Top Tier Side Income Review – Is Top Tier Side Income a Scam or Is It Legit?

By | July 30, 2017

Top Tier Side Income

Top Tier Side Income is a pretty attractive program from what their promo video claims.

7$ to get started, a total of 73 million dollars paid out in commissions, and to top it off they say it’s easy and simple.

They call it a “done for you” sales system that pays you commissions from $1250 to $10000 !

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Let’s find out if it’s really that easy.

What is Top Tier Side Income?

Top Tier Side Income Logo

If you’ve been searching around for make money programs long enough you would have encountered a program called MOBE, by Matt Lloyd.

Oddly enough Top Tier Side Income was created by MOBE as well, so it’s some sort of new front for MOBE. Make no mistake, if you sign up for Top Tier Side Income you will ultimately be signing up for MOBE as well.

So What’s MOBE then?

Basically it is a MLM where you sell high ticket products ( really expensive products ). They do have a 21 step training system for you to help you know more about Internet marketing as well.

Your aim when you join MOBE or Top Tier Side Income is to get people to sign up for MOBE as well and buy it’s products.

When that happens you get a commission which is about 50% ( depending on the product ) of the product price.

How does Top Tier Side Income Work?

As I’ve said you have a series of training videos to go through. The cool things is you also get a personal coach.

You get to have Skype sessions with him and such and he will guide you through the training.

One key thing to note is that your coach is the person responsible for unlocking your training videos for you, so you can’t skip stuff.

You also have a sales team to back you up and help you close sales so you can focus on generating leads.

How do you make money with Top Tier Side Income?

The first thing you need to know is that your initial payment of $7 is for a 7 day trial only. To continue you need to pay $49 monthly.

This is cool and all since the price isn’t really anything that high. The problem is that if this is all you’re paying you won’t be able to make any money with this program.

Let me explain how MOBE works.

Remember those big commissions that they were talking about?

Well all MOBE products require you to buy them first if you intend to make a commission out of them.

You obviously don’t get any products with just $7 so in a sense it doesn’t just take $7 to get started.

The cheapest MOBE product is $2500 and the highest is about $30000 ( this is the one with a $10000 dollar commission by the way ).

This means that you need to spend money first to make money, and you have to spend a lot of money,

They talk about a 2 step process to make money and this is what it basically is.

You first have to recommend people to join MOBE and this is what they train you to do. They also provide you with banners and ads that you can use.

After you recommend someone, a MOBE sales person will help you follow up with that lead and try to sell them MOBE’s products.

If your lead ends up buying something from MOBE you will be paid a commission.

This is how it works and it does sound fairly simple doesn’t it?

Here’s the problem, sure they give you training but it takes skill to generate leads for a high ticket item.

Just ask any affiliate marketer or Internet marketer out there, it would have taken them years to get to where they are.

What I’m trying to say is that it will take you time and effort, and even some money for ad campaigns for you to make it big with MOBE or Top Tier Side Income.

The truth is there are many MOBE members and most of them aren’t making a lot of money. Only a fraction of them at the top are and those guys make really big bucks so the income distribution is kind of skewed.

With all that said, Top Tier Side Income does have it’s good points as well.

With such high priced products their commissions are pretty generous as well. I mean, just making one sale on the cheapest product will net you $1250!

You can probably imagine how easy it’ll be to make a living out of this.

Also, having a coach and someone to close sales for you is definitely a plus.

Can you really make money with Top Tier Side Income then?

You definitely can, the commissions are real and the potential is real but it isn’t as easy as they make it out to be.

It is easy to those who are experienced in this field, they know the ins and outs and are at the top of the food chain here.

They know how to generate their leads but you don’t.

That’s why you need the training but even so this isn’t something that you can pick up in 1 or 2 months, those pros have been doing it for years.

So if you’re starting from zero this may not be the best for you.

Think of this like a game, you’re at level 1 and this program is a level 10 boss, you’re just not ready for it yet.

Then is Top Tier Side Income a Scam?

There are definitely people earning good money from it out there so it’s not a scam.

Honestly this could work for you too one day but you need to put in a lot of effort and money though since the “entry fee” isn’t cheap.

What if you don’t have that kind of money? What do you do?

See, I don’t recommend you jumping to level 10 straight away, any gamer would know that’s insane.

I know all the high commissions are attractive but they come with a price as well – they are harder to sell.

As of now you should start with a smaller program, a level 1 program like Wealthy Affiliate.

The price is well affordable at $49 a month and that is all you need, it comes with websites and keyword tools and such.

The best part is there are no up sells and you have access to a ton of beginner friendly training all the way up to advanced marketing training.

What’s the secret to making money online?

The biggest secret is that you need a lot of time before you can learn the ropes.

Most people will fail simply because they want to make a lot of money very quickly.

That simply won’t happen and if you dive in with that mentality it won’t matter what program you join because this isn’t how it works, all programs will fail for you and all of them will seem like scams.

You need to take it step by step, and be prepared to spend a lot of time on this to make it work. Taking shortcuts won’t work here.



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