Tecademics Review – Is This Really an Internet Marketing College?

By | May 18, 2017


What is Tecademics?

A lot of people refer to Tecademics as an Internet Marketing College. The reason is that Tecademics is a program that teaches you about anything related to Internet Marketing.

In case you’re wondering, their name comes from the words technology and academics.

The founder of Tecademics is Chris record, who was an Empower Network member. He has released some products before, with the most popular one being dark post profits.


I would consider Tecademics very similar to a MLM, one of the reasons being their tier based product list.

1. TEC – The Entreprenuer club

  • this is the basic product, a starting point.
  • access to forum
  • $100 per month

2. IMPACT – Internet Marketing Principles And Core Training

  • They call it the Electronic encyclopedia of Internet Marketing
  • $2000

3. Masters – Something like a Masters degree??

  • $10000
  • 2 people to attend
  • tuition with highly successful Internet marketers

How do you make money with Tecademics?

As I’ve said before this program is very similar to a MLM, so it does involve some sort of compensation plan.

Here’s how it works:

Your first sale on any product, is called an activation sale. When you make an activation sale, 40% of the price of that product will be rewarded to the affiliate that recruited you.

You get nothing at this point.

Upon making your next 2 sales, the profits ( which is 40% of the product price ) will be split 50/50 between you and the affiliate that recruited you.

The next 4 sales you make however are yours to keep, meaning you keep the whole 40% of the product price.

On the 5th sale, you then split the profits again with your upline, also in a 50/50 manner. The trend continues with you getting the profits from 4 sales and splitting the 5th sale.

What’s different between Tecademics and other MLMs?

Honestly I was a little surprised, almost all MLMs I’ve seen require you to buy the product in order to make a commission out of it. This is where Tecademics is different.

You have a choice of buying it or making an activation sale, as stated above.

Also, unlike other MLMs, this one doesn’t involve any coaches or sales team. Which means other than getting leads it is your job to convert your leads into sales as well.

Can you make money with Tecademics?

In my honest opinion, and I say this for all MLMs ( even if Tecademics is slightly different ) I don’t think you will make money if you are a beginner.

While it is free to become a member, you’d have to activate your first product somehow and they do offer a choice of you making a sale but as a newbie how do you make a sale if you don’t have any training from the product itself?

Chances are you would end up buying it to activate it anyway.

Also, the nature of MLMs is that they will eventually collapse under their own weight one day. I mean, if everyone becomes a seller eventually the sellers will outnumber the buyers.

The only exception is that if you’re intending to buy Tecademics for the training only. This is definitely a rare case and if you are considering this path, do keep in mind that this is a very pricey course, there are definitely cheaper ones out there.

Is Tecademics a scam?

Tecademics is definitely not a scam. It just simply isn’t suited for a beginner and those that call it a scam are probably those that don’t have the skills to benefit from it.

You can make decent money from it because if you think about it 40% commission is pretty decent.

Final thoughts

I know this guy has skill, his teachings are probably solid as well. I mean, he does have experience with other MLMs and this isn’t even his first product.

Nevertheless it is still too expensive for my taste. The only reason you would buy it is if you intend on making money from the commission, because you get quite a sum just from making one sale.

Of course as a beginner I don’t think this is your aim, this is a high ticket product and it takes skill to be able to market it well.

I do find one thing annoying though, the fact that they call themselves an Internet Marketing college or whatever. This is no degree and Internet Marketing information can be easily found for free.

A good example would be Wealthy Affiliate.

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