The 5 Major Red Flags You Should Look Out For To Not Get Scammed Online

By | September 10, 2018

Red Flags of Scams

So recently I’ve just been scrolling through Facebook, you know just minding my own business.

When an interesting advertisement came up. It was about my country and how my newly elected prime minister plans to help it financially.

You see, my country seems to be in debt so this new prime minister has to some how fix these problems.

Well I clicked on this advertisement since I am interested in my country’s news.

As I’m reading this, it brings up many big names in my country, constantly showing pictures of the richest dudes in my country. Something about how this new investment that the prime minister is making is going to help the citizens.

Scrolling… scrolling…

Eventually it said bitcoin.

It also said that we are investing in some bitcoin software because this software can somehow automatically help the country citizens make money.

Needless to say at this point I finally realized this was a load of crap.

I will be covering this scam program in another post all together but I do want to highlight some key points here.

1. This scam was very well thought out.

I’m not kidding. It legit felt like some news article. They used actually pictures of these millionaires. They got the name of my prime minister right.

The certainly did their research because most of the information they added to back up their claims were correct.

2. There was a lot of effort put into this scam.

So usually, scams aren’t this detailed.

Most scams I see online have some crappy site and you can usually tell it’s a scam just by reading the first paragraph because they have some much bull shit information.

3. This scam was super tailored to tricking people from my country.

Again these must have done some serious research. Imagine if they plan on scamming other countries as well, they would have to write up another article and do more research.


What’s my point here?

See, what inspired me to write this post was that for someone like me whose seen tons of scams online, this scam almost had me. No joke.

This got me thinking, I’ve never actually encountered an actual well put together scam before because no scammer would go to such lengths.

But if this scam almost got me, what about others who don’t have as much as experience?

This is the motivation for this post.

So I’m going to share with you 5 warning signs that you should watch out for if you want to avoid being scammed.

1. They have some kind of “autopilot system”

I’ve seen too many scams make a claim like this :

” Just register with $100 ! Then, our ground breaking software will automatically invest your money and steadily grow your income ! It essentially makes money on autopilot !”

Yup, it’s absolute bull shit.

There is no software that will help you make money automatically. Just think about it logically.

If you really want to make some money online, you have to work for it because the real autopilot systems are made by marketers out there personally.

It takes them months to fine tune their advertisements and offers to find a system that makes them money automatically

2. Testimonials that are too good to be true

I suppose that this is pretty hard to identify, I mean, how do you tell if the testimonials are true?

One way is to look at the monetary gains.

If the testimonials say something like investing in $100 and making $10000 in profits in a week, it’s probably a lie.

Again realistically, it’s not that easy to make money online, let alone $10000 in a single week. People take like what, 5 years of hard work to see that kind of income?

If you want to tell if a testimonial is true, a general rule of thumb is something along the lines of something like hundreds per week, or $1000 per month. This is a very realistic amount for a beginner.

Of course this is just a rough guide, it isn’t always true but if you think about it, a fake testimonial won’t report a small number in profit because their aim is to trick you, so I guess you could say that the lower the earnings the more realistic it is.

3. The program gives you tons of guarantees and promises

There are 2 kinds of programs like this. One of them is full of lies ( like they are actually just lying to you ) and the other one shows a bunch of good results with some tiny disclaimer at the bottom of the page that no one reads.

a) The program that is full of lies

Basically, they tell you a bunch of crap and somehow try to convince you that you are guaranteed to make like $2000 in a week or something.

Throw in the fact that they might tell you something like if you don’t make that amount in a week, they’ll give you a guaranteed refund !

Or better yet if you don’t make money, they might even reimburse you.

Yup programs like these are just full of lies, you won’t be making money and you won’t be getting a refund. The funny thing is, these scams don’t even care or bother to at least cover it up.

b) The program with a tiny disclaimer

This kind of program tries to sell you the dream.

They show you all those cool sport cars or huge mansions and stuff, telling you how their rags to riches story, etc …

However, if you look closely, there might be some sort of disclaimer that says something a long the lines of ” These results are not normal, this program has huge risks, blah blah blah ”

You get the picture. In essence, it’s like they’re lying to you, but not actually lying to you. It’s a clever way to have sort of a back up plan when they get complains.

4. They tell you that it’s “easy”

So here’s the thing, no matter what you’re doing online to make money, it’s not going to be easy especially for a beginner.

All the legit programs will say that you need to put in the hard work, and that’s completely normal. At this point you should stop expecting “easy money”.

Because scams take advantage of this, they take advantage of the fact that most people who know nothing about making money online think that it’s easy just because it’s online.

As a comparison, you can try out the training program that helped me start making money with this very blog, you will see that there are no short cuts, just honest hard work.

5. It Costs A Bomb

Ok, this isn’t a scam per se, but I do want you to watch out for this red flag as well.

Basically, we call this high ticket programs, where it costs like what,$20000 to get in. Of course you’ll get to make thousands of dollars in commissions as well.

However, what they don’t tell you is that programs like these aren’t for beginners. If you are still at the point where you can’t tell between a legit program and a scam, you aren’t ready for high ticket programs.

Again don’t get me wrong, they aren’t scams, they’re just meant for really experienced marketers out there. So if you come in with no experience and pay that $20000, you’re not gonna be able to make the most our of it.



4 thoughts on “The 5 Major Red Flags You Should Look Out For To Not Get Scammed Online

  1. Natalia

    That’s very ineresting article. It’s very appealing ,as it happened to me recently.It was says one thing and then after couple clicks went to this work online scams.
    May be you can post here like names or logos or something of scam ads?

    1. Lucas Post author

      Hey Natalia. Sorry to hear that this happened to you recently. This just goes to show how important being educated is ( in terms of the online world ). I will try my best to expose those scams out there, but of course I alone can’t cover everything which is why you need to understand how to spot a scam yourself as well.

  2. Clay Westfall

    Now that I have read this article, I can look back at all the scams I have been exposed to over the years. I still don’t get the Bitcoin… it’s like buying a shadow. Anyway, your insight to these shifty business opportunities will help me to better gauge the next scam I come across. Thank you for the in-depth look at the dark side!

    1. Lucas Post author

      Hey man glad I could help. Bitcoin itself requires a lot of understanding, I’ve actually done a university project on it ( at least the technology side of it ) and I’ve discovered that there is much to learn.


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