Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Program Review – Will SMMA 2.0 Really Help You Make $100,000+ Per Month?

By | October 3, 2018

Tai Lopez is back with another program to help you make money !

This time it’s the new and improved version of his Social Media Marketing Agency course, hence why it’s called SMMA 2.0. This program teaches you how to get business owners as clients and help them run their social media marketing.

Tai thinks that a lot of these small business owners aren’t into social media so they would pay a hefty sum to someone who can manage it for them.

I remember seeing his Ad on YouTube sometime ago on SMMA, it was him sitting and having a talk with one of his top students at that time, they were discussing about his income, I think it was like 5 figures or something.

Now, Tai Lopez is using a similar YouTube video to promote SMMA 2.0, but this time his top student seems to be making $100,000 + per month !

His ads aside, you’re probably here because you want to know if SMMA 2.0 is worth your investment right?

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Firstly, lets talk about Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency

I remember seeing a lot of comments on YouTube calling him a scam, the popular phrase is that Tai is someone who “fakes it till he makes it”. In other words, he pretends to be rich, people believe him and buy into whatever course he’s promoting.

For what it’s worth, he is plenty rich now that we can say for sure.

He’s been on TedX talks, been on interviews with pretty famous people, I even remember him getting that Fast and Furious 3 guy on his YouTube video once. Not to mention he also had an interview session with Neil Patel.

My point is, whatever he was before ( I’m not saying he faked it, I’m just saying it doesn’t matter anymore ) is in the past. He is clearly a pro at marketing now, especially social media marketing.

I mean, have you seen the amount of YouTube views he has?

What is Social Media Marketing Agency ( SMMA ) ?

The whole idea of SMMA 2.0 is to teach you how to get clients and run their social media marketing campaign for them. Once you get a contract with a client, you’ll get paid a set amount of money every month to do your job.

From what I’ve heard, you can charge these businesses anything between $1000 to $10,000 per month.

SMMA 2.0 is a 4-months long training program filled with a bunch of training videos. In addition to these tutorial videos, you’ll also get live coaching sessions to keep you updated on the latest social media marketing tactics.

This is the SMMA 2.0 program outline :

Month 1 – Business set up

Month 2 – Mastering Social Media Marketing

Month 3 – Acquiring clients

Month 4 – Automating, servicing and building your team

In total there are about 60+ hours of training videos, so knock yourself out !

What’s the most surprising thing about SMMA 2.0?

So far, the course looks really good, the game plan is solid, the training looks thorough. To be honest with you I was expecting it to cost at least 4 figures.

Guess what ? It will only cost you a one time payment of $497, or you can choose to pay in 3 installments of $197 each.

After you’ve paid, you are given lifetime access, you don’t have to keep paying to continue to be part of this program.

Oh right, I forgot to mention some other perks as well like access to his SMMA Facebook group and scripts to help you close deals with your clients.

Can you really make money with Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 program?

So this is the million dollar question isn’t it?

Obviously you’re looking into this program to make money right?

If we look at the numbers, if you only have 1 business client and you’re getting paid $1000 per month, you would already have easily made your money back.

What if you could get 2 or 3 or even 5 clients?

What if you could charge more ?

I’ve seen a guy charge like $30000 for a client on one of Tai Lopez success stories page.

But of course, these results are never a guarantee that you’ll do this well.

However, in my opinion you will most definitely be able to make money with SMMA 2.0, even if you can’t get a single client.

That’s because SMMA 2.0 is more powerful than you think.

We all know that Social Media is really big nowadays. What Tai recommends is that you work for some other business with their social media marketing right ?

But don’t forget, with the knowledge that you’ve gained, you can always just work for yourself.

Let me explain this further, with more and more people joining SMMA 2.0, these businesses will have more people to choose from. If the demand for hired social media marketers go down you might find it hard to land a client. ( I’m just stating sort of the worst case scenario here )

At this point your best bet is to take your social media marketing knowledge, and apply it to some other way of making money online, like affiliate marketing for example.

Surely you don’t have an excuse to not make money if you’re working for yourself right?

The bottom line

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency is definitely not a scam. Tai Lopez is a legit Internet Marketer.

SMMA 2.0 is a great bargain for it’s price and if this is what you’re interested in, I’d say go for it.

Just remember what I said about working for yourself. Getting clients will pay you well, but at the end of the day you’re still working for someone else.

