SFI Review – Is SFI a Scam? Affiliate Network? or MLM?

By | March 28, 2017


What is SFI?

SFI has been called a few names like six figure income or strong figure international marketing group. They have also been addressed as a few different businesses, like affiliate network or MLM.

SFI has been around for more than 10 years so I do believe that they are legit. In my opinion, they are much more complicated than any old MLM or affiliate network, perhaps a mix of both.

When you first join SFI it becomes extremely obvious that they heavily promote Tripleclicks ( TC ), which is like an e-commerce site ( something like ebay or amazon ).

The good thing is that it is free to sign up.

How do you make money with SFI?

1. Naturally, since it promotes TripleClicks so heavily you can make money through TripleClicks affiliate marketing. It is very much like Amazon Associates where you look for a product you like, get the link for it and promote the product.

2. Other than promoting the existing products, you can also invite other sellers to sell their products on TripleClicks, in which you will earn royalties for when they make a sale.

3. The coolest thing I’ve seen is that 40% of their sales every month are shared with all affiliates called the TripleClicks Executive Pool, but you do need to achieve 1500 VersaPoints in that month to be able to get your cut. ( more on VersaPoints later )

4. Very quickly, upon joining SFI your account will be credited with a $20 sign up bonus, which you can only cash out once you’ve made your first sale, which is fair. There are also tasks that give you up to $30 on top of the initial sign up bonus like confirming your email, white listing sfi emails, and answering some profile questions. All these are compulsory.

Getting Sales

They do give you some suggestions on how to get sales, but some methods listed here are so ridiculous they made me laugh so bad. There are some methods which at first glance seems stupid, but after some thought they seem pretty clever.

Here’s a list of some suggestions ( there are more on the official website ) :

  • Share TripleClicks X-Card ( which is like a card offering a free TC membership ) with your friends and family
  • “Accidentally” leave it on a taxi
  • Refer friends and family with your affiliate link
  • Contact small stores to give out TC X-Cards to customers for you, paying them 3-10 cents each time
  • Leave the card as a tip in restaurants
  • Get your own domain and have it redirect to your TC affiliate link
  • Get a car sign on your own car to promote ( WOW )
  • You are also given your own “gateways”, which is like a one page website to promote SFI

SFI gateways

To be honest most of the traffic methods involves you asking the people around you to sign up, which in my opinion is a bad idea. If you’re into affiliate marketing you should find real leads and make sales on your own.

If you depend on friends and family you’re basically just living off their money but in a more indirect way. The only exception is of course if you genuinely want to suggest SFI or a TC product to them.

Some methods are just plain stupid like leaving it in a taxi. However I do like contacting a local store and sort of partnering with them, you pay them a small amount for each card they give out. This is basically advertising.

From my point of view I don’t really think the sales methods are anything phenomenal. You can actually come up with them yourself if you think outside the box, or better. If I were to join a program like this I’d be looking for one that teaches you how to market online effectively ( facebook ads or something ).

How to earn VersaPoints

There are a few ways in which you can make 1500 points a month.

As a SFI member you will have your own to-do list with tons of tasks that grant you VersaPoints.

When you start out there are a lot of “getting started” points to be made, which includes completing your profile, liking SFI Facebook page or TripleClicks Facebook page, reading the SFI compensation plan etc. These are mostly one time tasks.

You also have your daily, weekly and monthly tasks. These tasks include reviewing the to-do list daily or the forums, reaching specific goals each month or sending out support messages to your team.

I believe the most effective ways to earn points would be to make sales on Tripleclicks or recruit affiliates into the program.

Is there training?

They do have training, but I find it underwhelming. Then again it is free so I guess it can’t be helped.

Most of the training centers around promoting SFI or Tripleclicks, while the general training ( knowledge that can be applied elsewhere ) is pretty minimal.

I don’t seem to see any form of video training, just articles. To be honest most of the information can be found on the Internet for free as well.

The training here isn’t one of their strong points.

What about the MLM part?

There are 2 ways that you can benefit from your team ( people under you ), for VersaPoints or for money directly.

To earn VersaPoints from your team, you need to be a team leader ( they have 5 different team leader levels ). To become a team leader you need to make a certain amount of points each month, the more points you make the higher your leader level. You also need to bring people in to SFI.

The way it works is that if you want to be a gold level leader, 2 of your brought in referrals need to be at least silver level,  if you want diamond ( which is one level above gold ) 2 of them need to be at least gold level and so on.

You will earn a 45% commission on what your referrals earn and this is how your down-line can make you money.

There is also something called Co-sponsored affiliates, which are members who have no team leader, either because their original leader left or they didn’t sign up under anyone. You will earn a 15% commission on their earnings if you are assigned one.

You get them if you achieve 1500 VersaPoints each month, or by winning them in other prize competitions.

Can you actually make money with SFI?

With SFI as big as they are you most definitely can. To me they are just another e-commerce site that promotes a lot and want you to help them promote a lot.

It is very hard  to classify them however, they are literally a bit of everything. But from what I see their main focus is TripleClicks.

They don’t really teach you anything though which is why I doubt it is suitable for newbies or those that want to learn Internet marketing. Also, their website isn’t exactly user friendly, there’s just too much stuff going on here.

To me they seem a bit too messy but I do want to clarify, they are 100% legit and they will not scam your money, technically you don’t even have to spend any money to make money ( if you know what you’re doing ).

They are also not a get rich quick scheme, you do have to put in the work to promote SFI or TC ( which is why they give you sales suggestions ) just like any other business out there.



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