The Best 5 Tools to Check your Google Rankings

By | May 13, 2017

Checking Google Rankings

For your website to be successful, it is important to always look at your metrics and analyze how your website is doing, naturally one of the key metrics is search engine rankings and more often than not you will be focusing on Google rankings ( although other search engines are important as well ! ).

This is why I’m going to share with you 5 amazing tools that you can use to check your Google rankings.

1. Serplab

Serplab is definitely my favourite out of all the tools listed here.

For one, they let you check multiple keywords at a time. You can also create your own projects if you sign up with serplab, and this is the feature that I use the most.

You add keywords to your project and your serp bot will automatically track and update your rankings for you.

Apparently my serp bot is called Trurl.

Serplab serpbot

I’m only using the free membership here, so it updates every 24 hours.

This might be too slow since a lot can happen in a day, and bear in mind if the keyword rankings were updated 23 hours ago what you’re seeing probably won’t be accurate.

You will get to see data like, previous rankings, or that particular keyword’s highest ranking and when the previous search was conducted.

Serplab rankings data

There is an option to upgrade ( buying more serp bots to help you track your rankings ) but I’ve not looked into that. In my case, the free membership will do and I’m very happy with serplab.

2. Seo Centro

Next up on the list we have SeoCentro’s keyword rank checker.

The reason I like this is because out of all the tools here, I believe this one is the fastest.

Another great feature is that you can search the ranking for your website along with a competitor’s website. This is convenient for your competitor analysis.

Seo Centro rankings data

Considering that this checker also generates the entire top 50 or so Google sites and top 25 Yahoo/Bing sites for your particular keyword in record time, I’d say the speed is pretty good.

All in all, this is a really convenient tool and since it shows so many other sites that are ranking for your searched keyword it is so easy to do a competitor analysis.

The bad news is that you’re limited to 5 searches per day as a free user, but you can get unlimited searches when you sign up.

3. Search Engine Genie

Search engine genie’s Google rank checker is the most straight forward tool on this list.

When you search for your rankings for a particular keyword, they only return your position on Google, that’s it. You don’t get any other data here.

But, they do have one other feature. You can select the country that you want to search from. You can check your keyword rankings as if you’re searching from practically any country ( I’m not too sure since the list is so long ).

Trust me you will see a difference in rankings.

One interesting thing about search engine genie is that it has a wide variety of checking tools, from a plagiarism checker to a Google sandbox checker which will also prove useful to you.

4. Serpstat

Serpstat isn’t just a keyword rank checking tool, they actually give you a ton of information about your website.

They have a section that shows you your top keywords, along with it’s metrics like search volume and CPC, pretty standard stuff.

One of my favourite features of serpstat is that they have a section which shows you your top pages. These are pages with the most keywords that are ranked under 50 on Google.

Top pages on serpstat

Why is this so cool?

Because not only do you get to check the rankings of your top keywords, you also get an idea on your pages other ranked keywords, keywords that you probably didn’t plan on targeting.

Of course, serpstat as a whole is so much more than a keyword rank checker, they give you a ton of information and you should take advantage of that. Using it for rank checking alone does seem like a waste.

Also, you do get the option to create your own projects. Similar to serplab you can check your rankings for multiple keywords and they get updated every 24 hours. Upgrading your membership will let you search for more keyword positions.

I do want to say though, this is a very useful tool for any blogger out there. The 1 thing that might be a problem would be that it can be confusing at first since it has so much data and tools on the website.

5. Serps Rank Checker

This was the first rank checker I’ve ever used. It is relatively simply, you type in your keyword and your website and it shows you the position.

There are some parameters you can adjust like the search engine ( Google or Yahoo ), switching from desktop to mobile, or you can do a search from an exact location.

Serps rank checker

As always you get the standard information like, average monthly searches or CPC.

If you leave the domain box empty, the program will show you the top 250 sites that rank for that keyword ( because they only search the top 250 sites ).

This tool is solid and it does what it does well, my only issue is that it can be pretty slow, when you compare it’s speed to the other rank checkers the slow speed seems rather unnecessary.



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