Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review – Is It Really Worth Your Money?

By | February 8, 2017

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez has become extremely popular lately. I mean, he’s freaking all over Youtube !

There are a lot of stories about him, many people love him, many people hate him as well.

My favourite comment though is whether you hate him or love him he will still be making money.

Back to the point, my Tai Lopez 67 steps review is here to help you decide whether or not it is worth $67.

The 67 Steps

Tai Lopez launched his own product, called the 67 Steps.

It is a collection of pretty much everything he has learned throughout the years that help him succeed.

It is more into the self help category rather than finance or investment or business. Although he claims that the 67 steps can help anyone succeed in all aspects of life like health or your love life.

In case you haven’t already guessed, there are 67 videos lessons.

Is the 67 Steps a Scam?

If you’ve been digging around, you would definitely find negative comments about Tai Lopez.

Some claim that the cars and his house are rented and stuff, or he may just come off as a douche since he starts his videos by showing off his new car.

This might make you think twice before deciding to pay $67 for this guys course.

Despite all the negative impressions, I believe the 67 steps is a good course and the advice he gives in it are solid.


If you watch his videos, he repeats the fact ( a lot ) that he reads a book everyday, which is a good thing. He also recommends a lot of books.

My girlfriend has read some of them and tells me about them so I know for a fact that these are really good books.

So, if his videos are based off these books you have nothing to worry about. The videos give good information and is far from being a scam.

So the 67 Steps isn’t a scam, but is it worth $67?

I believe the answer to this question would be different for everyone.

In my opinion, if you are lazy ( as in to read a book ) but still want to improve, then yes for $67 it is reasonably priced.

It isn’t like some stupid programs or scams out there that can go up to thousands of dollars, being $67 it is pretty affordable

Heck, I’d rather you spend $67 dollars on the 67 steps rather than blowing it off on games or clothes or whatever.

Each video’s length is about 30 – 60 minutes so you do have quite a bit of content here. The lessons are good and he does explain his concepts and ideas well.

Would I personally buy it?

Honestly I wouldn’t pay $67.

Why? Because you can get it for less than $67 if you really want to

Yes you can actually get this information for a cheaper price. Like I said he recommends a few books and if you try hard enough you can actually get a free pdf online.

One example would be Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence people” ( you should read this it’s a good book ).

Also, Tai Lopez has his own Youtube channel.

Why does this matter? Because if you notice, he likes to repeat his stories and his channel has a decent amount of videos as well where he shares his knowledge.

You can just watch those videos if you want to learn something. To be honest even other people are posting his lessons on Youtube just try searching for yourself.

Some guys are even kind enough to give a summary of the 67 steps. Flexyourbrain actually gives a pretty good summary as well as his recommended book list which you should definitely check out.

Someone also took some notes on the 67 steps.

With all these points in mind you can definitely put together everything for less than $67. You just have to spend more time searching and actually reading the books yourself. Which is why I said that if you’re lazy $67 is a good deal.

A word of caution

If you do decide to buy Tai Lopez 67 Steps, it is not a one time payment.

If you read the fine print it is actually a monthly payment. Pretty much every single review out there will tell you this.

This is the only point that I hate about the 67 steps. Other than that you don’t have to worry because they use ClickBank which can be trusted as a medium. So if you do want a refund ClickBank will handle it well for you.

Final Verdict

You should focus on the main point here – the 67 steps. Whether or not Tai Lopez is a scam doesn’t matter for now. All we want is to learn something.

In that case I do believe the 67 steps is a good course and it is definitely worth $67.

Whether or not it is worth it would ultimately depend on you. If you have the time and patience I suggest you go read the books. If you don’t then watch the videos.

Also, don’t just stop here, there are tons of amazing self help books out there for you. You can even find most of them for free ( bless the Internet ).

Taking the time to read regularly would mean that you are constantly improving.

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2 thoughts on “Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review – Is It Really Worth Your Money?

  1. Cameron

    I had seen a few of Tai Lopez’s videos on youtube – and yes, his videos are ALL OVER it, but I didn’t know that he had a 67 steps program. Thank you for the information on it! I definitely agree on the importance of reading daily, but if I’m going to be paying anything, it might as well be paying one-time fees for books (or as you suggested, the free pdf downloads). That’s just my opinion!

    1. Lucas Post author

      No problem man glad you liked it 😀

      His recurring monthly payment is probably the biggest problem with the 67 steps, as you said books are a one time payment anyway.

      But of course some people might not have the time to read regularly in which case the 67 steps can benefit them.


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