluggle then?

The biggest problem is that it is ONLY focused on recruiting. The program won’t be able to sustain itself this way.

Just think about it, what other reason do you have to join Pluggle other than to help Pluggle recruit more members, and those members will continue on to invite more members.

The problem with having no product is eventually everyone will become an affiliate of Pluggle and it will reach a point where there are more affiliates than people to recruit.

This makes it pointless to join since the only reason you’d want to join Pluggle is to recruit for commissions anyway. This is why these kinds of schemes aren’t legal.

Don’t misunderstand though, a MLM itself is a legal business model but there is a rule saying that a MLM should still be about the products and not just about recruitment.

After all that’s been said, is Pluggle legit?

From what I’ve seen you do get paid so you don’t have to worry about them scamming your money. They are legit.

The issue is really with the way their business model works. It’s a waste in my opinion because I do like their compensation plans, log in bonuses and their low entry fees.

If you do want to join I suggest you do your research properly because once the market has been saturated it won’t be worth your time anymore.

As for me, I personally won’t be joining Pluggle though.

Anyway this is the end of my Pluggle review and I hope I managed to help you out in one way or another. Do leave a comment below if you’re a member of Pluggle or if you have any questions.



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