Tremor Games Review – Is It Possible to Get Paid Playing Online Games For Free?

By | February 25, 2017

Tremor Games

I am super excited to share this website with you guys. I’m no hardcore gamer but who wouldn’t want to get paid playing online games?

Let’s be honest here I’m sure many of you guys lurking the Internet would have played online games during some part of your life or even right now.

Although there are other ways to make money playing games today’s focus is mainly on Tremor Games.

What is Tremor Games?

Tremor games is a website that rewards you points for playing games. The concept is like Swagbucks or other “get paid to” websites out there but you don’t do surveys or what not here, only games.

Keep in mind that these games are sort of like mini browser games, not some MMORPG.

With that said the games are pretty chill and it doesn’t really take a lot of commitment to earn coins

What kind of games do they have?

The amount of games they have is crazy ( reminds me of miniclip ). I actually think they have thousands of games here.

There are plenty of different game genres for everyone, from fighting games to physics games. Last time I checked they had 54 pages on their games list.

Tremor Games Achievement Games

These are all mini games, they aren’t something you have to grind for hours or anything like that.

How do you earn Tremor coins?

You can earn points and coins. Points seem to help you level up and coins are what you use to buy games or items.

There are games that earn you coins and there are games that don’t. What you want to look our for is the achievement games section.

The idea is that you get rewarded for completing in game achievements. Those without said achievements won’t get you any coins no matter how long you play it.

Tremor Games Achievement list

As you can see these are the game related achievements and each game will have a set of goals for you. They are ranked from easy to impossible with impossible netting you more coins.

Apart from that they do have trophies you can earn. These are like account related achievements like 500 game plays or completing 10 impossible achievements.

They have an offer wall as well like OfferToro or TrialPay but you’re better off doing these on other websites since coins are mostly used to trade for game related stuff here.

Lastly, you can trade in items for coins. Different game items give you different amount of coins, Dota 2 items go for 70% of the listed price and Team Fortress 2 items are 75% of the listed price. You get Tremor coins here not money.

What Rewards do Tremor Games Have?

I’ll just say it straight up, the rewards are super cool ! Even though I only know about 30% of the rewards here I still think they have something for everyone and the diversity really impressed me.

#1 Games

You can use your accumulated points to buy other games. Have a look at some of the games offered below.

Game Rewards from Tremor Games

I’m no pro gamer but even so I can recognize some games on the list. Notable ones are Batman, Civilization III and Witcher 2. These games aren’t the newest in their series but If I had a chance I would definitely play them.

The point requirements can be quite high but it is understandable. Witcher 2 costs about $19.99 on steam and 1695 coins here which is almost a pretty reasonable ratio if you ask me. The coins to dollar ratio is different for every game.

Witcher 2 steam price

Some games are extremely cheap as well, mostly games I’ve never heard of. If you sort the list from cheapest to most expensive you will find that there are games that go for as low as 50 coins. If you like trying out new games this might be a good opportunity.

#2 In game items

You can also trade your coin for in game items like Dota 2 items or CS:GO items.

I personally don’t play these games ( I know I suck ) so I have no idea what the value of these items are or if it is worth the effort or not.

Dota 2 ItemsTremor Games Dota 2 Items

CS:GO Items

Tremor Games CS:GO Items

These are just some examples and they do have other stuff as well like guns for CS:GO or League of Legends skins.

#3 Other stuff

I literally have no idea what some of these things are. They have steam trading cards, steam emoticons, walk throughs ( i have no idea why this costs money ).

They have a couple pages of e-books as well but let’s be real, we want games don’t we !

#4 Gift Cards

They do have a variety of gift card but the most popular ones would be steam gift cards or Xbox and Playstation gift cards.

The only problem is that a $5 steam gift card cost about 4000 coins ! You can pick up Batman and Civilization III with that amount of coins and Civilization is already valued at $4.

Trading coins for gift cards is actually the most inefficient way to convert your coins into money.

Although they do have amazon gift cards here, they are even more overpriced at 7000 coins for 5 GBP. This is the only non game related option that seems useful though in my opinion.

Can you actually make money playing games?

No you can’t.

By now it should be clear, the rewards in Tremor Games are mostly gaming related. While it is debatable whether or not you are making money, it all boils down to what you want.

I recommend checking the rewards section first before you start farming for Tremor Coins. It isn’t worth it to trade coins for steam or amazon gift cards. Rewards like games or in game items are what you should be going for here.

It is also good to have backup choices since their rewards are limited in quantity, you can see each item’s stock in the picture above.

However, if there is something you want from the rewards section, like a game that you want to try but don’t want to spend money on I would say Tremor games is a great way to finally get your hands on it. In that sense you are kind of making money because nothing came out of your own wallet to get the game.

At the end of the day Tremor Games is a really fun way to make money, but is only worth it if there is something game related that you want.

If you’re looking to make some serious money online I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate, it is free to sign up as well.

Do you enjoy gaming? Share your favourite games with me below !


10 thoughts on “Tremor Games Review – Is It Possible to Get Paid Playing Online Games For Free?

    1. Lucas Post author

      Thank you, I do enjoy playing games myself so I thought I would share this 😀

  1. Derek Smith

    Interesting post, thanks.

    I suppose if you like playing games, you might as well get something out of it.
    What would interest me is the time it takes to get the rewards. It doesn’t make sense to me to play a game that I don’t like, to get the rewards and then get a game I would like for free. Might be better off just buying it straight away. But if the games are fun to play anyway, sounds like a win-win.

    Do you have any thoughts on this?

    1. Lucas Post author

      You have a point there Derek. I guess it does depend on how long it takes and what you want. Some rewards are extremely cheap, you can get them in about an hour of playing games.

      More expensive rewards might take up to a month or 2 I guess in which case as you said it might be better to just buy it straight up. The games though are for fun and some of them are fun. They are like the mini games that you play on your phone ( angry birds or cut the rope ).

  2. Jackie

    Hello Lucas, thanks for this information.
    I know just the person who will love this game site.

    1. Lucas Post author

      No problem Jackie, glad you found this useful xD

  3. chuw5

    Ah Miniclip, a part of my childhood went by fast. This sounds like something I’d want to do when I’m waiting at the airport for my flight or when I go on road trips with my family. It’s really awesome to trade in your hard-earned coins for Steam DLC. I play Steam games myself but I don’t do much of the trading in-game items. Do they have app games or just PC?

    1. Lucas Post author

      Exactly ! These are like minigames, sort of like cut the rope ( there is something similar ) where you play them for fun just to pass time or kill your boredom. Unfortunately they do not have apps which is a bummer, all of them are for the PC.


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