Rewarding Ways Review – The Fastest and Easiest Way to Earn $1?

By | March 4, 2017

Rewarding Ways

Do you want to make $1?

I’m not kidding here, Rewarding Ways was one of the quickest bucks I’ve made out of any other website.

Read on and I’ll share my experience with you !

What is Rewarding Ways?

Rewarding Ways is another “get paid to” website where you can earn money by completing tasks. They are by 99Ventures, a company that owns other similar sites like OfferNation.

Just like any other GPT site like PrizeRebel or Swagbucks they have your usual offer walls and surveys. There is one distinct difference though.

You can earn both real money and points depending on what you do, surveys usually reward you with points while offers give you points.

Rewarding Ways is international and anyone can join.

How to make money

1. Surveys

To me, surveys seem to be the most appealing because they offer you money instead of points, although a minority of surveys are in points. Their site also offers a lot of surveys to the point where I initially thought that it was just a survey site.

Another difference that you should be aware of is the submit button. After finishing a survey you can click on submit to tell them that you’ve finished it.

Rewarding Ways Surveys

Clicking submit when you’re disqualified will not make you any money, I’ve tried.

You’ll also need to sort your surveys to be location specific or you’ll waste your time clicking on surveys meant for other countries.

2. Offers

Your standard offer walls that you can find anywhere like OfferToro, Trialpay or Adgate Media.

There is also a pay to click wall that makes you like 0.005 points for clicking on something.

Most of the offers I’ve seen (  I don’t usually do offers ) reward you in points and I’ve not seen any that pays in money. It could be that I just don’t do them much though.

This doesn’t mean that they net you lesser returns compared to surveys, some obviously reward a high amount of points and when converted it can surpass survey earnings.

3. Affiliate Program

Being an affiliate means you refer people to join Rewarding Ways which is also common among GPT sites.

Their affiliate or referral program is pretty straight forward, you make 25% of what your referrals earn. You’ll be given your own unique referral link to invite people.

4. Prize Contest

Most other sites offer some kind of sweepstakes or prize drawing, which I mostly don’t join.

Rewarding Ways on the other hand only has one contest, and I have to admit it is pretty cool.

Every month there will be a $1000 prize pool give out to the top 20 earners in Rewarding Ways. This is not gambling, just pure hard work.

Of course the higher your rank is the more you earn. The top earner can get $350 but from rank 11 onwards everyone gets $10, which is also pretty cool already. I mean, it’s still free money right?

I don’t know how easy it is though to get top 20, I’m too lazy too try.

How to cash out

Their cash out system is the main reason why I’m so excited to share Rewarding Ways with you guys.

The minimum amount of money you need to cash out is a grand sum of $1. I was blown away when I saw this. Currently I’m not aware of any other program that has a lower minimum cash out than this. If you do know of one do share it in the comments !

Alternatively you can convert your points to cash. 100 points will give you $1.

There aren’t any Amazon or Starbucks gift cards here though but I never go for those options anyway so it doesn’t affect me that much.

You can choose to get paid using Paypal, Skrill, Payza or in bitcoin ( no idea how this works ). I usually just use Paypal.

They also pay super fast and I’m very satisfied with their speed. Officially they say it can take a maximum of 24 hours to get paid ( which is normal ) but from my experience it is usually much faster.

My personal experience

The good news doesn’t stop there !

So when I wanted to cash out using paypal I realized that my paypal email was wrong. So I sent them a ticket telling them my problem. They asked me to contact them using email ( probably to verify that I’m the owner of the account or something ) so I sent them my correct paypal email.

I got a reply in under 2 hours and everything was done, just like that. So I clicked cash out and I got my money in less than 2 hours as well.

I honestly expected it to take a couple of days to get things sorted. Their speed and support really impressed me that day.

The good

  • International so anyone can sign up
  • super low $1 minimum cash out
  • there’s a lot of stuff to do but in my opinion surveys are the main money makers
  • amazing support (based on my own experience)

The bad

  • if you don’t check properly you will end up clicking on other surveys that aren’t meant for your country
  • paypal fee of 2% which isn’t present in other sites ( I’m not sure about the other options )

You might be asking, Isn’t this website just like any other GPT site, just with a lower minimum cash out requirement?

That is true. But the minimum cash out is more important than you think. When doing surveys or what not for money, we want to see the money. We want to see it fast.

On paper there is no difference between a $50 cash out and a $1 cash out requirement because you’re still making the same amount of money. You just get paid in a bigger lump.

The problem is the higher the requirement the less likely you are to reach it, where as a low requirement will almost guarantee your earnings.

There is also the fact that you can quit anytime when there is a low cash out requirement, you just earn the required amount, cash out and leave. If it takes $50 to cash out and you’re at $25, well you can’t quit can you or your $25 will go down the drain.

Is Rewarding Ways Worth your time?

By now you can probably tell I’m gonna say yes. This was the easiest $1 in my life as well, it just took me 2 surveys !

I sincerely recommend you to try it out, 2 surveys will only take you about 30 minutes. If you don’t like it no worries, just cash out and walk away, your efforts aren’t wasted.

I’m not saying that you should do this full time though, $2 an hour isn’t anything great. It is amazing though if you want to make a quick buck or if you’re just bored.

If you’re looking to make money online full-time I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below,



4 thoughts on “Rewarding Ways Review – The Fastest and Easiest Way to Earn $1?

  1. Anthony Dunne

    Hi Lucas,
    Great post on what looks like a legit and easy way to make a quick dollar online. I have only tried companies like Clixsence and Opinion World in the past but their minimum payout is much more, this makes it really hard to get a payout.
    I completely agree with what you said about this technique not being able to give full-time income, but if you need a few extra dollars for its perfect.
    Thanks for sharing this opportunity maybe one day when I am bored I’ll give it a go!

    1. Lucas Post author

      Hey Anthony ! Most similar companies out there can’t match the minimum payout of Rewarding Ways since it is just $1 which is why I think this is it’s strongest point. It won’t make you rich or anything, but knowing that the opportunity exists you can try it out anytime.

      Hope you have fun when you do try it 😀

  2. Wenda

    Wow, I’ve never even heard of “offers” before I thought they were all scams, I’m so glad I read this post. Which one is your absolute favorite? I agree with what you wrote about survey’s and I feel the same way about secret shoppers, there is money but it’s not really worth the time investment.

    1. Lucas Post author

      Hey Wenda, offers aren’t scams in my opinion, just companies advertising in a way to get more users or viewers. As far as offers go I usually find those that requires me to play games, there are quite a lot of those and I get to have fun while making money as well.

      Although with Rewarding Ways I don’t need to go for offers ( usually higher paying ) because surveys are enough to let me cash out anyway. In that case I would save the offers for other websites like Swagbucks and just do the surveys over here.


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