Your ultimate goal should be to work for yourself and run your own business.

So, if you do get on SMMA 2.0, do look in to some other Affiliate Marketing training as well to future proof your financial plan.

What if $500 is still too much for you?

When I first started making money online, I was always skeptical about programs like these. Sure you can listen to me tell you all day about how good this or that program is, but in the end you just don’t feel safe investing your money right ?

I totally get it though, the Internet can be a scary place full of scammers so it’s good that you are being cautious.

I will say say though the program that sort of “broke the ice” for me was Wealthy Affiliate. The reason for that is because they have a free membership.

I really wanted to find a way to make money online at that time but I just wasn’t ready to invest my money in these programs yet so a program like this was perfect for me when I first started out.

11 thoughts on “Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Program Review – Will SMMA 2.0 Really Help You Make $100,000+ Per Month?

  1. Paul


    I used to watch all motivational videos on Youtube and Tai was a constant annoyance and I would not listen to a second of him.However as you mentioned I one day watched him speak on TED and I had a completely different attitude toward him.The guy is certainly switched on and has done the homework and has the butter on his bread.

    I for one am not interested right now but we never know what the future holds

    Thanks for this


    1. Lucas Post author

      I know what you mean Paul, he has a TON of ads on Youtube.

      I think everyone was skeptical of him at first because of this earlier advertising videos of him showing off his cars or something.

      Eventually though people started realizing that this dude actually made a lot of money haha.

  2. Michelle Phillips

    Thanks for the well-rounded review.  It sounds like a great program – as you say though, since $500 is not easy to come by and there are a lot of scammers out there, it’s difficult to know whether to trust them or not with our money.  Do they offer a money back guarantee as some other are offering on the internet?

    When I can get a bit of spare cash I’d like to give this a go! 

    Thanks again,


    1. Lucas Post author

      To be honest with the amount of reputation Tai has, I doubt he would want to scam someone and risk some negativity.

      With that said I fully understand why you would want a refund just in case but unfortunately I don’t see anywhere that suggests that that is possible.

      I guess your best bet is the 3 days free trial.

  3. Kit

    I know this guy. I know him by YouTube. It is shown that once your are popular, you can charge huge amounts of money and there will people accept the offer. To be a person who is able to present in Ted talks seems credible but I am not interested in his ways. I believe in Wealthy Affiliate and its education. It is very beginner friendly and do not require big amount of money to burn.

    1. Lucas Post author

      I understand that $500 is a lot of money but in my honest opinion, it is still passable. There are some less credible programs out there that cost way more.

      I think that Wealthy Affiliate, while being cheaper isn’t a good program to compare Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 to because they are both really different methods of making money online. I think both these programs compliment each other instead.

  4. sanjay

    I saw his youtube presentation yesterday and it was a little overwhelming to me. Right now I don’t have enough money to invest in his course but definitely learned a new way of making money from social media just by watching his free videos. Is there any alternative to this course that does not cost high and capable of producing the similar result in terms of money?

  5. Kara


    I have never understood how people pay money (a lot of money) just to buy something from someone famous!  If something works for everyone there would be no need to charge an arm and leg for it!  Money making programs are no different.  If someone is advertising their program for hundreds of dollars it is probably going to target only the few individuals who will make money because they already have money.  For most of us out here trying to make it online we don’t have hundreds to spend!  I’m not saying these programs don’t work but if they are charging so much for them they are defiantly targeting less then the mass population! I appreciate the background you put into this article. 



    1. Lucas Post author

      I fully agree with your statement. But I guess some people charge a higher fee to separate the serious students from those that are just testing things out.

      I mean if I’m going to give you time and coach you, I’d be pretty disappointed as well if you don’t take it seriously, even if you are paying me.

  6. Janrell

    Stumbled on this site and thanks for introducing this Tai guy. I probably would never have heard of him nor his courses form this part of the world where I am from.  Have seen many of these so call self-made millionaire gurus on youtube but I hope this one is not just the other ones…

    Let me check out what he has to offer and I will decide 🙂

  7. Maria

    Your article is great, very honest, and explain all about Tai Lopez new program. I am sorry to say that it is the first time I hear about him. I looked in Internet and I saw about his program. For me the best program is in Wealthy Affiliate, as you said too. Great article, very informative, no doubts I choose the best.


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