The Super Affiliate Network Review – Is The Super Affiliate Network a Scam?

By | July 2, 2017

The Super Affiliate Network

What is The Super Affiliate Network?

The Super Affiliate Network was created by an affiliate marketer called Misha Wilson. He is no doubt experienced and makes 6 figures a month doing affiliate marketing.

He created this program to teach others affiliate marketing and share his knowledge.

While this is an affiliate marketing training program, it is more geared towards email marketing campaigns and solo-ads.

How much does it cost to join the Super Affiliate Network?

To be honest I find the pricing structure to be a little bit weird.

For the basic membership, you get a $1 trial for the first month which is great. I believe you should be able to test out a program before deciding to spend money on it so this is something I’m happy to see.

The problem with this is that you will be charged $47 for the following months.

See, if you skip the $1 trial you actually get charged $37 per month instead, saving you $10.

This is the weird bit since I would think that they would encourage you to give their program a try, instead there is a trade off here.

Other payment options include :

  • A yearly basic membership payment for $297.
  • a plus membership of $200 monthly
  • VIP membership for $1997 a year
  • diamond coaching for $9000

How do you make money with The Super Affiliate Network?

So we know that they teach you affiliate marketing, but how exactly will you be making your money?

This is where your solo ads come in. A solo ad is something like a stand alone advertisement, where you send out the ad with nothing else ( usually by e-mail ).

If someone clicks on the ad, they will be taken to a sales page ( which comes with the membership, pretty cool ).

If they decide to buy what you offer you will make a commission.

The Super Affiliate Network encourages you to sell high ticket products (extremely expensive stuff) for huge commissions, but honestly you can sell anything you want. High ticket products are also usually harder to sell so keep that in mind.

You do have an option to promote The Super Affiliate Network as well since they have their own affiliate program.

However, the amount of commission you get will depend on your membership level.

I won’t dive into the details but you do get a 100% commission if you refer someone to sign up for the basic membership.

The problem here is that you get a 0% commission on plus membership, VIP membership and diamond coaching sales unless you are VIP member yourself then you get about a 33% commission.

So if you do decide to promote the higher priced items you should be sure to buy them yourself first or you’ll miss out on the commissions.

The Pros of The Super Affiliate Network

  • good and in depth training
  • $1 trial to get you started
  • you can apply the training to promote other products, not just The Super Affiliate Network
  • skype support from your mentor if you need help

The Cons of The Super Affiliate Network

  • a lot of upsells
  • nid to buy higher priced items to make a commission
  • need to wait for your coach to unlock when they think you are ready
  • more focused towards solo-ads ( there are other methods as well )

Can you really make money with The Super Affiliate Network?

Email marketing and solo ads are a proven method of making money, a lot of Internet marketers will be using this method as well.

So what you learn here will work for sure. They give good training as well and it is definitely beginner friendly.

You should work hard and follow the training and you will eventually make money.

Of course, the flip side is that you might need to spend some money first on advertising ( solo ads cost money ). It will also take you sometime to get the hang of using solo ads.

The idea sounds simple but in reality you might be spending money firing out your ads but no one buys your stuff. You need to learn how to target your audience as well for an effective ad campaign.

This might take some trial and error, so you might have to burn some money first before you can make money with a profitable ad campaign.

is The Super Affiliate Network a scam?

No, it is a good program that is perfect for a beginner as well.

Although it might be a bit confusing with all the upsells, but the quality is there.

What should you do now?

If you’re new to Internet Marketing and you plan to eventually make money online, I do suggest you try the program out and take advantage of the $1 trial.

If you like what you get you can start out with basic membership since it won’t cost you that much. By the time you get through most of the training you’ll probably have an idea about upgrading your membership further.

Do keep in mind that this program mostly focuses on solo ads and email marketing.

If you want to dive into the Internet Marketing business, there are much more to learn like other methods that you can use to make a sale.

You can check out Wealthy Affiliate as well, which costs about the same as The Super Affiliate Network but it is cheaper to implement since they teach you how to make sales with free traffic instead of paid traffic ( remember you have to pay for ads ).

Nevertheless, you would have to work hard regardless of whatever program you choose to join. Internet Marketing isn’t something that you can master in a day or two, it takes constant effort.

If you have any questions, do leave a comment below and I’ll help you out !


4 thoughts on “The Super Affiliate Network Review – Is The Super Affiliate Network a Scam?

  1. Diana

    Hi Lucas,

    The Super Affiliate Network sounds like a pretty decent business opportunity. Email marketing and solo ads have proven to be very efficient in providing sales.

    I’ve just recently started applying email marketing to my online business so this is a product I can definitely benefit from.

    I am going to take advantage of the $1 trial.

    I’m hoping to learn a thing or two about solo ads so that I can grow my email list. Solo ads are pricey like you said; so I’d rather learn as much as possible to avoid wasting my money.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Lucas Post author

      Hey Diana I’m glad you found my review helpful!

      I think email marketing could be considered the most powerful tool online for an Internet marketer seeing how almost everyone uses them.

      Good call btw with wanting to know more before diving right in with solo ads haha and I do hope that you’ll be able to make it work!

  2. Lee

    Thanks for the informative post Lucas, I will keep this in mind as one for the future. I started my journey into affiliate marketing by following “super affiliates” on YouTube.

    After spending some money on the training these people provided I was put off by the constant up sells. Thankfully I found Wealthy Affiliate and have been following their training programme for just under a month. From the detailed step by step training to the helpful WA community and many more resources available, I believe this is the place to be if you want to make it in affiliate marketing.


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