The Sad Truth – You Need The “D” To Make Money Online

By | September 4, 2018


You need discipline

It has been an extremely long time since I’ve last posted on my blog.

This long period of inactivity is what inspired me to write this post after such a long time.

Buckle up, cuz you’re about to learn a really tough lesson, through my mistake.

But wait ! What does this have to do with the truth about making money online?

Well I ain’t gonna spoil it, and even if I did, it might not hit you as hard as if you read what happened to me.

This is my personal online money making story :

I started making money back in 2017. I was probably just like you at first, skeptical, thinking that most programs out there were absolute scams ( to be fair most of them are ).

But I did manage to find one program about making money through blogging. It looked really promising ( after so long I still do think it is an amazing program ) so I finally went for it.

This was how I started “working” online.

Fast forward about 6 months ( or was it 9 ? ) and my blog, well this blog was coming along nicely. Since that program required a monthly membership fee this was the time when I started to break even and occasionally make a few extra dollars every month.

Needless to say this was when I thought that this stuff actually works.

Here’s where the problem started.

I became complacent.

In my mind I thought there was no pressure anymore, since I could take a break without losing out on anything. I mean, I was at least breaking even right ?

So this train of thought lead me to take more and more breaks, which eventually became a really long term break with excuses to myself like oh I just finished a really tough school project, I deserve a break !

This got so out of hand that I eventually picked up an online game, which made me addicted. Needless to say I stopped working on this site completely. ( feel free to check the date of the previous post by clicking on the home button on top )

Meanwhile, other members of the same program who started out around the same time that I did ( well give or take like 6 months ) were having some great success.

When we started out we barely made anything and now these guys are making 4 figures a month, like $3000+ per month.

My best month barely scraped $100.

Why did this happen?

Listen well cuz this is the important part – he was very disciplined.

Yes you need discipline to make money online. Forget about all the other stuff that you’ve heard. You don’t need some huge capital, you don’t need to be super smart, heck you don’t even need to have loads of spare time.

Why discipline though?

You see, it really isn’t about how fast you work ( in terms of blogging for money anyway ) because the most important aspect is regularly updating your blog.

Sort of like creating a schedule for yourself. Why do you think Youtubers have like an upload schedule?

See there was this guy in my program, let’s call him J. We were about the same age ( think university student ) which was why I sort of “monitored” him.

See, when I took breaks, he didn’t stop. Even till now, he’s still working hard on his own blog. This consistency and discipline is what made him a 4 figure earner online.

And just think, if I didn’t slack off, that could be me as well.

The huge period of inactivity really hurt my blog rankings, which reduced my traffic and basically my income.

So now let’s talk about you.

Are you as disciplined as J?

Really, without it, no program out there can help you.

I was lucky to stumble upon a legitimate program, but the problem was me. I was lazy and complacent which lead to things not working out.

See, I had a really really good opportunity there. I just lacked that self discipline to follow it through. It’s not easy dealing with this kind of mistake.

Just imagine if you were in my shoes, you would think that if you just worked harder you could have seen those amazing results by now.

Don’t make the same mistake that I did. This applies to all different methods of making money online, or just generally with anything that you’re doing.

Oh by the way, if you’re interested in the program that taught me how to make money through blogging, you can sign up here.


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