Quantum Code Review – Can You Really Make $1,000,000 Every Month or Is This Just Another Scam?

By | September 4, 2017

Quantum Code

The Quantum Code seems to be pretty hyped up lately so they kinda caught my attention. I’m even seeing them advertise on Facebook these days.

Although I have heard of Quantum Code before I’ve never really paid any attention to it, until now.

The thing with these binary options trading software is that every single one of them that I’ve seen are scams.

Is Quantum Code a scam then?

Unfortunately, it is a scam.

But let’s start from the beginning, what is the Quantum Code exactly?

As always, I like to start out by watching their promo video since it does give a lot of information ( or very little ) about the program.

From the video, this guy called Michael Crawford introduces himself as the founder of Quantum Code. He says he’s been featured on Forbes and other financial magazines.

Well that’s pretty cool !

Apparently he’s called the “Wall street wizard” and the “nicest rich guy in the world” because he makes a lot of money and he loves to help other people.

The best part is he doesn’t want anything in return !


He then explains that the Quantum Code is a binary options trading software, that will make trades for you on autopilot.

His software apparently uses something called “Near Quantum Speed” technology and with this the software is able to make winning trades 100% of the time.

Are all these claims true?

Michael says he’s turned regular people into millionaires overnight, and that you can start making $10k per day for free.

He even says that with the software’s 100% win rate, you can potentially make unlimited amounts of money !

Wow, I’ve seen some bold claims from other scams but this one just takes the cake. I mean seriously unlimited money?

Using a bit of common sense here we can tell that these claims are all fake. It just wouldn’t make sense.

If you tried searching for this “Near Quantum Speed” technology you won’t even get any information on it. For something so ground breaking I would assume it would break the news.

What about Michael Crawford? He’s been featured on Forbes !

Again, if you try looking this guy up you won’t get any information about him.

He’s not on Forbes and you don’t seem to get anything with his nicknames either.

Just like other options trading scams, the so called “founder” is always a paid actor. He’s also the so called founder of another similar scam called Terran Capitals.

If you’ve watched Quantum Code’s promo video, do take notice of the scene in his so called private jet. To be blunt, the acting was crap.

I’m not sure what’s up but he seemed extremely unnatural, sort of like he’s nervous or something. Then again, why would you be nervous in your own private jet?

What about the Quantum Code software then? Does it really work?


There is a section in the video where you get to meet the team behind the Quantum Code, which are all paid actors as well.

He explains that with their quantum speed technology they are always one step ahead when placing trades so they will always beat their competition.

He also says that the Quantum Code was featured in a lot of tech and financial magazines, which is obviously another lie.

The technology doesn’t exist and even if it did it still doesn’t make any sense.

How does making super fast trades help you in making the right trades?

For all I know you could be making trades left and right really fast but the market might not be in your favor. You could still end up losing money, you just lose your money at a super fast speed.

This means that everything about Quantum Code is a lie.

  • Michael Crawford is just an actor
  • Near Quantum Speed technology doesn’t exist
  • Quantum Code Inc ( the company ) doesn’t exist
  • they were not featured in any magazines

How does the Quantum Code scam work?

You might be wondering, if everything is free what do they get out of it?

This is where the scam starts.

It isn’t exactly free to join the Quantum Code. Sure the software is free but you’ll need to deposit some money into your account if you want to start making trades.

You’re asked to deposit $250 to Michael’s recommended trader.

This sounds normal and in a normal situation it would be. For Quantum Code though the problem is that the recommended trader is an unlicensed trader.

What does this mean for you?

If you do deposit that $250, you most certainly won’t be making 100% winning trades.

If Michael’s trader ( or the software ) trades and loses your money, you won’t be getting it back. There are no rules or regulations to safe guard your money.

This is a common binary options scam and I’ve seen quite a number of it with all of them showing similar patterns.

Heck, even if they just take your money and run saying that they’ve made all losing trades there is nothing you can do about it, they are unlicensed.

What’s in it for the Quantum Code?

Basically the real guys behind the Quantum Code will get a cut of your $250.

This is why they would go to such lengths to scam you.



So, the Quantum Code is a scam.

All their claims are fake and it would be best if you stayed away from them.

Binary options trading in itself will come with risks, but having an unlicensed broker just means that your money will most likely go down the drain.

If you really want to make money trading binary options, you should find a licensed broker and read up on some trading knowledge first.

You should also understand that there is no shortcut and no 100% win rate software for you, it’s just too good to be true.

What if you’re not into trading but still want to make money online?

I know the feeling when you read some success stories online about people making 5 or 6 figures online. You’d be asking ” How do I do that?”.

Well, I’ll be sharing with you a legit program, called Wealthy Affiliate to help you get started with making money online.

Don’t worry this program has a free membership so you can test it out first.

I will be sharing with you the formula that you’ll be using if you decide to join ( since scams usually can’t explain their methods of making money ).

How do you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

  1. Find your passion, this is called a niche and it could be anything from organic food to basketball shoes.
  2. Create a blog based on your chosen niche.
  3. You start to write posts about topics related to your niche on your blog.
  4. Over time, your posts will get ranked on Google and this means that people will start visiting your blog
  5. Find affiliate programs ( programs where you get a commission if someone buys from you ) and integrate the affiliate links on your blog
  6. Profit $$$$$

This is just a simplified explanation though so do check out the program if you want to know more.

Oh and another piece of good news, Wealthy Affiliate gives you 2 free websites as a free member !

I hope my post managed to help you out and I wish you good luck in your online money making journey. Do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below if you have any questions




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